Seattle Mission 25: The Jewel of Memory – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 12 Apr 2014
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We get hooked up with a guy named “Streets” through Raven. We secure a place for a week, and decide we are going to move every week. The place is in the SSC. We spend our second week in a new location before finally getting the call we’re waiting for.

“Good evening,” Zutal greets us. “As we discussed the last time we met, you have expressed an interest in proving you are no friend to Father Antenor. We lost a very important artifact known as the Jewel of Memory. It was on it’s way from Loftwyr when it was intercepted. I will send you a copy of the footage of the team that stole it.”

We review the footage for all of 30 seconds before we realize the team was us, and Zutal knows it. It was transferred into their custody through the Triad after we stole it for Hui Cheng Shun. “We have been exhausting every avenue of intelligence trying to locate it. Every time we find it they move it. This time, however, we are close. We know Father Antenor has to wait for certain astrological phenomena to line up before his ritual will work. With two of the seven great dragons that created it dead, we could not re-create the magic that built the artifact. We need to get the artifact back. We know the artifact is in a barrens warehouse, guarded by a bloodmage named Itztli.”

Itztli is the same Azatlan blood-mage who foiled the team and Frosty when they tried to recover the Sextant of Worlds.

Zutal gives us a contact with the Ancients Elf biker gang. I speak with a woman named Sting who agrees to get us some gear, a coyote, and help with an extraction.

We meet the ancients at a clubhouse in the barrens. They have a group of a dozen on standby for our extraction. “Zutal specifically asked me to keep an eye on you. I have a gift for you of sorts. This is a trophy taken from a long time ago. She hands over the Kingpin Rifle.

This was another custom weapon I had created for the team. I was really trying to push weapons and styles that the players didn’t frequently use, in this case an exotic under-barrel weapon and full auto machine gun, to provoke the occasional new play style. The stat sheet can be downloaded here.

We roll up on an Ares warehouse, it features thick, heavy plasticrete construction. It looks like the place could withstand an explosion. The facility is surrounded by a ten foot plasticrete wall. There is an aluminum gate blocking the opening. There are plasticrete pillars that are in place to block vehicles. The building has some window slits in the corners, it was clearly designed with defense in mind. It has a military vibe. None of the windows open, or are blown out. There are probably firing ports present. Floating above the roofline there are six, light aerial drones keeping a lookout.

“Hey chummer,” It’s Jackie, he has called me and my commlink has auto answered for some reason.

Though his player knows, Marius hasn’t quite put together that he’s a crackpot yet. It makes for hilarity.

“Not now Jackie, I’m on a job.”

“That’s what I want to talk to you about. You need to ditch those stun grenades sir. I happen to know the team inside that warehouse will be shooting to kill, they know you are coming and they have been instructed to use APDS and blood magic against you.”

“How do you know about any of this?”

“I have a man in Father Antenor’s crew. Trust me, go in heavy.”

“Ok, Jackie… Thanks for the heads up. Look about last time…”

“Don’t worry about it. Friends don’t let things like that come between each other. Remember, I’m the only one you can trust.”

Marius turns his attention back to the team channel as Wheeler goes over the wall and begins to speak. “Looks like this facility used to be a Knight Errant barracks and training ground.  Yeah, this looks reaaal military. Looks like it has not been used for that in quite some time however.” There is a long pause before he continues. “We got three hostiles. Military grade armor and laser rifles. One of them has an assault cannon. We have a few vans outside, a few armored SUVs too. One of the SUVs is blocking the gate, we will not be able to get our bikes through. I’m at the front door. It does not look real fortified, but I’m going to plant demo anyway.”

I notice Bear is freaking out, I go over and try to console him.

Bear has succumbed to his PTSD roll and is just beginning to lose it.

“Marius,” It’s Jackie. “I’m going to try and hack the door for you. Be ready.”

“Jackie, don’t fuck around. We have a plan.”

“Your plan probably sucks, besides, you do things the pussy way. And I already have access to the node, odd, there is someone else here… whatever. I’m gonna send a few data spikes his way. Shit, this not working. I got booted by a spider. Sorry bro”

“No worries, Cho opened it.” At that moment, Cho drops her commlink as it sparks to pieces. Her icon drops from the group chat. I no longer have awareness of her location on my AR compass.

Cho decided to try to use her commlink for some light hacking, despite not having much in the way of skills and be grossly under equipped on the hardware side. With some generous use of Edge, she was able to get in, but not before alerting hackers who made quick work of her light equipment.

“Frag out,” Wheeler whispers over comms. “Shit they heard it.” The three men dive for cover inside the complex while I drop the first drone with two three round burst of fire. Cho grabs Chekov’s commlink and begins going to work trying to hack into her own drones that she lost control of along with her commlink. Chekov casts a spell, I feel even more armored than before as a bluish glow surrounds me.

“Marius, you look like a giant tank, you need to get in there and help out your friend. He is going to get killed.”

“How do you know? Are you here somewhere?” The elf asks in return.

“I hacked back onto the node, I have grabbed the security feed. Your vampire friend is in major trouble.He is being fired at by an assault cannon.”

“Who? I don’t know any vampires.” I stammer, drying to bluff Jackie.

“Whatever, you can tell by looking at him. He just shot a guy, but he needs your help. Put Kingpin to use! KILL! KILL!”

Marius is sprinting towards the sounds of gunfire, “Shut the frag up! I’m on my dreking way, Wheeler.” Marius runs up and throws his rifle over the van’s hood. Checkov leans up against the wall nearby. Wheeler pops up and takes a few shots, dropping the man with the cannon. He takes some fire from a laser rifle. Marius unleashes a ten round burst dropping one of the riflemen.

Wheeler drops the last rifleman, drops a grenade at the corner of the building and runs away. The two guards round the corner, one drops to a knee and takes aim. I open the armored SUV, it has a concealed weapon mount. “Jackie, can you crack into this vehicle and control it?” Jackie says he cannot. “Alright, I’m going to disable it.” About that time I see outside the window that a grenade has gone off, shredding the guy kneeling over it.

I exit the SUV into the courtyard, and ready my grenade launcher to take out the SUV and it’s rigger controlled gun. As I am lining up the shot, I see Bear charge past the van and leap at Jade slashing with both blades. Spirit combat and gunfire are erupting behind me. “Bear, watch the friendly fire buddy, that’s Jade.”

“Clearly he has gone mad, he is going to kill you next. You better take him out while you can.” Jackie laughs.

“Shut the fuck up, Jackie.” I say, as I grenade the fuck out of the van. Turrets burst forth from three other SUVs. ”Frag me to death,” Marius says aloud. The elf is sprayed down with a full auto burst from one of the gunnery rigs. Walking casually forward through the hail of automatic gunfire, I let fly two grenades at the offending van. They detonate, but the target remains. Gunfire erupts inside the building, grenades are going off outside, turrets are belching fire, laser fire rains down from the 4th floor windows, pandemonium reigns. Those of us outside sprint for the lobby, figuring the drones will be more forgiving than the turrets and lasers. The turrets outside continue to pulverize the doorway.

PREVIOUS: Mission 24: The Viper That Stings
NEXT: Mission 25: The Jewel of Memory – Part 2

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