Seattle Side Mission 04: Outside Parties

Written by: Marius           Played on: 30 Mar 2012
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Several players were unfortunately not able to make this session, so, as I prefer to do, I whipped up this side mission. Bear, Jade and Marius were all able to game, Chekhov, Wheeler and Cho were out of town.

We get another call from our last Johnson, he has a friend with work for us. We are to meet him at the opera. He provides tickets. The team elects to go shopping for some formal clothes. We all three buy tactical business suits. They are armored and have stealth holsters built in. We head to the opera.

Their contact is Hui Cheng Shun, the Triad Underboss they spied on for one job and stole artifacts for an art collector on another. He was so pleased with their work that, when he was directed to point an associate to a competent team, he called the Runner’s first.

When we arrive we are pulled aside by the manager and asked to leave. It is quite clear this is because we are with a troll. Fuck this guy. We agree to leave and then someone else walks up and talks to the manager. He then agrees to seat us… I curse him again subvocally.

The show opens with several impressive musical acts. The first act passes uneventfully, we are able to enjoy the show. The vocalists exhibited amazing skill. During the intermission we head up to the third level balcony to meet our Johnson.

The show they got to see was an Opera performance of Euridice. It was performed in Italian and used magic to supplement the actors on stage. Though none of the players spoke Italian, they were able to follow along well enough by reading the online resources related to the opera.

A nice usher brings us to see him. I knock on the door to his office. We enter and they pat us down. I give my weapon over to the guard before being patted down. The guards take a long look at Bear’s cybernetic arms. They inform him that he will have to be restrained for the duration of the meeting. Bear complies and he is cuffed behind his back. We progress into the room and meet a man in his 60s in one of the nicest suits I have ever seen. He is alone in the booth. In a German accent he asks us how we are liking the show thus far.

The introduction to this run was intended to impress upon the team that this Mr Johnson was a cut above the rest they are used to working with. He is obviously wealthy and cultured, his personal bodyguards practiced and capable. He also asks of them to complete jobs that take them well outside of Seattle to experience the rest of the rich, Shadowrun setting and outside of their comfort zone in terms of what they encounter. While much of this campaign is about the players and the events and things that are happening to them, the jobs taken for this Johnson are all about the rest of the world that is going on whether they realize it or not.

I praise the musical, he agrees. The second act begins and Mr. Johnson narrates for us what is happening before getting down to the details of the mission.

“A job will occur in the next two weeks, I need it foiled,” he says. ”There are two requirements. One, I want the leader alive. Two, the defeat of this team must be recorded. You will be paid 3,000¥ up front, 5,000¥ on the back end. There will be a 500¥ bonus per additional team member who is brought in alive. The team is known as ‘Noble Team One’.”

I have heard of this all elf gang out of Manhattan. They have added a few members to their original two. In NYC they ran jobs for the mob, but have moved on to bigger things. They have done jobs all over the USA. The leader is an Elf named Hera. The other original member is named ‘Little Tank’. Crack, a hacker, was added 6 months ago.

A couple years back they added a 3rd member, a rigger named Shield. He has a reputation of driving fast and always having at least one drone on tap. They hit the big time working with EarthFirst! This is only speculation, but they pull a lot of jobs EarthFirst! would approve of. Their most recent job would fit this description as well.

The team has a sordid history with EarthFirst! Though she was not there for the run, Cho’s family was killed in attack by EarthFirst! on her father’s factory when she was in her teens. The rest of the team encountered them in Denver when they were hired to defend a Mercury Express delivery from an EarthFirst! attack.

Raven says about a month back they stopped taking jobs and began acquiring gear. They got a smuggler to move them into Florida and are digging up info on the EVO Kennedy’s launch facility. They were likely holed up somewhere in Miami. Raven tells us he can put us in contact with the coyote that ran the team and that he has contacts in Miami. Raven says he will have one of them reach out to us and that he can also have a cross-country coyote call us.

Bakiri contacts us and asks if we need some travel arrangements. We agree on 5,000¥ both ways for our vehicle, our gear and ourselves with an additional 1,000¥ each for additional personnel transported back. This sounds agreeable to us.

Pilot knows a fixer, named Half Sack. He works with Noble Team One. He is a security service provider. He has many safehouses in the area and has gotten more then one wanted felon out of Florida.

Mathias calls us, he says he is Raven’s contact and he may have info about Evo’s facility. I ask him about EarthFirst! having a problem with EVOs facility. He says it is pretty easy to track EVOs launch schedule. In about a week and a half a shuttle will be heading to the New-Japan Mars base.

He knows a guy that will be willing to sell some information, I let him know we will hit him back. A few hours later I call him back. I do agree, I also ask him about Noble Team. He says he can get us the home address of Half Sack. He does. Turns out Half Sack keeps meticulous notes and records on his home computer.

We land, depart the airstrip and secure a cheap hotel room. We then leave and case the apartment complex where Half Sack lives. Low security, not alot of people around. Half Sacks apartment is on the second floor of the three story apartment complex. The apartment is accessable by the balcony and an interior hallway.

I call Half Sack and we agree to meet at Misty’s bar and grill. I head there, taking a taxi. I meet with Half Sack and we talk business.

Meanwhile Jade and Bear break into the apartment. Bear levitates invisibly up to the balcony and observes a female inside the apartment. He attempts to open the balcony door, but finds it locked. Bear unleashes a stunbolt through the glass door. His bolt hits the target, she gets up and begins walking around, clearly disoriented. Bear casts another that also strikes her, she falls to the floor, by way of the wall. Jade kicks in the door and they grab the PC.

We fire it up back at the hotel after Detrius hacks us in. We discover that Noble Team One is paid for three weeks in a safehouse, with a week and a half remaining. We head there immediately and enter a ghetto area. The squalor here is worse than any we saw in Seattle or Denver.

We pull up near the safe house. Bear shrounds himself in invisablity and approaches. There is a secured garage door around the back, the rest of the building looks like no one has touched it in years. Walking through the front doors there is a staircase, and hallways for the first floor apartments.

We attack form both sides, Bear on the interior door, Jade and I on the outside. We are going to use high explosive grenades. I take out the security camera with a well aimed rifle shot. Jade places the grenades and turns back towards me. She runs like hell.

I sprint for the door and take cover outside it, aiming inward with my rifle. Jade joins me, drawing her hand cannon of a Rugar Warhawk. A second explosion rocks the building as Bears second grenade detonates. I hear a man yelp in pain after I discharge two stun rounds, he yells “Little Tank get the fuck down here!” Next to me a loud crack is heard, Jade has fired low into the smoke with her hand cannon. The same voice swears.

I take a hit, “Fuck, my new armor,” I say as I am shot. Another full auto burst rips through the doorway, but I am unharmed. I return fire with my stun pistol, but there is no reaction. Bear crawls in the door and calls out what he sees. There is a drone near the garage door firing at me, near their van. I chuck a grenade in, striking the drone; I can here the grenade rolling away. Bear picks up the drone with levitate and moves it toward the grenade. Jade runs around front and enters the lobby.

After the grenade goes off, I unleash a three round burst into the drone, just to be sure. Bear makes it to the stairs. I hear a voice yell, “My drone is down.” “How many we got?” “At least two.” “Fuck those guys.” Then bear cuts across the mic, “Grenade!” I see him catch both as I enter the garage area, I sprint toward him as I do not know what he is going to do with them.The fool sprints up the stairs and the grenades go off just as he leaves my sight. “Bear!” I scream. Jade clears the third floor and says “grenades out” as she drops them.

I take cover at the top of the stairs, draw my stun pistol and wait. Bear announces that the target is alive. I hear a rocking explosion, clearly jade used both grenades at once. Crazy fucking troll. I continue to wait. Jade anounces that she has one more exiting onto the roof. I coup de gras the other guy on the ground. Jade climbs the ladder after her target.

Bear continues to strugle with the leader, he manges to get off a stun ball. I head over to the woman on the ground and grab the hand with knife, hopefully allowing Bear the opportunity he needs to finish the job. I hear machine gun fire from the roof. “I’m ok,” Jade says from the roof. Bear tuns Hera again, but she is still concious. Jade steadies her Warhawk and unleashes a massive slug in the direction of the fleeing rigger, he is tagged in the shoulder. Her follow up shot knocks him off the building.

While Jade is loading the hostage I find two unused drones still in crates, I put them in our van. Bear uses a cleansing spell to scrub his magical residue.

We meet the Johnsons drop-off team in Tampa and make the exchange. The shadowrun team loads her into a casket and places that in a Herse. They leave and our wire transfered payment clears.

PREVIOUS: Mission 09 – Shanghai Heist – Part 2
NEXT: Mission 10 – The Glass Ceiling – Part 1

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