Seattle Side Mission 15 – Memories Past (Part 3)

Written by: ???           Played on: 23 Aug 2013
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This is another follow up entry in Wheeler’s journal he obtained from his great-great-grandfather during WWII. The team was given a choice of characters (of which now promoted CPT Benjamin Johanna was required). Besides the CPT, they took SGT Tex Jacobson again, whose profiles can be found in the first journal entry. They also took two new characters with them on this outing; SPC Rudo Delacroix (a French-born language expert) and L/CPL Pekka Rakesh (a member of the British Indian Army and a considerably older combat expert).

The character and equipment sheets the players could choose from can be downloaded here.

This log has yet to be written…

Eventually this placeholder post will be replaced with a final log entry (once a player writes it). The major plot points were:

This time, CPT Johanna was sent to Norway to eliminate a secret Nazy research station. They were assigned to the 1st Special Forces Devil’s Brigade, a real WWII unit, to take part in destroying an upriver dam, paralleling the plans of a real WWII operation called Project Plough that never actually happened. This included scaling down a cliff with the entire company in total darkness, an event that the Devil’s Brigade did actually carry out in Italy during the war.

They helped the Company seize the hydroelectric dam without raising the alarm, then headed down to the facility to complete their own mission, seizing documents detailing the nature of the lab’s research. They had a limited time frame to complete the mission and escape before the dam would be destroyed, washing away the facility in a torrential flood of water.

Inside, the team overheard a conversation between someone referred to as “Father” and an ancestor of Dr. Strughold working with the Nazi’s regarding the difficulties of the project. They found a number of files referring to a Super Soldier project, but also files on prisoners at the lab, including one American Soldier, PVT Olaf.

The team decided to risk their time limit and rescue PVT Olaf, but when they opened his heavily reinforced cell, they discovered he was one of the test subjects of the Super Soldier project. Grown massive and strong, but also horribly disfigured, in pain and driven insane by the process. He killed SPC Delacroix, who tried to reason with the man and took a metal bench to the skull before being pounded into mush.

The others escaped the room, sealing Olaf inside and making their way out of the facility. Trying to steal a boat at the river dock, they were discovered and got into a gunfight while trying to start the boat with only minutes to spare. CPT Johanna and SGT Jacobson were very hurt in the encounter, while L/CPL Rakesh was injured but able to make good their escape from the facility just as the dam blew.

The onrushing water capsized their boat. SGT Jacobson drowned in the river while CPT Johanna was knocked out. Again, L/CPL Rakesh managed to pull through and rescued CPT Johanna from a watery death. The two made their escape with the files and returned to Allies territory within a few weeks.

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