Side Mission 02 – Delivery Assistance – Part 1

Written by: Marius          Played on: 17 Apr 2010
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I am awoken by Levi calling. He says he has a job for us. I don’t have a whole lot going on so I agree, even though I trust that sod about as far as I can throw him.. wait, I could throw him pretty far. Ok, I trust him about as far as I could throw Jade. Levi, Wheeler, Cho, and I all meet up at Wheelers shop and head to the meet together.

The job this week was another side mission, off of the main plot. Clint was not able to attend (easily justifiable as he had gotten pretty roughed up in the previous adventure and needed recovery time) this week and it was originally planned for the rest of the group to be there. Jade cancelled at the last minute due to being sick which was unfortunate.

The mission was meant to conect and involve multiple character’s backstories in either odd references or other, more involved ways. Mr. Johnson was a character from Levi’s history who was calling him in for a favor owed. Jade’s old go-gang she had been involved with was also brought into the story. The meeting place and the shipping company used were tied into Marius’ backstory as his prior place of employ before he entered the shadows. EarthFirst! was involved in Cho’s past as well.

We meet with the “friends” of Levi’s in a limo outside of Mercury Express, a shipping company. There was a standard Suit there who was the Johnson and did most of the talking, a stoic Japanese girl in a form fitting body suit and a silent guy in a cardinal type getup with a dragon pendant.

I am keeping very careful to keep my head away from any cameras, as I am a person of extreme interest to certain individuals at Mercury Express. Thanks be to whatever gods there may be that this worthless piece of corporate trash does not recognize me. They tell us that they are moving some important cargo through Denver, that will be leaving by air. They represent the property owners, and do not want anything to happen to it.

Mr. Johnson’s intelligence gathering forces have uncovered information that suggests the eco-terrorist group, EarthFirst!, has made some plans to hijack the shipment. Mercury Express does not allow external security for there shipments for liability reasons, so the trucks hauling the gear are not to know we are backing them up. If the whole thing goes off without a hitch they are never to know we were there. I bring up the point that keeping them in the dark once the guns start blazing will be difficult, and the Johnson agrees that us being “made” will be excused in the event the shipment needs protecting.

After the shipment makes it to its destination, we are to stay on to defend it in the receiving yard against any threats until it has safely left by air. Sounds so easy right?

We agree to take the job, for less money then I think is due. We are also forced to take on to the team one of Mr. Johnson’s people which I am very not happy about. He introduces the woman in the vehicle, Red Herring; we ended up needing her later and she proved a valuble asset but I did not know that yet.

Red Herring is again making an appearance after her first run in the previous adventure, The Curious Conch side mission. She was rather quickly written into the story when Jade was unable to attend.

I imagined the easiest and most logical way to get her in would be to write her up as being in employ of Mr. Johnson. I had their employer stipulate that he wanted “one of his own” to observe and evaluate the team and that they were to include her in the operation..

The team and I start making calls to investigate what is going on. We of course find a lot about how EarthFirst! has condemned whatever it is that this cargo is to be used for; I honestly forgot most of this moments after reading it; Im all for fighting the man, but if those fucking hippies did not have their panties in a twist over something they would not be able to breath.

We do discover one piece of information, it turns out that EarthFirst! has farmed out this job to a local gang, none other than the Wasteland Warthogs, a gang our very own Jade used to be a member of.

The Wasteland Warthogs were Jade’s old gang and, I expected, there was to be an opportunity for her to go to the gang and talk them out of the job. Had they done this, the attack still would have gone off but with some other gang EarthFirst! had to hire on short notice. The new gang would not have been as skilled or as well equipped, making the rest of the mission much easier.

Unfortunately, Jade had to cancel, but on a whim I let them roll to “remember” that Jade had referenced this gang as one she used to be a part of. The players actually called her and roleplayed with her over the phone for several minutes, discussing concerns she might have about them going up against her old gang. She eventually let them know that “a job is a job” and to do what they had to.

I appreciated her role playing through the scene with them enough that I awarded her a few karma points for it even though she wasn’t there. Of course, it also cost her one of her contacts as the gang head was either killed in the battle or would have heard that Jade was involved with the team that interfered with their job.

By this time we have met up with the trucks and are tailing them by a few blocks with the exception of Cho, who is on her motorcycle ahead of the trucks. Wheeler is driving Thumper when the first signs of trouble appear. “We’re going to have company!” shouts Wheeler. At this point I feel it prudent to smack the red button. Red Herring and Levi man firing hatches with their rifles.

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