Seattle Side Mission 23: On the Fly 2.0 – Part 3

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2014
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Marius changes places with Jackie. The human moves to the back of the room, continuing to look angry, while Marius switches on the charm. The sudden transition from one to the other no doubt leaving Montana Jackson more unsettled than he was a moment before.

Taking a seat across from the ork, Marius places his Ares Alpha on the table before him. Easily within reach and conspicuously pointed across the desk at the ork while they talk. “Now, seems we are in a bit of a pickle here. You see my friend here wants to kill you. Sure he wants the bull too, but honestly, after that machine gun business I think he, if forced to choose, he would prefer to not get the bull if it meant he got to kill you instead. But good news chummer, I am usually able to talk him down. So how about this. How about we let you live, with no torture or retribution, and you tell us where the bull is.”

The man starts to speak up and the elf interrupts him “No no, don’t answer yet. Know that if you refuse, my mate here will kill you, not quickly. Once you lie dead, I’m going to have my decker friends start pouring over your financials, and your commlink. If that fails to produce results for places to search, well I’ll start going after your men, one by one, until one of them knows what I want. Failing that, I’ll visit your family members, most of them seem to work for you anyway. I will find the bull eventually. The only thing that is really on the table here is if you and your family are alive when I do. So take a moment to think about it, consider your options, and then make a decision. Do you want to be dead today?”

Finally, Montana relents, passing a card with an address across the table as resignation fills his face. “Tell the Terminator that I am sorry. And please, leave my family out of this.” The Vory are looking for the very same Bull they were planning to fence.

“Frag,” Jackie’s voice is hard and loud in Marius’ ear, though clearly he is speaking sub-vocally as Montana doesn’t react to his swearing. “That’s going to make the bull a bit tougher to sell. Or maybe we just sell it back to them. Throw in Montana’s family as a consolation prize. At the very least, we leak his identity to the Vory to throw them off our trail. How about you crease him already and lets get moving.”

Marius, a bit slow witted after all the action is finally just catching up, “He thinks we are with the Russian Mob?” Marius says sub-vocally.

Montana’s look is fallen. He knows his fate is death. His bargaining chip will be lost. He looks up, then finally looks Marius dead in the eye. Resoluteness returns to his face. “There is one thing you got wrong. Mate.”

“What’s that?” Marius asks, still looking out over the ice skating rink as he weighs their options.

He nods towards the door behind Marius and Jackie. “My rigger isn’t dead yet.”

Turning to the shattered door and the hallway beyond, Marius sees five of the security crawlers seen outside in the park grounds skittering along the floor and walls towards thee office. SMG size mounted weapons are already readied and acquiring targets. Beyond them, the first trio of Montana’s soldiers, armed with their characteristic AK-97s, sprint in from the stairwell for cover along the hallway. More are surely right behind them.

“Drek…” Marius curses, running over to the left side of the doorway he takes cover and blind fires down the hallway. “Jackie, get that HMG up”. The elf hears no response “Jac… HOOF!” Marius is thrown to the floor as a human dives on top of him.

“Get down!”  an explosion decimates the windows and back half of the office. The smell of cooked meat fills the room. The elf chances a look toward the back wall. The desk, and what is left of Montana Jackson coat the walls. All the windows are blown out. “Jesus, titty fucking christ, you crazy human.”

“Come with me if you want to live,” Jackie says. Firing behind him down the hall, he and the elf move quickly toward the window. As the drones open fire, they both jump down…

The twenty foot drop to the slippery ice rink is unceremonious and painful. Fully expecting an impossible landing, Marius elects to land such that he breaks the fall, rather than trying to land on his feet. The crowd, once milling about in confusion to the muffled pops over the loud music and the sudden presence of security drones making their way to the back, is now screaming, running and skating in a chaotic melee as they try to escape from the blown out, smoking hole in the wall.

Marius and Jackie scramble to their feet and make their way across the ice as quickly as they are able. SMG rounds tear up the ice as they half slide across the floor, racing for the exits. As they reach and mingle with the slowest civilians, those still frozen in shock and the elderly, the SMG rounds taper off. Clearly the drones have automatic protocols about shooting into a crowded area. Montana Jackson’s men seem to have fewer qualms as the occasional burst of AK-97 fire rips out from the windows.

They hit the doors at a full run, shoving through the crowds that are, thankfully, giving them a moment of cover while Marius’ brain scrambles to work out a plan. Briefly he reaches into his pocket, confirming that the address to Montana’s storage unit is there.

As the crowd clears the rink, it begins to disperse. In the close confines, most of the people around them don’t seem to have noticed that they are armed. Suddenly a directed shout grabs Marius’ attention, “Hey! You there! Stop right there!” A Security’R’Us guard has spotted them and is already drawing his taser. A pop from right in front of Marius puts a red, blossoming hole through the security guard’s head as he crumples to the ground.

“That’s wasn’t necessary.” Marius starts.

“Then you best come up with your way out of here, genius.” Jackie interrupts. “Otherwise, I’m going to put a hole through each of these low-pay, rent-a-cops that get in our way until we’re out.” Maneuvering through the park, other Security guards can clearly be seen taking up positions and moving to try and control the situation. A small army of roto-drones are drifting out over the crowds, scanning for threats and sending updates to security forces. A couple are already zeroing in on their location, scanning outward from the downed security guard. Lone Star is likely already on the way, though given their anticipated response time the Security’R’Us guards are probably planning on containing Marius and Jackie until the big guns arrive, rather than trying to apprehend them directly.

Jade swings her massive sword underhand, spinning a firing drone ass over tea-kettle backwards, its front armor and innards split in two. The second drone swivels to track her, letting off a burst of gunfire that slinks off her thick hide and armor before she buries a fist through its central processing unit. The heavy shot from one of the Tomino’s large caliber shotgun arms catches her by surprise, throwing her back in a spray of her own armor and flesh.

Enraged, Jade charges, simultaneously swinging her sword and body checking the drone into the wall. One of the Tomino’s bladed limbs manages to block her strike, while the pincer hands grab desperately at her, trying to peel the massive troll off of it while off balance. Through its massive strength, the drone manages to right itself, pushing back on Jade, who in turn jerks it back the other way, trying to throw it off balance and roll the drone onto its back.

While the two thrash in the hallway, the door to the rigger office cracks open and an ork darts out. Skirting a wide arc around the drone and troll, “MacGyver” makes a dash for the hall, keeping a wary eye on the troll behind him.

Chekhov pokes his head out from where he had taken cover when the drones opened fire, spotting their mark as he hurries through the thickening smoke for the exit.

Marius reverses directions away from the gathering security and drones, to one of the emergency exits. Eventually forcing their way through the chained exit, they burst outside. Making their way through the back alleys, Marius finds himself wishing for a mage which would make their escape over the high walls much easier. As they round a corner, much to his chagrin, Marius spots a mage. The Security’R’Us mage is flanked by a pair of guards and is just finishing summoning a pair of spirits to guard the main entry to the park.

Looking around, Marius can see that the other, smaller exits are guarded by a pair of regular security guards and a small contingent of drones, but are also much more defensible positions than the open courtyard around the main gate. For the moment, he and Jackie are safe in their current spot, but Marius can hear the security beginning sweeps of the alleyways and corners around the park.

“It’s only a matter of time, Marius. Shooting our way out is starting to sound better and better. Come on, its good for the soul to let loose and make a little mess and some noise once in awhile.” Jackie grins at the elf.

The sudden appearance of a Spirit of Earth, bursting out of the walls and ground to tackle the drone, gives Jade a breath of air in her struggle against the combat drone. Off to the side, the crunch of bone and splatter of flesh indicate the end of the rigger’s life.

Despite his death, the upturned drones in the room continue to whir and try and right themselves while the Tomino still struggles against the spirit in an attempt to reach Jade. Presumably, elsewhere, the rest of the rigger’s drones continue to carry out their last commands. At the very least, they won’t be able to change their orders to match the evolving situation at the Corporate Park but, like the Tomino in the hall, they can still be very dangerous utilizing just their simple, dog brain.

Chekhov, having taken the form of a bear, spits the limp body of the ork rigger to the ground, trying to shake the pool of blood out of his mouth at the same time. Smoke and heat are starting to fill even this end of the hall, as the buildings fire systems fail to contain the blaze started in the main offices.

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