Seattle Mission 09: Shanghai Heist – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 03 Mar 2012
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We can hear Cho and Chekhov yelling expletives over the comms. I ready some high explosive and tell Wheeler to step on it. I jump out and plant the explosives on the wall as he slides to a stop just outside the facility. We peel out of there and build some distance. I am ready with the remote detonator. I push the button as soon as the van is clear of the kill range.

“I’ve got a physical barrier on the door, but it is not going to hold them for long!” Chekov says over the radio in his thick Russian accent, they have made it into the Foreman’s office, but they’ve encountered additional security there as well.

“We have two guards down in here,” Cho informs the team. She sounds unusualy frightened. “This door is NOT going to hold for long, where the FUCK are you guys”?

As if answereing her question the explosives detonate, leaving an almost van sized hole in the door. Wheeler drives the van up to it and we prepare to exit.

“They are coming through!” Cho yells, we hear gunfire in the background.

I hit the wall, take a knee and fire six rounds at one of the heavily armored guys going from the black van and into the Foremen’s office. All six hit one guard in the back, killing him. I get hit with some return fire, one round tears through my armor leaving a hot sting in my side. “That’s one down,” I say.

“One more,” Cho says. I think by the gunfire that she is probably firing through the door.

Jade slams into the wall next to me, raises an LMG and lets loose with some rounds, I see the asphalt around one of the guards fly to pieces and he recoils from taking a round.

“Ughh…” Chekov can be heard muttering over the comm.

“Chekov is down!” Cho yells over comms. “Shit there are two more in the warehouse.”

Chekhov succumbed to his wounds and passed out in the foreman’s office. Cho, in danger of being overwhelmed, retreated into the main warehouse area where she proceeded to use her stealth skills to remain undetected. At several points, she ran into patrolling guards or drones and had to quickly shoot it out and disappear before additional guards could hone in on her location.

Wheeler jumps through the gate and enters the guard house next to the main gate. “We got two guys coming in from the right!”

I execute the last guard near the Foreman’s office. Jade squeezes through the hole and rushes to aid Wheeler with the guards coming along the wall. I stand up to run to Cho’s aid. As I clear the gate, I look over just in time to see Wheeler run up to a guy shooting at him, he knocks the gun away with one hand and puts one of his cyber arms through the mans chest with the other. Blood erupts from his mouth as Wheeler shoves his corpse out of the way.

As I am sprinting I look around. There are two guards about 50 Meters from the guard house. A Nissan Doberman drone fires a fully automatic burst at me, also about 50 meters away. About 100 meters from me there are two guards running for the office. They are about 75 meters from the office. “I would very much appreciate someone taking out that drone,” I say.

Two gunshots go off, I assume it’s the guards firing at the shack. I hear a return burst from Jade’s LMG, followed by a second. “One down, the other is pinned down,” Jade reports. Wheeler shoots at the remaining guard, but he is getting back up. I shoot one of the guards running for the Foreman’s office, killing him with a three round burst. I shoot at the second, but I miss, I don’t have time to curse before I am struck with a round by the drone. Asphalt all around me erupts with rounds from a second burst that, thankfully, misses me.

“One more guard down,” I hear Jade say as a three round burst goes off.

I stumble over a crack in the parking lot and break stride. I fire at the drone but I go wide. Jade and Wheeler take it out. We all run toward the office. Cho makes continued pleas for help, she sounds terrified now. How bad is she hurt, I wonder.

I hear gunfire echo inside the warehouse, it sounds like the fire of a drone. As I take cover outside the doorway to the Foreman’s office, I tell the rest of the team that I noticed that there is someone inside the van still. I slowly open the office door, leading with my rifle. Three shots ring out. One hits me, hard.

I return fire, three rounds into the face of the armored security guy, another three rounds go through the desk another guard is behind. I hear him groan as he falls out of view. The last guard hits me in the shoulder. Wheeler announces he is about ten meters away. I kill the last guard and charge into the room. They are all still dead, Chekov is lying still on the floor. I hear additional gunfire coming from the warehouse.

Wheeler begins healing Chekov, “This is going to take a while,” he says. I shut off the lights in the warehouse, hoping to buy Cho some time and concealment and begin working on the terminal trying to find our crate.

Jade has reached the van and coerces the rigger into having the guards stand down. I could here her growl from 100 meters away. “The guards should be complacent now everyone, do not kill them as long as they stand down.”

I open the bay doors and turn the lights on. Jade has the rigger drive the van over to the warehouse. On the way over to the forklift I run into one of the guards, he does not raise his gun, but he refuses to drop it. I drive the forklift to the area where the crate is located and begin loading the crate. I still can’t tell what the old Sperithiel says, but I take a picture for later.

Though Marius understands a little Sperithiel, the exact dialect on the crate turns out to be an older form that he doesn’t understand. Much later, after the run, he is able to run down a specialist who translates the text to, roughly, “For Life”.

We take both vans, the crate is in the black van. We take different streets, I run past some cops. Cho is scanning for tracking devices on our crate and around the van. We stop for about 10 minutes looking for the tracker in a parking lot, after transferring the crate to our van. We still can’t find the tracking device, so we decide to leave the stolen van and come back for it later. I am really wanting us to have a spare van, especially with the rate we go through vehicles.

We call the Johnson and he gives us the address in Seattle where we are to meet him with the goods. We arrive at the Save-A-Lot Supermarket and pull around the back where we see Mr. Johnson and a van. He comes around and opens the crate, inside is a bright ceremonial mask, a smooth stone bowl with images of men being sacrificed on it, an old obsidian spearhead with a ruby in it and lastly a crystal skull. He transfers the remainder of the fee to our accounts.

Wheeler and Cho head back to Olympia hoping to get lucky with the van we stole. Unfortunately, they report that the van was crawling with cops when they arrived. Sucky. I curse the name of a few ancient deity’s and then try to move on with my day.

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