Seattle Mission 10: The Glass Ceiling – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 28 Apr 2012
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This log ended up being written well after the fact by a player that hadn’t taken notes on the run at the time. As a result, the details are a little fuzzy.

“Guys, I have been digging into the info we got from that server at the tower.”

This is, of course, the drives they pulled from the Mercury Express server a few runs prior.

“Yeah?” Wheeler asks.

“Well, I have found some interesting stuff. Turns out Mercury Express owns a subsidiary company called Nyx Genetics. This in itself is not news, they own a ton of little companies. They have, however, gone to great pains to hide their involvement. One of their shell companies owns another shell company that owns another that funds a charity called the Heartland Research Fund.

“Heartland Research however does not do any charitable works. They post an even loss every year, they don’t spend any money on charity, they own a few companies for ‘fundraising purposes’, all of which post losses. All of the companies are fraudulent, none of them actually exist anywhere. It looks to be a small tax dodge for Mercury Express, probably one of several. All the companies are fraudulent except one, the one that actually takes in and uses up this ‘charitable contribution’ money is Nyx Genetics. I dug into them as well; they employ people, but they have never sold a product or patented anything.”

These details were all added by Marius when he wrote the log. I gave them a much shorter explanation, saying simply that Detrius had discovered that Mercury Express was laundering money to Nyx Genetics to fund a secret lab. I did this for sake of brevity; his explanation of the situation was much better.

“This is all quite fascinating Dee, but it could be that Mercury Express knows nothing about the fraudulent acts of this charitable organization.” Marius pointed out.

“Yes, I’m getting there. I was only able to find one asset in the Seattle area, though there could be more. A facility, that is sublet from none other than Mercury Express”. Detrius finished, a very ‘Ta Daaa!’ look on his face.

“That’s some great information Detrius,” Cho stated approvingly. “How does this help us?”

“I am glad you asked that question, Cho.” Detrius said, his gaze staying on her for slightly longer than it needed to. “In my research I found a job posting on a back alley data net. Someone is looking for a team that can handle a corporate extraction from that facility. It appears a young researcher there has grown tired of his contract and is looking for a way out.”

“Nice, when is the job?” Marius inquires.

“I have arranged for a meeting later this afternoon, if you all are interested.”

We of course responded in the affirmative. Later in the day we all suited up and drove to the meeting point. We met the Johnson at a swanky downtown cafe. We were out of place, but not too out of place.

We sat down across from Mr. Johnson, an older gentlemen, probably on the north end of sixty. His well tailored suit revealed that this was not his usual job.  “Your fixer, Detrius, said you were the team for this type of job. He recommended you quite highly. His exact words were, ‘I would stake my reputation on it.’ Quite a glowing endorsement”

“Indeed, yes. We have done some good work for Detrius in the past, I am not surprised at his recommendation.” Fixer? What the fuck is wrong with him. Marius thought. “Mr. Johnson. What type of work is this?”

Detrius acting as a Fixer was only implied by me in the actual run, in that Detrius hooked them up with Mr. Johnson. However, its a nice detail, and I might expand on that more with Detrius as he develops as a character.

“An extraction of a corporate asset from an arcology.” the old man replied.

“Ok, we are up to that task. However, I want to be very clear; we do not get involved in kidnapping. If this person is not a willing participant you are going to need to find another team.” I reply.

Mr. Johnson brushed off my concern, as though he thought it silly. “We are in contact with a researcher who has become disillusioned and dissatisfied with his current work. He feels that his skills could be put to better use with another firm. His current employer is being rather unreasonable in refusing to let him out of his current contract. He came to us and is of course a willing participant in this endeavor. Should I tell you more?”

And he does. The firm he works for, Nyx Genetics, sublets space in the Mercury Express  arcology in downtown Seattle not too far from the Mercury Express towers the team has broken into in the past. Mr. Johnson also gives us a file on the target. His name is Walter Tytus, he is a genetic researcher of some type. He has worked for the corp since he got out of graduate school. His contract is “iron clad” in that there is no way out; a lifetime contract. A trid representation of his face was in the file as well as the location of his room within the arcology. Strangely, where he works in the arcology was not present.

After leaving the meeting we begin to call around. None of us even know where to start, but we get lucky. Turns out one of Jade’s contacts, a Seattle Madam, knows someone who works for the arcology. One of the shuttle bus operators who moves between the Arcology and a few off site locations used to make frequent use of the madam’s girls; until it was decided he played a little to rough. The madam said that he would be quite receptive to a repeat performance and he has no discrimination against meta-humans.

After all other resources are exhausted, a plan is hatched.

The team waited across the street from the van. Jade was dressed in her usual, revealing attire. A large duffel was dwarfed on her shoulder, containing some of the gear the rest of the team could not carry on their person.

Cho was dressed in a uncharacteristically revealing yet classy cocktail dress, not too low cut, but ending somewhere north of mid thigh. Her usually multicolored hair was a jet black, making her much more believable as a higher class escort.

Also looking incredibly sexy was Chekov, who had taken the form of an Orc female. A little on the chubby side his large bust drew attention away from the extra ten pounds on his midsection. A bustier helped keep that in check. Long flowing blond hair with a few multicolored braids went along with the loose fitting cargo pants and large boots that completed the tough-yet-sexy look that Chekov was pulling off.

I was along as a male escort, so my usual attire was almost appropriate. I had my armored coat in the duffle. I did take a little extra care in my grooming that morning, ensuring that I was clean shaven and lightly splashed with aftershave.

Bear was along as a ‘bodyguard’. A bit of a tough sell for a dwarf, but what could we do. Wheeler was also a ‘bodyguard’.

As the shuttle bus pulled up to this unscheduled stop, we boarded. The bus was empty, having already deposited it’s workers for the day. This allowed the driver to get right into making lewd comments right away. He was a nasty fucker. Jade had made an agreement that he would take us in to the arcology to service several “clients”, and in exchange Jade would service him free of charge. Well he immediately set about trying to get in the pants of all the “ladies” and Chekov, desperate to stay in character, ended up playing nice with him for far longer than I would have been comfortable with.

This scene was a pretty extreme hit and miss. On the one hand, Jade handled it spectacularly. She has had it in her back story that Jade started out life as a prostitute and sex addict since the very beginning. Aside from getting to call on her Madame as a contact, a few sex addiction tests and missteps and the occasional, offhand seduction along the way, she has very rarely ever gotten to make use of this aspect of her character. This scenario she got to make full use of it, contacting her Madame and network of local Seattle hookers, coming up with the idea, seducing the driver, occupying him during the run, etc. As a player, this was some of the most active and involved roleplaying I’d seen her do.

On the other, the subject and situation made a few of my players very uncomfortable. Though we never started roleplaying a blow by blow porno, it was close enough that a few were definitely not having fun being around it and were not amused.

On the third hand, we did get to hear Chekhov use the winning line of the night when asked to join in (he was disguised as a sexy orc, remember?) and he said he “rolled the dice” while simultaneously getting to cast his Orgasm spell for the first time.

We arrived at the arcology, thankfully still alive after Jade rocked the drivers world with some “Road Head”, a feat the troll only could have pulled off on a bus. We disembark, Jade accompanies the skeevy driver to his “suite” while the rest of us get down to work. I remember hoping that she was using protection. We have a few hours before we can meet our client, so we all decide to get out of sight someplace. We decide to go see a trid movie.

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