Seattle Mission 22: Pawn Takes Knight

Written by: ???           Played on: 12 Oct 2013
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This log has yet to be written…

Eventually this placeholder post will be replaced with a final log entry (once a player writes it). The major plot points were:

After an unsuccessful attempt to take Damien Knight in his own headquarters at Ares, the team managed to track him down to a private home in the mountains. There, inclement weather, constant Knight Errant aerial patrols and what must assuredly be a small army of highly trained, well equipped, private security teams stood between them and their quarry.

They chartered a ride and landed well outside of the patrol zone, making the rest of their way in by foot. The weather made going difficult, but also protected them from aerial patrols. They dealt with a small ranged patrol on ski-mobiles, then made the rest of the way to the home.

They launched their attack against exterior guards, but quickly fell into an ambush as more guards poured out and heavy laser turrets were revealed with a criss cross, killing field over the main courtyard. In spite of the number and weaponry of their opponents, they prevailed and headed inside.

They found Damien Knight, resigned to his fate as he thumbed through an ancient text on dragons, his control rod near though he made no attempt to use it. They asked him a few questions and ultimately shot Damien Knight, the CEO of Ares Macrotechnology, dead in his own vacation home, freeing themselves of all but one final bond.

Outside, the weather began to clear as they spotted two figures on a nearby hill making a quick escape. They gave chase and pursued them to a nearby cliff where a small helicopter had been hidden. They were attempting to ready it when the team disabled it. One of the figures, armed with a sniper rifle, attempted to hold them off. The second, took his compatriot by surprise, cutting her throat before jumping off the edge of the cliff. The traces of blood magic could be detected as the team reached the cliff edge, but their quarry was nowhere to be found.

The sniper turned out to be none other than Red Herring, a Shadowrunner the team had worked with in Denver. They also claimed her sniper rifle, the Black Viper, another of the custom weapons I had created for the team that Cho claimed for herself. It’s stat sheet can be downloaded here.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 16: They Shoot Wild Horses
NEXT: Side Mission 17: Memories Past (Part 4)

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