Seattle Side Mission 20: Dawn of the Artifacts – Midnight (Part 1) – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 21 Dec 2013
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This session used the published scenario, Dawn of the Artifacts – Midnight. As such, there are spoilers so read ahead at your own peril.

We park our truck and begin walking. The snow is unbroken and the place is quiet. Nothing has walked this way in days, although some of the bugs don’t need to walk. It is an hour before we see the first sign of life. We see a woman with an infant struggling through the snow. We maintain a distance and allow her to pass. Once the sun goes down, Chekhov summons a Water Spirit.

While we are walking through the streets, past ruined buildings and piles of snow, we see a strange sight. An overhang from one of the buildings has blocked the snow. Sitting against the building is a skeletonized man wearing red clothing. He sat up against the wall and died. He is cradling a weapon. Cho announces that the man is wearing a uniform of the Ares Firewatch. The man seems to be carrying a weapon that is not an Ares Alpha, the Firewatch’s typical rifle of choice. I walk over to the body and find the weapon is a shotgun of some sort.

This was another custom weapon I had created this was, of course, not a part of the published adventure. I was really trying to push weapons and styles that the players didn’t frequently use, in this case a very powerful but also very loud weapon, to provoke the occasional new play style. The stat sheet can be downloaded here.

I also find large dog tracks and hear a sound like the chittering of an insect. Two bug spirits charge me from a nearby snow bank. Before I can even swing my rifle around, Wheeler plants a few rounds in one from about fifty feet back. I hear the report of Cho’s rifle and one of the dogs slides to a halt at my feet. I fire six rounds zipping through the second, it halts in roughly the same spot. We hear yelling from the nearby buildings while Chekhov grabs the shotgun.

A deranged looking human charges towards the group shouting incoherently. He swings a pipe at Chekhov, who dodges. Leaping out of store front windows, two more humans charge out. I swing my machine gun around, knowing that they will be upon me in moments. Jade charges forward at the same time a snow mound begins to move forward, a bug spirit jumping out of its resting spot. Jade grabs it by its shell and hurls it in the direction of the charging humans. One of them trips over it as it bounces along the ground. A fourth bug spirit pimps onto the scene. Two more humans drop out of the windows and attack. Wheeler takes down one of the men nearest him and hits one near me.

I go ‘Rock-n-Roll’ and try and hit all three of my guys. I slip in the snow and only end up catching one of them, the one struggling to get up from tripping. Chekhov liquefies the bug in front of him with a shotgun blast. Li-Qui-Fies it. The other human reaches me and I drop my machine gun to my hip and defend myself. I swing the weapon back up and light him up with a 3 round burst. I am nearly deafened by another two rounds from Chekhov’s large-ass shotgun.

I walk over to Chekhov, on his butt, sitting in the snow. “Maybe I should hold onto that,” I offer. He nods silently and hands the old, pump action shotgun over.

We arrive at the spire around midnight. We can see men surrounding the place, even in the fog. As we close, a message is detected on our comms, “Spire to the Union. Spire to the Union. We are under attack, is anyone out there?” Machine guns on the spire occasionally spray the snow with rounds.

We approach unarmed and are greeted by guys with guns. “We are friends of Scuzzy Z.” I drop the Don’s name as well. The man shows us to the boss of this little operation, Jason Doorman. “We got the boat, we have shot down all of their birds. They tried to make a foot push, but they stopped that. They have been keeping us at bay with those machine guns. The Spire is a fortress, we are having a lot of trouble. There are sentry guns just inside the door. We might need a hacker, I don’t know. The walls are pretty thick plastacrete.”

We decide to levitate me up while invisible to take the tower from the top. I make it in without incident. The floors have been torn open, it looks large creatures have chewed through it. There are bodies in this odd hive form that is taking over the top of the Spire. It looks like this was once the home of many bug spirits. I move to the top of the stairs, BoomJacket at the ready, covering the route up in case we are discovered. Cho begins taking out gunners in the window ports. They reman them and she takes out the replacement gunners as well.

We make our way down through the broken staircases. This entire internal structure was converted into a giant hive. Huge wasp like creatures litter the area, long dead. We find some signage indicated this place was once called Truman Technologies.

Cho has made it to the front door with the aide of Chekhov’s spells. She plants the demolitions and  lets Mr. Doorman know that she is waiting until we neutralize the gunners before she blows the doors.

We make it down to the fourth floor. There are a dozen people wandering around on this floor and a bay where T-Birds can take off. Wheeler points out the leader. Cho blows the doors as a distraction, which works. All the guards rush downstairs, leaving six guys for us to handle. We all take aim and fire simultaneously at our machine gun guys. Wheeler takes the opportunity to fire at another nearby target, killing both. I drop mine and Jade drops hers.

One of the guards readies an AK97, opening fire on Wheeler. He is dropped quickly. I am hit by the leader. Calmly, I shoot the weapon out of his hand from across the room. Chekhov’s spirit misses him with an elemental attack, before he is ordered off to go screw with the guns downstairs in the lobby.

The Orc throws his hands in the air. “Hey guys, I give up.” He asks who we are, we can’t be mafia, we are too good. He offers us a lot of money to get him out alive. We agree and ask him for info about our lady friend, tipping our hand that the info might be more valuable than the money. Given the situation he plays it quite cool and we negotiate a bargain for 10,000¥ and info, the info to come after we get him out of the Spire and take him with us out of Chicago. We ask the mafia to spare all the men inside in exchange for taking the building without further loss of life.

Chekhov walks in past the dozen or so guards and up to give the leader a new face so that we can sneak him out. We end up getting a ride out on a boat from the mafia. This unfortunately means the disguised guy is with us and Chekhov has to hide himself while the smuggler boss is disguised as Chekhov for the trip.

As thanks, the Mafia agrees to lend us one of their T-Bird pilots to get us out of Chicago. We get back to the hotel, pack up and ask the boss where he dropped Sonora. Denver. Fucking great. We re-disguise him, so that Chekhov can be visible for the next leg of our trip, and get back in the T-Bird to head for Denver.

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