By jafaro6

What is this blog for?

Its a little different sort of blog. I don’t expect to be writing up daily or weekly posts on my thoughts on the latest developments of the world, how this whole place is going to hell in a hand basket, or inspirational thoughts and poetry on the beauty of life. In fact, posts in general may be infrequent or come in bursts.

This is a campaign blog.

I’m creating this because I enjoy reading other people’s campaign logs. They provide the opportunity for growth, learning, inspiration and plain old ripping off of other people’s ideas. Ultimately, those skills are the core of being a good and interesting GM, roleplayer and artist. Despite what copyright lawyers will tell you.

I was inspired to post logs of my campaign up by a similar site, Twenty Sided, run by Shamus Young who documented his D&D 3.5 campaign for this specific reason. He also enjoyed reading other people’s campaigns and hoped to inspire others to do the same (hey, it worked!) Other ventures like the Penny-Arcade / PvP D&D Podcasts, the Robot Chicken D&D videocasts, or the Nerdy Show’s Dungeons and Dorritos Podcasts are all examples of similar enterprises I’ve very much enjoyed.

Initially, this site will only contain logs related to my current Shadowrun campaign (hence the blog title, Sixth World RPG) which I am running. Eventually, I hope that it will contain other campaigns from many different systems, follow up campaigns to the current one and even perhaps logs from games I’ve had the opportunity to play in. We’ll have to see where life takes us.

If you’ve come across this site and enjoy what you’ve read here, I encourage you to do the same. Start a group, play a game and then get the results out there on the web for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by!


– Geoff

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