Seattle Side Mission 23: On the Fly 2.0 – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2014
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Several players had to drop out at the last minute, leaving us with just Jade, Chekhov and Marius to play. Given the short notice, I decided to revisit the On the Fly session. The session was driven largely by collaboration with the players and rolling on random adventure tables. I would ask leading questions and build the adventure based on the answers from the players and improvise the rest. This time, I had a little bit of time to plan and included a few key elements.

Also, this session I had an unfortunate emergency at home about an hour into the session, after we had established the circumstances of the mission, and I had to leave. We agreed to continue the game during the week through email as a bit of free-form role playing. I would send out emails explaining what the situation was or what the results of the player actions were. I would then ask them a couple of questions, typically with some sort of constraint, such as: “How do you go about clearing the room? What goes wrong while you are in there that gives the enemy the upper hand?” The players would reply with their input and I would rinse and repeat. As such, this session is more wordy than most, since large portions of it were written out through email.

So Jade, Chekhov and I were in the Critical Glitch, listening to Chekhov drone on about this book he just found and read. It’s called Fight Club. Mostly he just says that he can’t talk about it. “Most important about fight club, no talking fight club.”

I go to the bar to grab a round, and run into a friend, Jackie Treehorn, I can’t recall where we met, but I see him around the Critical Glitch a lot. “So Marius, I have been considering a personal job. I could use some hands. Interested?”

I nod, he continues ”It might be a bit messy, but I think you can handle it. There is this guy in the Salish-Shidhe Council, a real nasty guy. He trades goods, has people killed, you get it. He has come into possession of something valuable. Mike ‘Montana’ Jackson is the guy’s name. The ‘Brazen Bull’, it’s a bronze cast bull they used to cook people in. The mouth had an instrument that would turn their screams into music. Fucked up right? Anyway I want to steal it and sell it. I have come into all the details we should need.”

“Sounds good,” I say out loud. Where do we go?”

“He operates out of a skating rink, there are lots of kids around which hide his bad deeds and makes a lot of collateral damage for anyone that would attack. It’s in an old corporate park. The bull is probably in storage somewhere. He has not lined up any buyers yet. Almost no one knows he has it and no one will know we stole it, so we can fence it easier. I’ll take care of the sale and then we will divide up the proceeds. I am thinking, one or two of your buddies. I think we could potentially clear 15,000¥ each.“

“Sounds good. Hopefully we won’t have to kill anyone. I’ll get the team together.” We split up and I head back to the table. After Chekhov and Jade agree to take on the job, we all hit our contact network. Chekhov quickly discovers that Montana Mike’s corporate park is patrolled by a few groups. Most of them are hired by ‘knowing someone’. Not all of the team is well experienced, but loyalty tends to be high.

The corporate park is patrolled by Security’R’Us, it’s a small outfit run by some former Knight Errant guys. There are regular patrols and there is a team onsite, as well as a High Threat Response team stationed nearby. They patrol the entire office park.

The SSC contracts Lone Star as their police force. This particular town is just a bit outside Vancouver, response time is not great.

Montana’s crew is mostly family and friends, like an entourage. Montana brings in outside folks, but again, always guys known to some of his guys. He owns a lot of the people in his area. Many of the other businesses in his area are given the occasional money to keep their eyes open, or closed, depending on the area. The skating rink is operated as a front and Montana owns it.

It becomes pretty clear that we are going to need to split up. Montana’s brother Joseph ‘Joe Joe MacGyver’ Jackson runs the drone army that patrols the corporate park, as well as running Matrix over-watch and monitoring the security cameras. He operates out of Security’R’Us’ headquarters a  few miles away. The corporate park is a whole campus for the members of three single A corps that operate out of the park. Security only allows in employees, their families and escorted friends, so it’s not open to the public.

Jade figures out the best way to get into the corporate park campus with a reasonable amount of gear through security. She has a ‘friend’ who works there who will be able to bring us and some gear in. ‘Samantha  Joe’ will be meeting with Marius and Jackie to get them in past security, though we will have to pass through a weapons scanner.

Samantha will make arrangements for a small parcel to make it through ahead of time without being scanned. It’s just big enough to fit my disassembled rifle and some other small arms. I bring my Ares Alpha and two mags each of APDS and Stick-N-Shock. I pack my SA Puzzler on my person when we go through the scanner. I bring also pack a full magazine of six CS gas grenades.

Samantha is a tall, slender woman, who is pierced, to say the least. There is more metal on her red head then there is in Marius’ body. “Samantha, thank you for your assistance in this. Jade has spoken highly of you.” She escorts us through security, the metal detector goes off, but that seems normal. She passes the secondary detail scan that is required. Jackie and I make it through just fine. She gets us the package from under the false bottom of a trash can nearby, then wanders off.

Jackie and I head toward the skating rink. “You know, in my day we did not leave loose ends like that.” He winks at me, but I’m not sure that he’s joking. We head in the front doors of the skating rink, planning to talk to Montana about buying a large amount of weapons.

Meanwhile, at a nearby mall, Jade and Chekhov plan to sneak in via the back loading dock and into the building shared by a toy store and Security’R’US. They pack Jade’s sword inside a box that looks like it contains long thin pool toys, then head around back.

Jackie and I head inside the rink. There are a fair amount of teenagers and adults inside skating already while music blares over loudspeakers. There are folks at the counter and we rent some skates, to look legit. There are a few food vendors. Near the back is a subdued entrance to an area with an office. There are tinted windows overlooking the rink on the second floor. Some casually dressed individuals are guarding the door to the offices at the back. At the last moment, I decide that we should pose as sellers instead of buyers. When I ask about meeting Mr. Montana, the guard tells me he is “not sure” he knows who I am talking about.  I ask him to go check.

Jade and Chekhov come up just as the security guards are closing the loading dock. They are asked for ID. “Everyone who needs to get back here is supposed to have a badge….”

“It’s fucking TOY.” Chekhov blurts out. The guard pauses for a short while, then sighs…

“Those assholes… Make sure they give you a badge next time, ok?”

Back at the rink, We are walked back to the office of the orc I was just talking to for a show and tell of our ‘stock’. Weapon’s among security are no longer concealed.

We get to his ‘office’, which is just a large closet. I show off my Ares Alpha and point out all the features built on to the weapon. He looks like he has no idea what most of it is, but nods along like he does. “I have two hundred of these custom built that I got stuck with, I need to offload them. I kept the deposit of the initial buyer who screwed me on them, so I can afford to let them go a bit cheap as long as I can move them quick.”

Chekhov proceeds to make himself and Jade invisible. “Ok, we look at computer guy, probably on desk, real nerd, much excite.” Chekhov says in his eastern bloc accent. They push open the door from the loading area into a back office area. About half a dozen security agents are present. They look a little soft, all lying about, watching the door swing open by itself. Chekhov casts a trid phantasm of a guard saying, “Oh fuck, just a second.” and turning around to attend to something. He attempts to make it sound just like the guard he just met.

They security personnel in the room go back to their commlinks and donuts.

Jack subvocals, “We should have killed all the motherfuckers at the door.” I’m still in the middle of selling the orc on this weapon when Jack, his SA Puzzler out, shoots the guy twice in the back of the head.

“God damn it, Jackie!”

“What!? it’s faster this way!” the human replies. I make a note to punch him later.

“Team, stay frosty. Shit just went off here.” I say sub-vocally, as I feverishly assembles the rest of the Ares Alpha rifle.

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