Character Bio – Cho Takahashi

Written by: Cho
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Cho Takahashi Character: Cho
Heavy Weapons, Weapons Specialist
Played By: Tissa

Cho is the weapons fanatic in the group. If its been produced, publically or privately, and it kills then she probably knows something about it. The bigger the weapon and the larger the boom it makes, the better.

Despite her love of weapons, she tends to be the pretty level headed one of the group. She’s as likely to solve a situation through talk and diplomacy as she is through brute force tactics. Her full character backstory can be found below.



Cho Takahashi was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her father, Takio had been married for some time to an American woman named Arianna. The couple had moved there many years before, for Takios work. But they had decided once they had a child they would moved back to the states. So they packed up when Cho turned one. Takio was transferred to a office located in San Diego, where he continued working. And things went by as normal.

All though Cho was living in America, she had a deep love and respect for her Japanese heritage. She studied not only the language, but the culture as well. And at the age of 10 she had become fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese. She spent her early teen years, in school. But not really doing well at anything. The only decent grade she seemed to get was in gym and shop class. She wasn’t very artistic, popular, or academically strong. So Cho kept to herself mostly. Her parents were of course worried, but they were more concerned with Cho’s happiness.

During the summer break, Takio and his wife let their daughter have alot of freedom. Cho would usually hang out with some street friends, or go to an all ages club to chill. They were very happy that Cho never got into trouble. When Cho turned 15, Takio’s work had promoted him to a high position. And being thrilled he took his family in to see his new office and work space. Cho was very excited to see where her father worked for the first time. It was a massive production building, with many departments. For Cho, it was really cool.

Takio was taking his family down to the manufacturing floor, when they heard a loud booming sound. Takio was the only one who knew that was not normal. So as Arianna opened the door from the elevator, a huge blast of fire and smoke knocked them back. Cho blacked out from the hit.

It was not established in the original writeup of Cho’s backstory, however, it was later established that responsibility for the bombing of the factory was claimed by an eco-terrorist group called EarthFirst!.

When she awoke there was mass shouting and machine noise. Her vision was a tad cloudy but she could make out a person fussing over her with weird objects. “What’s going on?” The person stopped and started talking to her frantically “Listen Cho, I need you to concentrate on me and my voice. And try and stay awake. Understand?” Cho shook her head as she felt dizzy. That’s when she noticed how numb her right arm felt. “What? I feel fine, what are you taking about?” She asked. Suddenly felt a jolt of movement and realized she was in the back of a car. She looked around and saw a few other people there too, shouting orders and grabbing things. “Cho, you’ve been in an accident, and your in shock. I need you to stay focused.” The person said. Cho nodded, but didn’t quite understand. She felt fine, so why was this person fussing over her?

Suddenly everyone heard a terrified scream, they all turned to Cho. “My arm!” She shouted “Where’s my arm!?” The medic grabbed her face “Cho, Hun your arm has been severed. Now I need you to concentrate on something else while we make it to the hospital.” So that’s what Cho did. She kept her eyes on her left hand the whole ride.

Everything for her passed in a blur. When she focused again, it was on a hospital bed. The one next to her. It looked like her father lying there, with what appeared to be something large and metallic impaling him. Doctors and nurses were running around yelling and bringing more people in. Cho just stared at her dad, bleeding to death. Suddenly people came running up and started rolling her out of the room. Cho sat up and watched someone pull out a defibrillator and yell “Clear!”. “Dad! Dad!!” She yelled as she rounded the corner. A nurse pushed her down and placed a mask over her face. “Dad!” She shouted as tears ran down her face. That’s when she passed out.

There was a annoying beeping noise overhead. And it had been getting on her nerves. “Someone shut it off! My head hurts…”  The sound was turned down then, and she heard footsteps. “Can you open your eyes dear?” Cho did so, everything was blurry. There was a doctor with a flashlight, looking at her eyes. “Cho, I’m Doctor Stevens. How do you feel?” He asked.  “I feel heavy…” Cho mumbled. He put the light away, and pulled up a chair near her. “That’s to be expected. The drugs will make you feel groggy and disoriented. And the limb will take some getting used to.” Cho blinked “Huh?” The doctor pushed up his spectacles, and rolled his chair closer. He cleared his throat and lifted up her right arm. She shook her head slightly. Her arm looked like some piece of machine, with wires and gizmo’s visible. “Wha?..”  “Your surgery went very well, unfortunately your real arm was non salvageable. This is a bio-flex obvious arm unit. Your family insurance could not cover a full life like arm replacement. It’s wired to the remaining muscles and parts of the brain. With some practice, you’d never guess it’s a machine.” He smiled hopefully at her.

Cho glanced around to find a empty bed next to hers. “Sir. where’s my dad?” she asked. He set her arm down and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Cho, I’m very sorry but, he’s no longer with us.” She sat up and mumbled. “What?” “He didn’t make it.” “But..Why… I wanna talk to mom!” She cried out. The doctor tried to hush her for a moment. “Cho. Listen… Your the only one who survived… Arianna was pronounced dead at the scene.” There was a moment of silence before she burst into tears. The doctor took his leave, and looked back to see her cover her face with only one hand, the other lay limp.

With in a couple of days, Cho was visited by cops, investigators and social workers. Apparently there had been a terrorist attack at the factory, causing mass explosions, resulting in over 100 deaths. So investigators were curious to hear what all Cho had seen. And after a while Cho was bothered no more, and was released by the hospital. She still hadn’t figured out the arm completely, but her social worker insisted she be placed right away with a foster family.

Easier said than done. Cho at least was happier in the hospital, with doctors that would talk with her, and treat her nicely. While she waited in the orphanage, kids made fun of her. And all because of her gimpy arm. She could occasionally move a finger or two. But she hadn’t to motivation or will to bother with it. The man in charge of the place wasn’t very pleasant. Smith would boss and sometimes beat the younger children. He ignored the older teenagers, cause they could fight back, if they wanted.

After a year of nonsense in the orphanage, Cho gave up trying to be social. That was until a new girl arrived. She was 8 maybe 9 years old. And the other kids picked on her, because she was a orc. Finally Cho got fed up with them, took the girl under her wing so to speak. She glared at all the others, sending them off in a hurry. Cho smiled at the girl and moved to her bunk bed. “Thanks” The girl said. Cho thought for a moment and answered back. “No problem” “I’m Mary. Whats your name?” “Cho” Mary sat on the bed next to her. “Why are they scared of you?” she asked “Is it your arm?” Cho nodded “They don’t understand people who are different. Don’t worry about them Mary.”

The next week Cho walked up to Mary, who was drawing at the time. “Whatcha making?” “Rainbows!” Mary answered, then she hung them up around the room. “How nice to have some color in the room.” Cho smiled. Within a few minutes however, Smith had ripped them all down making Mary cry. “Smith what’s your problem? She was just drawing.” Cho said defensively. He made his way past her towards Mary. “You stay out of this gimpy.” Cho glared. At this point many other children were in the room watching the drama.

“Listen to me you little brat! You didn’t have any permission to hang these dumb drawings…” He started. “Leave her alone.” Cho said, but he brushed off her words. “Stop your crying! You listen to what I’m saying!” But she didn’t stop crying. That’s when he went to slap her. Suddenly his hand was stopped mid air. The children gasped, and Mary took a few steps back. Cho had Smiths hand in a tight grasp. But the strange thing was she used her mech arm. “Uh.” He blurted. “I- said- leave- her- alone.” At every word Cho tightened her grip, making Smith scream. “Okay okay!! I’m sorry!! Let go!” Cho’s eyes squinted threateningly, and then there came a huge snap! Smith screamed in pain as she broke his hand. Finally she let go, Smith stumbled away whimpering.

After that, Smith didn’t hit the kids anymore. However, he set up for her to be sent away immediately. To what was going to be a more disciplined environment, for troublesome teens. That night, Cho ran away, and lived on the streets for a while. After a while she found one of her old friends, Matt. He owned a tattoo parlor, with a small loft above it. He was nice enough to give Cho a job running the front desk. In return she could stay in the loft. After a month, she got rather comfortable working there. But every so often she would sneak over to the orphanage to check up on all the kids. Once, she found out that Smith had hit one of the boys, she broke into his room and broke his arm. And when she visited again, none of the children had any complaints. A week later Mary was adopted by a nice family. Cho never returned to the orphanage after that.

On Cho’s 17th birthday Matt had a proposition for her. He was doing a little moonlighting as a illegal gun trader. And he needed an assistant to help him. But of course he left the “Illegal” part out when he mentioned it. He took her that weekend to a side alley club, and in into one of the back rooms. There were a few people chatting together about this and that. What was new on the market, what looked flashy and what was black market. The walls of the room were covered in all sorts of weapons. Swords, Guns, you name it. Cho was dazzled by everything, she walked around the place ignoring everyone else. Finally Matt walked up “Hey Come sit down over her… Check this out.” He handed her a what looked like a pistol. Without being told how to handle it or take out the mag. She disassembled it and put it back together faster than you can say “I hate spam mail!”   That’s when she found her true calling. Weapons. She understood how guns worked, and found it her new hobby. And after that night she began to buy and collect all sorts of guns with Matt.

Weekends was when Her and Matt went to private collectors shows. There was a local man who had a huge collection of rare weapons. But the ones Cho drooled over were the WWII Nazi collection including a MP44 and Walther 38 pistol. But of course the price he was asking was insane. So she continued to admire them from a distance.

One weekend when Cho hadn’t been felling very well, she came downstairs to talk to Matt. He had just finished cleaning the front waiting room when she came in. “Hey Matt.” “Oh hey there Butterfly… How you feelin’?” he asked. She slumped down onto one of the chairs sighing. “I’ve been better… Just wanted to let you know I’m gonna stay home tonight. I really don’t feel like puking on anyones pretty new gun.” “Haha! Well ok… All though, it would be pretty funny… Need anything before I head out?” She shook her head, then he left.

The next morning she heard Matt open up the shop and then head up the stairs. “Morning Butterfly… Felling better?” “UhhhHuuuh” She was sitting on her bed yawning. “I uh… I have something for you. Think of it as a late birthday gift.” He handed her a very large box, Cho opened it cautiously. She let out a squeak of joy. It was her two favorite guns. “Matt! How could you possibly afford these?” she asked ” Oh I, uh… Did some trading.” Matt replied slowly. “Thanks. This is awesome.” they smiled. He got up to leave, but turned around. “Just a couple things… You can’t bring these to our weekend meetings.” he started. “Okay” “And you can’t let anyone know you have them. Don’t mention them.” He said seriously. “Sure Matt.”

For the next few days Cho watched Matt act nervous. He kept looking over his shoulder and checking the time. He would jump every time someone walked into the parlor. It was strange, she thought. Finally she decided to ask him what was up. Around dusk they both were upstairs chatting. “Matt? What’s going on?” his eye twitched. “Well… I was hoping you wouldn’t ask.” “Oh come on… You are never this jumpy. It has something to do with the guns, doesn’t it?” Matt chewed on his lip a little before he talked. He started out very quietly, like someone was listening in. “Look… I knew you had your eye on these. I wanted to get you something nice. Can we leave it at that?” Cho frowned at him in disapproval. “Okay. The last meeting I slipped out of to go see the local man, about his guns. I thought that maybe I could make a trade. But when I got there, some of the other boys were there too.”

Cho listened closely while he explained everything. They other men had got into a confrontation of some kind, and before he knew what was going on, guns were drawn. To make the long story short, three men were killed, including the local. Matt had hid himself as the shootout began. And after everyone had run for it, he looted some things. “But now I’m worried about the co…” Matt never finished cause there came a rattling sounds from downstairs. “Matt? What was?” Suddenly there was a huge crash sound and men yelling. “Cho hide!” She scrambled under her bed as fast as she could. “Upstairs!!” some man yelled. “Don’t worry about me.” He whispered. The only thing she saw was Matt get beat to to ground and hauled off by Lone Star. “We know he had accomplices, they must be somewhere. Find them!” a man ordered.

Cho was terrified they would find and arrest her. She hadn’t done anything, and neither did Matt… Other than steal from a dead man. After an hour or so, the cops left. They obviously couldn’t find what they were looking for. Which was good considering that the gun safe was right under Cho’s floor. She crept out and threw everything she could into a bag, and her weapons into a duffel bag. She knew a little about Lone star, they would find her if she stayed. She she ran for it. Cho sped away on her bike, constantly looking over her shoulder. Matt really didn’t do anything wrong, so what would happen to her? That is, if the cops caught her.

Finally she made her way to a back alley where she used to hang with friends. All that was left was an old hole ridden sofa. “Is this what my life is turning into?” She said. Cho sat and thought for a long time about what to do, where to go. After it had got dark, she ventured to a pub up the street for some food. Still being paranoid she put on a hoodie to hide her face.

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