Seattle Mission 21 – In Memoriam

Written by: Cho           Played on: 06 Sep 2013
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The hunt for Damien Knight, CEO of Aries begins.

Detrius tells us that he was clever enough to have planted a bug in Ares system before he was caught and we now know where Damien’s penthouse is located. On the top floor of Ares HQ building, full mostly with IT bullshit, located in Detroit.

She is, of course, referring to the session where the team had to rescue Detrius from an Ares team and survive an ambush, as well as the info dump he gave the team on the situation.

What a shit hole.

D lets us know that the bug he planted will royally fuck with all of the computers. A large IT group will need to be sent there. The team comes up with a plan to intercept the incoming IT group, Ares Firmware.

It wasn’t hard to stop their van. The team gets all the IT members into an old warehouse and out of their uniforms. One of the guys attempts to smooth talk his way out of the situation by giving us help, with more gear and re-written ID cards. Bear shows no mercy and knocks his ass unconscious.

Meanwhile Jade has been attempting to knock the others out, but really just kills them with her meat fists. Marius tried his best to look like the traitor of the group has smashed their heads in with a brick to cover out tracks. Then we leave.

There was a hilariously appalling moment as Jade repeatedly struck each guy at full force, expecting to knock them out. Forgetting, of course, that her excessive strength and titanium bone lacing was more than sufficient to smash their brains inside their skulls.

Amazingly, we manage to make it into the Ares building disguised as IT and gain access to the 40th floor. The only problem was we were supposed to be IT and some of us are slightly a few fries short of a happy meal when it comes to computers. But Cho skillfully hacks into a computer and wipes all the issues D created. This now gave us access to the staff directory.

Coming up with a new plan on how to get to the top of the building, we knock out an actual IT guy and steal his badge. Heading upstairs, we are greeted by a cliché secretary. She never stood a chance.

Heading into the penthouse, we soon discover. It’s a trap! Notorious the military poo head with a bad name is waiting for us. An alarm is sounded and we get locked in with him and several armed men.

Notorious was the soldier and fellow, though complicit, Marahal Project member and former member of Wheeler’s old unit.

There was a FIRE FIGHT!

And we blew Notorious away… I mean really, he was in itsy bitsy pieces. On the wall… And floor… And chair.

We walk away as victors and parachute out the windows where a contact is waiting to pick us up, and take us home. Damien Knight knew we would be there… Hopefully, we stay a step ahead of him next time.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 15 – Memories Past (Part 3)
NEXT: Side Mission 16 – They Shoot Wild Horses

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