Seattle Side Mission 17: Memories Past (Part 4)

Written by: Wheeler           Played on: 26 Oct 2013
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This is another follow up entry in Wheeler’s journal he obtained from his great-great-grandfather during WWII. The team was given a choice of characters (of which CPT Benjamin Johanna was required). Besides the CPT, they took all new characters, including Ms. Harley Bartoli (a female field agent and interrogator for the OSS), SGT James Armitage (a Native American stealth expert) and, though he showed up much later in the mission, Unteroffizier (CPL) Jerry Hoppe (a German OSS agent serving undercover in the German army as a spy).

The character and equipment sheets the players could choose from can be downloaded here.

08 Nov, 1944

Today I should have died. Multiple times, I should have died. I think God himself was watching over me this week, because without his help I would never have survived. I guess this is what I get for not sticking with my normal team; instead, I had SGT Armitage and Harley Bartoli. It could have gone well, I just wish we had more troops with us.

Major Cox came to me with another mission at the beginning of the week, asking that I take my team and investigate a Nazi presence in Cairo, Egypt. We have known that Hitler has been interested in the occult for a long time. Whatever peaks his interest needs to be take away from him.

I don’t know that my players realized it at the time, based on their reactions later, but I was really starting to tie these sessions into the greater campaign by this point. Dealing with the occult in this session and the super soldier program and Grand-Pappy Dr. Strughold in the last session has direct, obvious parallels to their primary characters. It just goes to show, what seems obvious to the GM isn’t always so obvious to the players as they interpret clues with imperfect information.

We were dropped into Cairo and met with a local loyalist who got us to our hotel and instructed us with what little information he had. Once we were settled in, we hit the town looking for info on the Nazi presence. We heard that one of the merchants in town had sold some dates to a man who paid in German currency. Once we found the courier, he informed us that he was working for a Egyptian Army Captain by the name of Gamal Adar Nasal and that he could be found in one of the small restaurants in town.

We quickly found the Captain and Ms. Bartoli went to work, flirting him up and attempting to glean information. She stayed with the Captain all day through lunch and dinner, even getting invited back to his place for drinks. I haven’t seen Ms. Bartoli talk her way around like that ever before. It was amazing.

Eventually we learned that the Germans were staying in a hotel in town and decided that tonight we would just go there and get the info directly from them.

After nightfall, we made our way to the hotel and attempted to break in. I don’t know if they were ready for us or if we just made too many mistakes but things didn’t go well from the beginning. We attempted a quiet break-in from the porch on the second floor with the idea that my man would unlock the front door for us and we would confront everyone then if we had to. But once he was inside and on his way to the door he failed to notice the two Germans in the room who had definitely noticed him.

From that point. all hell broke loose. Guns were fired, knives were pulled, people got shot and. in the end. I woke up in the back of a military vehicle with only one other member of my team. We had been captured by the enemy.

We did run into some luck, though. The man driving the military vehicle was an undercover agent who was on our side. In fact, I have worked with him before. This time he was here to save us, giving us a choice of whether to go back or to just give up and move on. With the mission still at hand, I decided that we should head back to the camp and try to complete the mission.

This was where Jerry appeared. The last scene went exceedingly poorly for the players, as is want to happen once in awhile. While they generally had the drop on the Nazi’s, a couple of bad rolls ended up waking the entire house of soldiers and further bad luck allowed them to be overwhelmed. SGT Armitage was killed outright in the shooting, suffering enough damage to fill his overflow meter. I threw in Hoppe as an out and to get the remaining player back into the game as a new character I had coincidentally created and added to the roster of playable characters for this run. It ended up working out very well as a coincidental method of getting them on track again without feeling too shoe-horned in.

Of course, getting them back on track doesn’t do much if their streak of bad luck were to persist…

When we reached the camp, I had the driver park by the munitions tent and we snuck our way inside to take care of the guards there. Again, everything that could go wrong did. They weren’t as surprised as we wished and, with our wounds and all, we were in no condition for a real fight. Again, guns got pulled, shots got fired, grenades got thrown; I think even dogs got loosed.

In the end, I was the only one left alive up in the camp. I made my way down into the burial chamber, where I found yet another officer. We fought some more and, this time, I prevailed. But it was all for nothing.

When we had been captured, that item they found here had been shipped off to another base and there was no way of catching up with it at this point. I did get a description of it though and, from the sounds of it, I think we are chasing the legendary Spear of Destiny.

I really am not looking forward to telling my commanding officer all about this and why I not only didn’t bring back the artifact but also why no one else from my team made it home.

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