Seattle Side Mission 18: The Gifter – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 09 Nov 2013
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The team and I are gathered around the trid watching the news about Damien Knight. It seems he passed of ‘natural causes’ in his sleep. “Bullshit!” I say aloud. “I would know that was bullshit even if I did not watch him die myself.”

The news anchor continued, “Ares Macrotechnology stock has seen a 17% drop in value today. Knight Errant is down 10% and the smaller, Detroit based subsidiaries are averaging a 6% drop. The Seattle subsidiaries were also feeling the market’s wrath. The arms divisions, Bank of America and the Aerospace sector companies seem largely unaffected. One change, that may not be a surprise to you gearheads out there, is that General Motors stock is up 3%. This could have to do with the wide held belief that Damien Knight’s loss will actually be a benefit to the Detroit based Auto Giant, which has been crippled by mismanagement according to some automotive marked analysts.

“Seattle announced to the world that it just cancelled the security contract with Knight Errant. They emphasized that this had nothing to do with the loss of Damien Knight, but that they have felt that Knight Errant and Seattle are no longer a good fit; citing a growing threat from gangers, ghoul sightings and an increase over the last three years in citizen complaints against Knight Errant officers. While no official announcement has been made of when transitions will take place, the Seattle police commissioner’s office announced that Lone Star Security will be returning to take over policing services for the Seattle Metroplex. This announcement came…”

This is a big shift in our game world. Due to the players’ actions, Knight Errant has lost most of its credibility and many of its police contracts were cancelled. I wasn’t planning on this happening during the campaign, but it evolved naturally out of game play, starting with the Lone Star tip off the team gave their contact about the ghouls kidnapping people in Redmond. It was a really neat example of unintended impacts on the world made by the players.

The trid was interrupted by a Mercury Express delivery man dropping off a package. Bear is the first to speak, “I wonder what this will be.” He gets up and heads for the door. The team had received a number of odd packages over the last few weeks.

  • A Hair scrunchie for Jade.
  • A gold ring for Cho, we all assumed the plain gold band was from a secret admirer.
  • A size 6 running shoe for me, odd because I am a size 9.5 and shoes typically come in pairs.
  • A lock of brown, braided hair for Bear.

“It’s for you,” Bear says, handing the package to Chekhov.

Chekhov opens up the package. Inside there is a note and an eyeball, with the nerve still attached. “Well I do no order DIS!” Chekhov says, holding the box away.

The note read:

This is a story about a girl.

The mother of two daughters fell ill and passed away very suddenly. While at the funeral, one daughter met a man whom she did not know.

This man was handsome. Confident and strong. Kind and amazing in every way.

Her heart fluttered with his every word.

Her dream man, she could not help but fall in love with him immediately.

However, she never asked for his name or number and afterward could not find him or anyone who knew who he was.

She was dismayed and heartbroken.

A few days later, the young girl killed her own sister.


The team begins a fruitless discussion about ‘what it all means’ that goes on for way too long before Bear quips, “Did we meet anyone at a funeral?” Bear answers his own question. “We don’t really go to funerals, we CAUSE funerals.”

Wheeler finally brings sense to the discussion and calls his Lonestar buddy. “If I sent you a retina scan, could you check it against your criminal database?” The contact agrees, but finds nothing. Thinking, Wheeler asks “Where did that box come from?”

The package originated in the San Francisco Bay area. We look into Sororicide in the SF bay area. Bear says, “Ohh, look at that,” and bricks my comlink. After getting help from Detritus, Wheeler calls back his Lonestar guy to run down some new leads. He finds out about some girl who was killed, Clair Walker. Her mother, Cynthia, had just died. They are survived by Abygale. Aby is an employee of the Public Works Dept. in S.F. Clair had a social media page, but we are not able to find much else. She was a brunette and currently in Tahoe for the weekend.

“So what do you think, do we give enough of a shit about this to go to Tahoe?” Jade asks.

“I would like to stop receiving body parts in the mail.” Bear states. “So, I say yes, we go. It’s not that far.” The team agrees and we pay Pilot 1,000¥ to get us to Tahoe. He drops us in a small town outside Tahoe proper. We rent an SUV and drive to the hotel where Aby is staying. I bribe the concierge to tell me she is in room 250.

Bear and I go up to her room. There is no answer when we knock and there is a heavy smell of air fresheners. I announce that I am kicking in the door. The air fresheners and scented candles hit us, hard. I fight back vomit. It is quite obvious Abigail is dead. Her heart has been removed from her body. There is a diary, made of paper and cardboard, in her room; they have been making a resurgence as a retro kind of thing.

We read the last entry aloud:

I watched The Lady in Black in bed tonight when I got home. It was Claire’s favorite, she always liked the horror shows more than I did. It reminded me of her, but it also scared me more than usual.

It’s so stupid. I was so creeped out and scared, even the sounds of the cats sneaking around the window in the night made me jump. I thought I could hear the Lady in Black whispering! I jumped up and turned on all the lights in my bedroom, then the lights in the hallway and then into the bathroom.

That and a hot shower helped me calm down a little. Then, when I was finished showering, I went back to my room and right as I flipped on the light, my handbag fell off the chair at that exact moment!

I jumped and screamed like a little school girl!

Before we can discuss it, we are interrupted by some big Russian guys.

We try to talk it out, but they are not listening to reason like “we don’t have your drugs” and “clearly there has been some sort of mistake.” Things quickly devolve to violence as these things tend to do. I will say, in my own defense, that they drew first blood. By the time all is said and done, all the Russians are down, some dead. We grab their guns, comlinks and their briefcase and we run. We take the one passed out Russian with us, invisible. We make it back to the SUV without any additional entanglements.

Our Ruskie friend wakes up and Bear proceeds with the interrogation. “Tell us info,” “fuck you,” “no dude, fuck YOU,” you get the idea. after learning depressingly little, we decide to dump the Russian out on the street. He is alive when we leave him. The team decides that SF is where the answers lie. We return our rental SUV and get Pilot to fly us out to the bay area.

I actually expected Chekhov might be involved in this scene and be able to try and talk the Russians out of their actions. Sadly he was elsewhere at the time and only able to join them after the fight had started.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 17: Memories Past (Part 4)
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