Seattle Side Mission 16: They Shoot Wild Horses

Written by: Marius           Played on: 28 Sep 2013
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This session was actually an adaptation of a freely published 3rd Edition Shadowrun mission by FanPro that I converted and updated to 4th Edition. It dealt with some really wacky and unique Sixth World topics that I thought the group might have fun with.

Marius was out running in the neighborhood when his AR display showed an incoming call, it was Chekhov. “Team, I get message from friend, looks like we may have work. Can you all meet home?” Everyone agrees.

A few hours later, around the table, Chekhov shows the team the message. “Rasiter’s Talismonger Shop, 1AM. A Friend of a friend needs help. Bring friends.” Chekhov says. “What you think?” After some discussion the team agrees and heads to the meeting.

The bell sounds as the team enters the head shop. The smell of incense fills the air. Curiosities are all over the place, some magical, some mundane. The old Chinese man working the counter mumbles something and makes a ‘stay here’ motion and he heads into a back room.

An orc returns, he introduces himself as Boe before greeting his friend, “Chekhov, it has been so long since I have seen you my old friend.” The two awkwardly embrace. “How has Seattle been for you?”

“It been ok. Seen some cool shit.”

“I also see much cool shit, my friend. Have a seat, I wish to introduce you to some people.” The talismonger returns with a tan woman with hair nearly to the floor. She is beautiful, dressed all in white leather. “This is Equina Cadamus.”

The woman begins to speak, “I represent a group of Shamans, we have an upcoming yearly ritual. Recently we received this, watch this chip and I will answer all of your questions.” She says. She puts on a trid. The video shows a group of shamans being killed during a ritual.

“As you have seen, these maniacs have attacked a ritual, we are not equipped to defend ourselves. If you would help us, you will find 25,000¥ on this credstick and that much again when the job is done. I do not know who these people are, we received this video anonymously from this group. I think it’s meaning is clear, they intend to kill my group and I.” The team agrees on the price.

“The first caveat is that you will not be allowed to remember the location of the ritual. Following the ritual I will perform a spell on you that will remove the location from your memory. The second is that you must not do anything that will affect the land and wildlife, no grenades, no explosions.” After some discussion, and natural distrust over having their memories erased, the team agrees.

“Have you received any other threats?” Bear asks. “Have any of your other recent rituals come under attack?”

“We have not received any other threats or attacks, we only assemble once every year for this ritual.”

A few more questions are asked and answered before breaking. They agree to meet Boe and Equina back at the store the next day at noon.

The team arrives at the head shop early the next day, ready to roll. Along the way, Marius calls Raven, he drops some info. Equina is a Unicorn Shaman, a high priestess. Likely the ritual is communion with the totem.

The next thing the team remembers is arriving at a family farm. There is a building on site that looks like a barracks. They are led there and asked not to leave until the ritual starts. Over the next several hours, the team surveys what they can from the windows and lays down a defensive plan.

The shaman begin making their way to the overgrown grove. Equina enters the barracks and states, “My flock has entered the sacred grove, you may make your preparations. Please do not allow any of your group to enter the grove, no one impure must enter.”

The team walks the grounds. Bear thinks the most likely line of assault will be from the forest, Marius thinks the attack will come from the road. After some discussion it is decided to split the party in order to watch over the group best. “I’ll watch the road in.” Marius states.

“I’ll send a watcher spirit with you, if thats ok.” Chekhov offers.

“I’ll patrol the wall, between the grove and forest.” Bear says. Jade and Wheeler also remain down near the grove. Jade taking up a position nearest Marius.

Marius is perched atop a single story stable, near a ladder. This allows him to keep watch on the road in, and also to see the sacred meadow.  After about an hour, the elf breaks radio silence to report what he is seeing. “You guys may not believe this, but you will see it soon enough; twelve unicorns have emerged from the stables and ran off towards the grove. Twelve unicorns. I have heard of Unicorn sightings, but never this many at once.”

About an hour further into the ritual, Wheeler breaks silence. “Uhhh… Marius I think I have to one up you on weird shit. The women have… transubstantiated; is that the right word? Into unicorns. This is some goofy shit.”

“That’s not all Wheeler,” Jade adds “They are fucking.”

“Jade, you got cut off. They are ‘fucking’ what?” Bear asks. From his perch in the trees, he is unable to see into the meadow.

“They are engaging in sexual congress with the unicorns.” Wheeler translates. “I can see why they did not want this ritual cock-blocked”

The team continues watching the ritual, and their respective areas, for another few hours.

Gunfire emerges from the forest, “My spirit takes gunfire!” Chekhov announces. Bear, Chekhov, and Wheeler run into the forest.

“Jade, stay here, this could be a diversionary tactic” Marius recommends. She and the elf remain behind, at the edge of the field facing the gate, in case this is a trick.

Chekhov casts a trid phantasm of more gunfire coming at the bad guys than is actually there. Bear takes a man down with shock hands. Wheeler unloads with his rifle and drops a mage.

It takes a major force of will for Marius and Jade not to run to the aid of their comrades under attack. Six more people break from the forest nearest Marius and Jade, sprinting toward the meadow. The two left on defense take some random gunfire and then a fire spirit materializes.

Marius lays down a spray of rounds at the incoming group. “Suppressing FI-ER!” he yells. One guy is shot, the rest drop to the ground. The spirit makes no efforts to dodge. Jade throws her giant two handed combat axe overhead. The spirit is split in twain and dissipates. Marius makes two targeted bursts of stick-n-shock rounds at prone individuals.

Additional gunfire comes from the trees as Wheeler joins the fight. Two men take hits, one dies, the other gets up and runs away. Jade drops him with a shot to the back. Marius secures the two survivors.

Returning to the ritual, the team sees a massive Unicorn orgy in progress. They seem not to have noticed a thing.

Once the ritual is complete, the team secures the prisoners in the barracks and interrogates them for the who and why behind the attack. After learning depressingly little, the team reaches a much contested consensus to kill the two survivors. “We can’t just kill them, they are unarmed!” Marius states.

“He would kill you in a second, given the opportunity “ Cho says.

“I sure as drek would.” The man says.

“You are not helping your case, bro.” Bear replies. “Fine, Cho you win, we will kill them. Marius and I will handle it.”

Marius and Bear walk the two prisoners into the woods, and let them go; after carving HATE in their chests. “I feel like we have done a service to any women they try and sleep with in the future,” Bear says.

“Agreed, old friend.” Marius says in reply. The two walk back toward the compound, with the sunrise at their backs.

PREVIOUS: Mission 21 – In Memoriam
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