Seattle Mission 24: The Viper That Stings

Written by: Marius           Played on: 25 Mar 2014
PREVIOUS: Mission 23: Every Man’s Devil – Part 4
NEXT: Mission 25: The Jewel of Memory – Part 1

Yet to be written…

Eventually this placeholder post will be replaced with a final log entry (once a player writes it). The major plot points were:

Having decided to accompany Father Antenor, they are taken to a secret facility somewhere in the Aztlan dessert. After some time, they are finally called upon to complete their first mission as a demonstration of their commitment. 

They must capture one of the leaders of the forces opposing them, who ordered the attacks on the team and Father Antenor in Seattle. By any means necessary, they must interrogate him and discover the location of an artifact known as the Scrolls of Ak’Le’Ar. Once the location has been discovered, they must kill him and return with the information to Father Antenor.

The only problem is that he is hiding out in the capital building of the Tir Tairngire and their target turns out to be none other than Zutal mage, the elf they met on their very first day in Seattle.

The team finds a coyote who will run the Tir border with their gear and makes it into Portland. After several days of reconnaissance, they eventually determine a plan to get in with limited gear that can pass through the MAD detectors. Wheeler, unfortunately, is detected as an unregistered Vampire and is taken into custody.

The others get through security into the restricted areas and are eventually able to track down and rescue Wheeler, but not before an alarm is raised. They disguise themselves as security, procuring their weapons, and head off to find Zutal.

They find him hidden away in one of the High Princes’ chambers, but are discovered, ending in a firefight between a small team of security and his personal bodyguard. They kill the others and manage to sedate Zutal. Through luck and creative thinking, they are able to escape, but have to leave their van and a large supply of their gear behind.

They get back out of the Tir the same way they got in, but rouse and drug Zutal for the interrogation enroute. Eventually, under the influence of drugs, reveals the location of the scrolls with Haulpa, the great dragon who rules over Amazonia. They also decide they would rather be on Zutal’s side and help to take down Father Antenor. Despite just attacking him, the team manages to convince Zutal to at least trust them a little bit.

He is released and they go into hiding while he plans a test of their true loyalty.

PREVIOUS: Mission 23: Every Man’s Devil – Part 4
NEXT: Mission 25: The Jewel of Memory – Part 1

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