Seattle Side Mission 21: Dawn of the Artifacts – Midnight (Part 2)

Written by: Cho           Played on: 04 Jan 2014
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This session used the published scenario, Dawn of the Artifacts – Midnight. As such, there are spoilers so read ahead at your own peril.

We are going back to Denver and continuing the hunt for Sonora. I never thought that we would be heading back there. Seeing as I think we pissed off everyone we possibly could. I do like getting paid, but I like living even more.

Our pilot sets down in Sweet Water to re-fuel. I was glad we were only making a pit stop in this shitty back water town. After we start fueling up, our pilot runs off with a skanky looking woman for, I can only assume, a quickie.

Unfortunately, nothing about it was quick… It was time to leave and our pilot was nowhere in sight. So Bear, Chekhov and Marius head out to find him. I didn’t quite catch everything that happened because I was laughing too hard, but apparently our pilot was held up at gunpoint by some hillbillies who claimed he had knocked up their daughter. Of course!

Next thing I know, Chekhov is devising a way to sneak him out the window while Jade makes a distraction. Now, trolls are not the smartest creatures to grace this world… But damn she is a genius. What better way to fuck with the hillbillies, than to pretend to be one. Jade struts up screaming and hollering! Yelling that they have her husband and the hillbilly daughter can be wife #2 and suck it. I’m glad I was with the plane because that must have been a terrifying sight. Well, the plan worked and we high tailed it out of there, leaving a trail of pissed off red necks in our wake.

This was a fun little break scene between locales. Jade played it up to the hilt and everyone was laughing by the end of the scene.

Finally we arrive in Denver, feeling an odd sense of home. The team crashes at Phil’s house while we talk to some of our contacts. It was going to be hard to move around the city undetected, so we had to enlist the help of a smuggler named Grey Crow. Our old buddy Raven was kind enough to get us some information on where Sonora might be heading. It leads us to Belinda Swiftwing, a bar brawling troll. Eventually we get some information on where we can find Sonora; and that there are a couple other teams after her as well.

The hunt leads us to some overgrown campgrounds, where we spot an aircraft off in the distance. Not thinking, we head straight into a huge mess. There was a huge group of Triad hanging out there, running illegal activities. Honestly, we have no issue with killing every last Triad member in existence, but that wasn’t all. There was another hidden group off in the distance with large tripod mounted guns which made our lives difficult. While fending off both attackers, we try and stop the aircraft from leaving. The best we managed to do was slow it down, but Sonora still gets away.

Right when the fight seemed to be over, a strange group of men in white long coats show up. They bore a strange cross symbol across their chests. Matching uniforms are never a good sign. Surprisingly, they help dispatch the rest of the scum and proceed to chat with us. I was worried that they were going to try and kill us, but nope. Seems they were on a similar mission to hunt Sonora down and retrieve the artifact. For the moment they don’t pose a threat. But I have this feeling that when we go to confront Sonora, those white coats will be in our way.

The team got caught in a massive ambush that turned into a huge firefight. On one side they faced a small army of Triad who were operating a trafficking ring out of the park. On the other, the Shadowrun team that Sonora had hired was camped in the hills and insighting both sides to fight by firing on the Triad as well as the team. To complicate matters further were the mysterious new comers, which could have easily ended up opposed to the team as well if they had handled themselves differently.

The ‘White Coats’ are another mysterious organization within the Sixth World that the Dawn of the Artifacts adventures revolve around. The team didn’t learn much about their origin this time, though.

At least I’m still getting paid…

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