Seattle Mission 07: Big Trouble in Little China

Written by: Marius           Played on: 07 Jan 2012
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This day was like any other, Wheeler was reading a journal he had gotten from his mother after the death of his late father, I was putting together the rent for everyone and getting that paid, Bear was tracking down a Souix magical contact through Raven, Jade was making an appointment for later tomorrow evening, one of her Denver regulars was in town on business.

We had spent the last few days working on the van after the last run, which had left it a bit messed up. It cost us a little over a thousand nuyen each for a mixture of new and used parts. Mostly body panels and glass; we discovered about a day later that the in tank fuel pump had sucked in debris from a tank rupture and the pump was ruined. Thankfully this did not occur until the next day, had that happened during the run it might have meant our death. That repair involved dropping the rear end, removing the rear exhaust and replacing the ruptured tank and sending unit. That sending unit was easy to find used, but we opted to spend the money on a new fuel pump.

While we were replacing so much sheet metal we opted to add a smuggling compartment to the rear floor area. This compartment cost us a total of 1500¥, and would be large enough to fit long arms, some grenades and such.

Wheeler’s Lone Star buddy called with a contact for a job, Wheeler gets the message about 2 hours before the meet. The bar is called Griffen’s Ale House, online reviews make it look like an ok place to eat, good value for the money.

We managed find street parking and entered the old brick building. The place was crawling with Knight Errant and other private security uniforms; the folks not in uniform appeared to be older, retired security personnel.  They cast glances in our direction as we walked in, Jade gave a nervous grin, the rest of us tried to act casual. We walked to the bar and Wheeler asked for Darian. A large booth in the back is pointed out to us by the barmaid. We joined a man in his mid 50’s, with a beard, who looked lean and alert.

“A friend of a friend said we should meet you hear to talk some shop” He motioned for us to sit.

“You all drink beer I hope?” the waitress sets down a round.

After she left he placed his badge on the table, and proceeds to rant about loosing 4 marraiges and three kids to ‘the job’, and then told us to relax; he knows we are not the real problem. “I want you to look for a meet with two opposing criminal factions, so I can pass it on to my buddies still on the force.”  We are offered 5,000¥ each for the job, with 2000¥ up front.

He goes on to tell us that there is a meet in 2 days time between Triad and Yakuza leaders, “When criminals like this start working together its bad for everyone, law abiding citizens like you can understand. We will need a recording of the meet and it would be ideal if the Yakuza did not leave alive. If the Triad were framed for this, that would be ideal; obviously, this would require them not being dead”

The contact did not know where this meet was taking place, that is the hard part. Unbeknownst to us at the time; it would actually be fun. He passed us the upfront payment in certified credsticks and let us know that when we are done we could meet him here most nights betweeen 6pm and 9pm. We finished our beers and left.

Wheeler and Cho purchased a MCT Fly-Spy drone, it broadcasts video/audio wirelessly. We also picked up a high quality camera with microphone. Wheeler called Miguel “Drunk As Shit” Sanchez, who, due in part to his drunkenness, had almost no information for us. He did recommend beating the location out of someone, which I had not thought of at the time.

We got ahold of the Lone Star contact of Wheelers, and for 500¥ he forwarded us a short write up on some street level thugs who might have had some info on our meeting. It takes a few hours to get the info. We also discovered that the Triad frequently use machine pistols of the Ceska Black Scorpion model.

We hit the streets to find a Triad hang out. The “Sleeping Lotus” bar, was listed as a common hangout of one Sun Yu. The plan was to lure him away with Cho as bait. She was not happy about this. She said would only do it if Chekov comes with her under physical mask. He agrees all too quickly. We all thought this was a piss poor idea, but went along anyway because we felt hilarity would ensue, it did.

We found the address quickly. I could see right through Chekov’s disguise, but I assured him that I can only tell because I know him so well. After he and Cho step out, Jade, Wheeler, and I just about passed out from laughing.

The two Asian “ladies” steped out of the van and entered the bar. Later review of the recording Cho made indicated that the target approached them and slapped Chekov on the ass. He bought them a round. Cho came on to the target and he then offered Chekov to his buddies after she invited him out for “a good time”. A second round of drinks is imbibed before they leave.

The target took two friends outside with Cho; Wheeler and I were ready with stun rounds in pistols with silencers. As they left Cho laid a big ole kiss on the target, that gave Wheeler and I the perfect opportunity. As the idiots turn to watch their boss make out with a girl we droped them with double taps of stun fire, caught the falling bodies and placed them down silently. We then subdued Sun Yu and threw him in the van. We stashed the bodies in an ally, grabing their weapons (two Ceska Black Scorpions), and car keys.

I waited for Chekov in Sun Yu’s car. When he walked out I motioned for him to get in. He told me of the epic time he had leaving the bar. Some of the guys got quite friendly and he excused himself to the restroom, dropping the mask and coming out as himself. The Triad guys did not see an ork in their bar as a good thing and took action, it took about 100¥ of drinks to quash the situation.

We stopped a few blocks away and checked over the car for trackers and GPS bugs before going to an abandoned warehouse to interrogate Sun Yu. We settle for a secluded loading dock. The interrogation began with him threatening to kill everyone if we don’t let him go, etc… Wheeler decked him good, but the trash talk continued. Wheeler struck again, a gut kick.

He spilled his guts at this point, figuratively of course. Hui Cheng Shun, is meeting with a Yakuza rep, Ito. North Lake Shipping Yard, 8pm. He did not know what the meeting was supposed to be about. Hui Cheng Shun is one of the Underbosses of Seattle. He said only four guys, plus Shun, were going for the Triad, but he didn’t know about the Yakuza. Cho killed him, even after we promised not to.

We dropped off Jade, who had an “appointment” later in the day to prepare for, and picked up Bear who had finished his other task.

Jade unfortunately had to leave the session early that night as she was not feeling well.

We drove by the North Lake Shipping Yard and scope the place out. We saw a storefront / warehouse area, but the locks were rusty and they do not look to have been disturbed in quite some time. Around the back, there was a metal roofed structure, with fresh tire tracks and some stuff is set up as makeshift chairs that looked recent. The rain hitting the roof is makes significant background noise.

We found references to two Ito’s in the list of names the Lone Star guy passed us; one of them, Johnny Ito, is a street level enforcer and is the son of Yoshi Ito, who has no criminal record but is a person of interest.

We sat down as a team and brainstormed. Plan A: Triad leave first, we engage Yakuza and kill them all. Plan B: Plant a car bomb on the Yakuza car, kill them all. Plan C: Kill everyone, both sides. Don’t get paid, but hopefully live. This seems to always be plan C.

I conceal our fancy camera among some garbage while Cho places her drone around the makeshift seats in the area.

On the day of the meet, Bear went in advance and hid invisibly on the roof of the nearby wherehouse. The rest of us were in the van about 5 blocks away. Jade’s appointment had turned into a several day booking so she did not join us. Chekov made Cho invisible so she could lie in wait and plant the explosives.

Bear came across the comms: “7:45 pm, a black sedan has arrived and pulled into the storage lot. It’s parked near the covered shelter, four asian guys are screening the area. But they did not find the camera… a 5th Asian guy is coming out. It’s Johnny Ito, I think.”

Bear continued: “8:00pm, no one here.” The rain was coming down hard. Through the recording we can hear that Johhny is displeased they are late.

“8:05, second car arives and it’s parking. Four guys with Ceskas have gotten out. They are sweeping the area. Another guy is coming out, it’s probably our guy, you are good to go any time, Cho.”

On the camera we can see that the body guards are watching each other, as well as their surroundings. The Triad guy introduces himself as Hui Cheng Shun, and greets Johnny, who exchanges greetings.

Cho announced that she was creeping in to plant her explosives. The VIPs made small talk, asked about the family, etc. Johhny seemed eager to get to the point, Shun was relaxed. Both sat down. The offer is to join forces and gain mutual benifit from an “Asian Brotherhood.”

Johnny was dismissive of some of the claims, but was listening. Hui Shun said the Triad will persue this brave new world with or witout the Yakuza, but this was their opportunity to get in on the action. They discussed some logistical things about joint ventures.

The conversation came to a close with the two sides promising to meet again soon as long as their trial truce works out.  The Triad guys loaded up and rolled out, Johnny sat down and made a call.

Chekov made me invisible and I moved in closer so I can shoot some mother fuckers. As Johnny hung up I gave the “Go” command. Cho Pulled the trigger first and hit Johnny with two shots but he remained standing, I dropped him with a three round burst, I hit another guy with a three round burst but he was still standing. Some thugs shot at Cho and I but missed. One thug shot at Bear, striking him. I heard him grunt over comms.

Bear killed a guy with a mana bolt, the same one who was lit on fire; did I forget to mention, Bear lit a guy on fire?

I droped another with a three round burst through the throat; he dropped his weapon and stumbled backwards. There were two thugs remaining. Wheeler killed them both with two single shots from his Ceska Black Scorpion. Amazing.

We looted the corpses and took some, but not all, of the guns off the dead guys, we left one Triad weapon behind jammed. We snagged two H&K MP5 SMGs. I also found keys. During our scan of the Yakuza car we found a signal indicating a tracker but we could not find it. We left the car with a bullet in the tire.

The team returned to the Ale House and sat down. Darian ordered a round of drinks. He watched a portion of the video, while we sipped on our beers. He seemed pleased with the part where the killings happen. He thanked us for our service and handed over the last portion of the payment on certified credsticks. I love credsticks.

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