Seattle Side Mission 23: On the Fly 2.0 – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2014
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Jade and Chekhov sneak around to an office that looks like it might be a riggers office. They hear some shouting back from the doorway. “Dude what the fuck was that!? I saw myself walking away from the door. There is some black magic bullshit going on, be on the lookout for some bullshit everyone!”

Dropping all pretenses of subtlety Chekhov ignites the center of the room in an inferno with a massive fireball, instantly incinerating several of the security officers and setting a fire so large that the sprinkler system is almost immediately overwhelmed as the pair blink into existence. Pipes and sprinklers that weren’t broken or melted in the initial blast begin spray water down around the edges of the room, barely keeping in check the fire at the center of the room that tries to consume ever more.

Jade draws her sword and immediately eviscerates another fat guard in a single swipe, spraying blood and limbs as bits of burning ceiling tile fall around her. Her face glistens in the light of the inferno with a mixture of blood splatter and water. The remaining guards near the door and in the room open fire in a panic, landing a few shots as they try to contend with the sudden outburst of violence.

This is about the time I had to leave. We picked up the rest of the game through email. Though I tried to ensure everyone was involved equally, some players were more prompt in responding to emails than others.

Marius opens the door and launches two CS gas grenades down the hall toward the entrance. As the gas grenades fill the hall, Marius sees a third grenade fly down the hallway and explode on impact. Several of the guards, incapacitated by the gas, have no chance at escape as they are shredded by the fragmentation grenade.

Marius only has a moment for terse words for Jackie before the elevator opens and a troll lumbers out with a roar. Marius’ first burst of Stick-N-Shock rounds seem to have little effect as the troll closes. Carrying a pipe bigger and longer than Marius’ leg, the troll swings the cudgel at Marius. The strike glances painfully off the elf’s left shoulder and smashes into one wall, smashing two by fours and crumpling the wall in slightly. “Hit ‘em!” The troll says.

Jackie disappears under a wild swing that crumples the opposite wall, collapsing it into the hallway. “Kill ‘em!” he roars. Marius skirts around the troll’s back as the ceiling and walls begin filling the hallway with debris. His next, fully automatic burst of Stick-N-Shock at point blank range finally brings the troll down.

He finds Jackie brushing off debris and cradling an injured shoulder. Before they can proceed upstairs, Jackie pumps two rounds from his SA Puzzler into the back of the troll’s head, despite being incapacitated.

“What the… Why!?” Marius demands

“No way I am fighting that guy again on the way out,” Jackie winces, touching his injured shoulder again. He begins to go through the trolls pockets “Ah HA! Check it out.” He throws a bottle at Marius.

“Is this… What is this?” The elf asks. The unmarked plastic bottle contains about 7 large caplets.

“Based on his inability to shut up, I am thinking Nitro.” Jackie goes on to explain, “It’s a cocktail of Novacoke, Kamikaze, and a few other chemicals. It makes people… well… nuts. And strong as frag to boot.”

“Right, lets head upstairs and see of we can find your pal, get our stuff, and get the drek out of here.” Marius replies as he heads toward the stairs.

“That stung bitch” Jade shouts, she makes a mighty swing, her sword slicing through the first of the guards by the door. She lets out a roar, mixed with equal parts anger and… frustration before charging the second. Slipping in the water and blood, she flattens the second one against the wall, narrowly avoiding the deadly edge of her own blade. The ork barely has time to take note of the troll’s actions as a loud crashing and squelching scream rings out briefly before being cut short. The floor is slick with water and blood as an inferno still rages in the middle of the room.

The two make their way deeper into the office space. They pass two empty offices before Jade sighs loudly, expressing her frustration at the length of their fruitless search. Then her prayers are answered…

To the left and right, the familiar, four legged, wheeled platform of Nissan Doberman’s roll into view. Assault rifle caliber, automatic weapons swivel in their direction, tracking them unerringly as they move into position.

More concerning is the third drone, a hulking mass of armored metal the size of a troll that blocks the doorway to the office. The heavily modified Tomino combat drone looks vaguely humanoid, though you suspect its wide, squat legs are built more for stability and power rather than trying to pass for a metahuman. Up front, two pairs of arms hang off its slouched torso. One set bears large, barrels along the back of the arm above three fingered, pincer hands. The other pair includes thick, wicked looking blades the length of the arm, ending in blunted tips that it uses like front legs to maneuver on. A red eye glares menacingly from a recessed point on what passes for a head.

Marius spots waiting guards on the second floor and leads Jackie, begrudgingly, to the roof. Shouting down to them, Marius convinces a number of the guards to leave their post and head downstairs. “I’m offended that that even worked,” Jackie says, as they head back down.

Finding one remaining guard, Marius sneaks up on him and places a gun to his back. Quietly, he hands over his AK-97 to Jackie and answers Marius’ questions. He points out Montana Jackson’s office down the hall, begging Marius for his life. Marius gives him strict instructions to beat it and not to come back, which he hastily agrees to and heads for the stairs.

Marius is heading for Montana Jackson’s office when the barely audible clicks of a rifle slide operating on a silenced weapon go off in the hallway behind him, followed by the muffled thumps of the guards body tumbling down the stairs. “We don’t leave loose ends like that.” Jackie echoes his earlier statement, though there is no hint of a smirk this time, as he heads towards Montana’s office with the guard’s silenced Ares Alpha. Marius notes its good hardware for the average Fixer’s thug just minding a hallway.

His distaste for Jackie’s actions and admiration for armaments quickly are replaced with other thoughts as a bomb goes off in Montana Jackson’s doorway. Fully automatic rounds rip through the door frame and spray down the hallway as both he and Jackie roll into cover on opposite sides of the doorway. It takes a moment, with his adrenaline rushing, to register that both he and Jack have taken a few rounds. The armor bore most of the impacts, but a few cut through. Nothing worse than either have lived through before.

Jackie curses the exploding door and sneaks a peek inside. “Frag me… he has a tripod mounted heavy machine gun in there.” Jackie readies a second frag grenade.

“We need him alive, remember?” Marius states.

“Yeah, well I hope you have a good plan on getting him out of there then. Letting you run into a hail of gunfire and getting us both killed just isn’t a plan I’m ok with.” He still has one hand on the frag grenade, but Jackie is biding his time for the moment.

Marius and Jackie both make coordinated rolling dives through the doorway, crisscrossing each other, the move works as Montana is unable to fire at either one. Marius is slow getting back up due to his wounded thigh. Jackie is obviously wounded as well, but the crazy fragger sure isn’t showing it.

Jackie plants his boot on the edge of Montana Jackson’s desk and kicks it forward, slamming up against the fixer painfully and pinning him against the large glass windows overlooking the ice skating rink below. Below, they can see patron’s on the ice milling about in slight confusion, though no one is running for the door just yet. The sounds of grenade blasts and a full auto heavy machine gun are hard to miss, but this part of the building seems to be somewhat sound proofed and the loud music has helped to drown it out as well.

“We’ve come for the bull. Now give it up, lest you get the horns.” Jackie threatens. They don’t quite catch Montana’s response, but Jackie smirks then slams the fixer’s head down into the table. He presses his Ares Alpha against Montana’s head, pinning it against the table as the man squeals. Marius can see the white knuckles on the grips of the weapon and he has to firmly remind him that they still need the fixer alive. “Christ, you’re no fun, have it your way. Your turn to talk to him.”

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