Seattle Side Mission 19: Memories Past (Part 5)

Written by: ???           Played on: 23 Nov 2013
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The final entry in Wheeler’s journal he obtained from his great-great-grandfather during WWII. The team was given a choice of characters (of which CPT Benjamin Johanna was required). Uniquely, the three new characters I drew up for this final mission were actual, decorated members of the various services that fought in the war. Besides the CPT, they took L/CPL Pekka Rakesh, PFC Sorley Morris, CPT Raymound Couraud (formerly of the French Foreign Legion who led a six-man assassination squad during D-Day), 1LT Audie Murphy (one of the most decorated American combat soldiers of the war) and LTC “Mad Jack” Churchill (a British soldier known for fighting with a longbow, Scottish broadsword and playing the bagpipes during combat).

The character and equipment sheets the players could choose from can be downloaded here.

This log has yet to be written…

Eventually this placeholder post will be replaced with a final log entry (once a player writes it). The major plot points were:

Having learned of Father Antenor and his acquiring of the artifact in Egypt, the team was sent on a final mission to try and stop him. Though few leaders in the Allies command staff put any credit in the story that a “mystical” artifact could turn the tide of the war at this point, they were willing, at least, to send a small team just to be sure.

First, the team had to interrogate a Nazi party official, Martin Bormann, in Munich before the Allies bombed it and invaded a few days later. They caught up with him at his home where he was quickly packing with his family. They subdued his guards and interrogated him, learning of the location of the ritual in Brocken.

They traveled well behind enemy lines and infiltrated the Brocken Hotel, where a company of Nazis were staying with massed amounts of weapons and gear. They were unable to locate Father Antenor or the artifact, but learned of the ritual time and location. That night, they traveled with the Nazi contingent to the ritual site where Father Antenor appeared. With the artifact, he and his diciples began a ritual at a stone ringed site while the team set up for their ambush.

Before the ritual was completed, the team attacked, initially throwing the Nazi’s into disarray. While several of the soldiers suppressed the area with sniper and machine gun fire, CPT Johanna and the others headed down to the ritual site to retrieve the artifact. 

CPT Johanna was able to lay hands on the artifact, but L/CPL Rakesh tried to face down Father Antenor. Despite the old man’s apparent frailty and vulnerability, he raised a black staff with a golden dragon wrapped around it and blasted the L/CPL into a fine red mist. CPT Johanna took this as a strong message to beat feet.

The others gave covering fire, but PFC SpearOfDestiny_SketchMorris was shot down by Nazi soldiers while protecting CPT Johanna. CPT Couraud was also killed with a ball of fire materialized in the air before him, exploding over his sniper position, coating the hill in flame and killing him near instantly.

The others managed to escape by calling in an Allied bombing run, using the Brocken Hotel and Weather Station as reference targets. They drew the pursuing Nazi forces into the bombing area, effectively ending pursuit with the destruction of the hotel and weather station.

The survivors returned to Allied territory where they turned over the artifact to command, where it disappeared from their lives. The final page included a sketch the CPT had made of the artifact. A sketch Wheeler recognized as the very same artifact they had stolen for the Triad in a warehouse in Olympia a year and a half ago.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 18: The Gifter – Part 2
NEXT: Side Mission 20: Dawn of the Artifacts – Midnight (Part 1) – Part 1

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