Seattle Side Mission 20: Dawn of the Artifacts – Midnight (Part 1) – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 21 Dec 2013
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This session used the published scenario, Dawn of the Artifacts – Midnight. As such, there are spoilers so read ahead at your own peril.

The players enjoyed the first Dawn of the Artifacts adventure enough that I picked up the second as well. This time, I learned from my mistakes the first outing and planned on three full sessions to wrap things up. There were two good breaking points in the middle that lent themselves handily as pause spots where we could wrap up one area and 

Seattle was having an unusual dry spell for this time of year. The downtown streets are crowded, as people take the opportunity to walk around without getting wet. We get a call from Frosty, the mage and shadowrunner turned artifact finder. “Remember me? I have another job for you. It involves travel. Meet me at the Gray Line, dinner is on me.” The Gray Line is an upscale, downtown restaurant.

The elegant restaurant is built IN the Puget Sound. After passing through the MAD scanners, with my SA Puzzler in tow, we walk to our table for our meeting with Frosty. We recognise Jane “Frosty” Foster, her hair now white as opposed to brunette. She is already half a glass of wine deep. We sit and make small chat.

I order surf and turf, Wheeler declines food and drink, due to his ‘affliction’ and Chekhov orders a cheese appetizer. “I am still on the hunt for that artifact, turns out it never left the UCAS, funny huh?” she says.

“Well not ‘ha-ha’ funny.” Wheeler says dryly. He is dressed in a long, armored duster with the collar pulled up and a brimmed hat which he begrudgingly took off upon entering the building. His new condition made him averse to going out on bright days without some sunblock and conservative clothing.

“I can offer you guys 12,000¥ each and a finders fee of 100,000¥. The hitch is… it’s in Chicago.” Frosty finishes.

“You are probably curious how I tracked down the artifact. In this tube is the Piri Reis map; I found out the two objects are linked. There is a ritual that allows the map to find the Sextant of Worlds. It only lasts a few seconds, then I have to try again. The ritual is very draining, after I run it I am totally wiped out. I will be depending on you a lot more. I’ll be drained magically, but I am still a damn good shot, so there is that. It takes about four hours and I’m out of comission for about 10-12 hours thereafter. I did the last ritual a few hours before I called you. I don’t understand how this link works, so I don’t know if the people that hold the Sextant are able to know if it is being tracked or not.”

“Sounds good. So what else? Are we expecting any unusual obstacles to stealing this highly sought after and ancient artifact?” Wheeler asks.

“I can tell you about the Shadowrun team guarding the artifact. I know the team is run by a mage named Senora. Now, keep in mind that the Sextant of Worlds is an old object and it is fragile. Don’t lob grenades at the woman if she is carrying the artifact. They know people are looking for them and they lost a rigger when the ship they were transporting on blew up. They may be down other team members as well.”

We all agree and head home to pack. On the way I tell the team, “I have heard of Senora before. She is a well known runner. She runs with about five people who she is close with. They are often tied to Aztechnology, however, they are freelance.” We head to the airport, where Frosty has chartered a small plane to fly us to Chi-town.

Our plane fishtails into a landing as it fights against the storm. “There should be an SUV waiting for us, we are staying at a place off 294 just outside the O’Haire sprawl.” Off the tarmac we check in with the rental car agency, a black modern SUV is provided to us. Jade is crammed in and Wheeler drives.

We travel along 294, which is well maintained until we leave the sprawl. There is nothing stopping us from leaving, but we can see a ton of security stopping us from getting back in. Certain off ramps are barricaded and staffed with armed insurgents in tattered clothing. Frosty has us take an exit that is all but blocked with rusted cars. There are a dozen men with ski masks holding rifles staffing a makeshift barricade. We are made to pay a ‘toll’, which ends up being one of Wheelers rifle mags.

We get our gear into a second story motel; the place is a shithole. It has working heat and that is about it. The furniture is a ‘reclaimed urban’ sort of deal; the only chair is a plastic lawn chair. The place looks like they furnish it expecting all the furniture to be either stolen or broken in a brawl.

“Why don’t you all head out, and see what you can dig up. I’ll rest here until I can make the ritual again. You should go to the Póg mo Thóin Trading Post and look for info there, tell Sean my last T-shirt got ripped up in Lagos and I want another. He will know what that means and will be able to give you some info. If you leave the sub-sprawl, the GridLink on the SUV will disable the engine. You may want to disable it or find a less technologically advanced vehicle to use.”

Wheeler is able to disable the GridLink unit without disabling the vehicle as well. We head to south Chicago to get to that trading post, it takes us two hours in this weather. There are snow drifts up against the building, but there are two vehicles in the parking lot. We head inside to the dingy bar.

After some talking, we find out there is a bounty on Senora, the Archangel Bounty Redemption center has posted a bond for her capture. There is an also the Anarchists Black Crescent Medical Center, where we might find her if members of her team are injured.

The bartender says the only way out of Chicago, besides O’Hare, is via one of the smuggling groups, like the Lake Calmut mafia group or one of the mom and pop shops. There is also a group called the Spire, deep in the Containment Zone.

We head to the mafia, but on the way we see a group of people being accosted by wild dogs. I leap out and put a three round burst through a dog, killing it, then drop a second. Cho slashes at one with a katana while Jade also fires at the creatures. We finish dispatching them and escort the family home.

Continuing on, we arrive and get clearance to enter the compound. There are armed thugs everywhere. An orc comes down, “Rickie Sanchez, but everyone calls me Scuzzy Z.” We speak with him privately and discover he is related to none other than Miguel Sanchez from Denver, we have Doc Tico send some gear to Miguel to get to Scuzzy Z. Scuzzy tells us that Senora was there but they didn’t take the deal. She probably went to the Spire, one of the only places around that deals in cash, but that the boss currently has operations going on against them.

This bit about Miguel from Denver was winged in there on the fly. Given that they were each from Mafia families, it seemed appropriate that there might be a connection and made for some great role playing as well as getting them the audience they wanted.

We are given an audience with the Don to see if we can lend a hand in a run on the Spire, two birds with one stone and all that. “This is Don Roland Stephanopoulos, Don these are the guys that used to work for Miguel.”

“We have a few dozen men in boats, taking out aircraft. A few dozen more making sure no one gets out by foot. You think you can be the siege breakers we need?” Of course we can. Yada, yada, we reach a deal. “Ok, I can lend you some demolitions equipment to get you in there. My guys are too dumb to use it.” We agree and decide to go in and do this. We are also after that 50K bounty placed on her.

We are given info to meet up with the guy leading the siege. We head back to our hotel and arm up, then head into the Zone. The famous wall is nothing more than just a pile of rubble for the snow to blanket.

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