Seattle Side Mission 14: Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk (Part 2) – Part 3

Written by: Marius           Played on: 10 Aug 2013
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This session used the published scenario, Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk. As such, there are spoilers so read ahead at your own peril.

We head back to town. The auction will begin at 9 PM, and we will learn the location two hours in advance. We rent a ‘car’ and head to the location. The car turns out to be a quite conspicuous, forty year old Mercedes Benz two and a half ton transport. The auction will take place in the civilized hub of Lagos, it’s an island with significantly more security. The auction is in the Global Sandstorm office building.

I actually cut out an additional scene here from the adventure. The scene’s primary motivation was to show off Frosty’s power as a character in a rather scripted fashion, but given that she was being run by an actual player, it likely wouldn’t have worked quite as well. Given that we were already tight on time, I removed the scene and went straight to the auction.

We all take the elevator up the 33rd floor except for Wheeler who waits in the truck. Security is well dressed in ceremonial armor, but carrying assault rifles. Our tokens are taken. This building is the height of luxury; a buffet, champagne, chandeliers and a four string quartet.

Prior to the start of the auction, bidders are making backroom deals, making arrangements to help each other out. Calls are being made to bosses and people are talking in a friendly way. The Piri Reis map is one of the items up for auction. This is not the item we were sent to the continent for, but when it was observed at the palace of the Oni Frosty’s employer had us abandon our original quest and get this item at all cost.

Everyone sits in preparation for the auction. “I would like to welcome each of you to the auction…”

The first item bid on is a headdress at 250,000¥.

Two hours later, the map comes up starting at 150,000¥. The elf who was rude to me at the Oni’s palace has a woman biffing for him. She accepts the opening bid.

Frosty goes to 200,000¥. A black man counter bids to 250,000¥ while an older man goes to 350,000¥.

Frosty goes up to 45,000¥ but the Elf woman rises to 525,000¥.

Frosty counters to 550,000¥ but is again countered by the Elf woman, who calls for 725,000¥.

Frosty raises again to 750,000¥. The older man responds and he, the elf and the black man engage in a short bidding war, bringing the price up to 975,000¥.

Frosty goes up to 1,000,000¥.

The elf ponders as the crowd murmurs. She counters at 1,100,000¥.

“That’s it, I’m tapped out.” Frosty says, subvocally. The price is raised. We tell her to spend our finders fee and try and work it out with her boss later.

“1.2 million nuyen.” Frosty says. The older gent goes to 1.3 million nuyen. “I’m calling my boss.” Frosty says to us. The price goes up to 1.6 million nuyen while she confers with her commlink.

“Damn, he is pulling the plug. He won’t do more than one million”. Frosty informs us. The price eventually tops out at 2.1 million nuyen, with the African man winning. He goes back into the back room to finalize his win. No one has yet emerged from that room.

“Frosty, are we stealing this thing?” I ask.

“The man said ‘at all cost’ and I am going to take him at his word.” Frosty says.

Wheeler, who remained with the ‘car’, is sent photos of the winning bidder and his goons. He drives to the building to look around for them. Jade and Chekhov patrol around the outside of the building. Frosty, Bear and I go down into the parking garage.

In the parking garage, there are several Global Sandstorm security forces, as well as individual security with vehicles for the winning bidders. We lie in wait. Up in the lobby the winner emerges, heading for the door.

“He goes to door in lobby,” Chekhov announces.

“He is really moving,” Jade adds.  “Looks like he is headed for a group of motorcycle taxis.” In the parking garage I see several teams enter the garage, watching the elevator doors. They seem to be waiting for someone. I remain downstairs while frosty and Bear head upstairs to join Wheeler. All three leave to pursue the taxi. The security teams pause and listen to their comms. They start to hustle toward vehicles.

“Looks like that guy ditched his security, or something. They are going to be giving chase.” Wheeler is able to keep up with the motorcycle taxi with Jade and Chekov. I head upstairs to join Frosty and Bear. We grab a cab and give chase.

We see the security team trotting toward the bridge on foot from the building. Another team streaks ahead in a vehicle. The van catches up to the motorcycle on the bridge, where a traffic jam has halted all movement. The winner has already jumped off the motorcycle and is heading across the bridge on foot.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 14 – Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk (Part 2) – Part 2
NEXT: Side Mission 14 – Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk (Part 2) – Part 4

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