Seattle Side Mission 14: Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk (Part 2) – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 10 Aug 2013
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This session used the published scenario, Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk. As such, there are spoilers so read ahead at your own peril.

We decide to sneak in without the Hippo’s man. I buy some explosive, to either get us in, or get us out.

As we walk near the Igbo compound we get looks, but no one stops us. We pause about two blocks away so that Chekhov can summon a spirit of man to conceal us from view.

We reach the compound without running into anyone. We wait fifteen minutes, but no cars come to the gate. We decide to blow a hole in the wall and sneak in during the chaos. I remember a spot where I saw a garden along the exterior wall, and try to plant the explosives nearest there. I slap the brick to the wall and we all take cover.

“Hold onto your butts,” I say, as I mentally hit the button. Screams erupt for blocks as red dust goes everywhere after the huge explosion. We move towards the blast hole and sneak through. Guards rush toward the area. A truck that covers the gate with a mounted gun rotates towards the wall to cover the hole.

We head towards the entrance I went through on my last visit to the Igbo compound. The team takes cover behind a chicken coop. Chekhov summons a great illusion of a demon, “Give up the Aruba statue, you have been warned!” AK-97s are fired into the illusion, killing civilians down the road no doubt, as screams are heard.

A few minutes later the door opens, one of the three men who walked through the door seems to be in charge. “Go, go now!” Frosty says subvocally. We go and find ourselves in a large dining area.

“Before, I went through a large door do the right to meet with the Igbo. There are additional doorways, but I don’t know what is behind them.” I say. We go through one into a long hallway. The layout of the building seems easy.

Chekov throws open a door. Inside are two elders, they yell out “Is anyone there?” toward the door. The rest of the team hugs the wall, Chekov casts an illusion.

“I demand the Aruba statue of the Oni!” the spirit asks.

“It’s not here, it’s upstairs.” they say.

“Show me!” the spirit demands. They do not seem too anxious. Frosty casts a stun ball, as Chekhov’s illusion demands again, “SHOW ME!”

The old man stumbles into the hallway, resting against the wall and me, though he does not notice. We all follow, including the phantasm. A short ways ahead we all see a guard putting on his pants. He raises his AK-97 at the spirit.

“I got this,” I say as I unleash 6 rounds of stick-and-shock ammo at him. Chekhov has his phantasm make a gesture as if to drop the man with magic. The old men seems convinced.

As we head up the stairs two men open up on the phantasm with AK-97s. They pepper the team with rounds. I fall backwards down the stairs, but recover quickly enough to see Jade strike one with her ax, big time. The man is dying quickly. Wheeler hauls off and delivers a haymaker to the head. Bear slams the other against the wall with his blades, leaving massive damage on the wall behind the target as he pulls the blades back. The man returns to his feet, leaking blood pretty bad. Frosty lets loose a mana bolt on that man, he bursts from the inside. Blood leaks from all orifices, including some new ones. Chekhov’s spirit puts on an amazing display of pyrotechnics and mana to make it appear as all this chaos is caused by it.

Beyond the doorway there are four more guards and the Igbo with two nude women, screaming.

“Return the statue, and I will have mercy on you.” The phantasm urges. The elder pleads with the Igbo, begging for all their lives. The Igbo looks confused. He walks towards the rear of the room, opening a safe. He removes the statue, tossing it at the feet of the illusion. “Here take it.”  The spirit conceals it and the illusion disappears as Chekhov launches a fireball.

I see through windows into the gardens that there are men about a minute away. “We have company,” I announce. “They are blocking our exit. I’ll plant explosives along the wall.”  We all take refuge in the bathroom, shutting the door almost all the way. Half a dozen guards are in the area as I detonate the explosion. I throw open the doors, fire at a few guys, and run for the hole in the wall. Burnt bodies are everywhere.

The guards outside are in shock, we sprint for the hole. Wheeler shoots at the man in the turret, killing him. Bear hits a man with a fire arrow. As I knock him unconscious with stick-and-shock rounds, the fire consumes him.  Frosty casts mass confusion, affecting us as well. Chekhov recreates the phantasm, as a diversion. We go about a half mile and materialize as the spirit is dismissed.

We head to the hotel and then the airport where Innocent, the pilot who flew us all in and has been acting as our air taxi, flies us to the castle island of the Oni. We head to the stunning Islamic fortress.

With the statue, Frosty is able to get us into the palace. Same as before we are scanned, Bear is given a disabling bracelet for his snap blades. I turn over my rifle briefcase.

We are granted audience with the Oni, “I am told you have brought back my statue. I had my man looking for it and he was not able to find it. Yet you have returned with it.”

“We have a highly skilled team and much planning was made.” Frosty says.

“Did you return the thief for punishment?” The Oni asks.

Frosty is silent for a moment, “Fuck.” she says, subvocally.

I jump in. “We did not want to presume to kill in your name your grace, the thief lives. But he was warned and I can give you information allowing your man to capture him. If you so desire we could go and capture him ourselves to divvy out whatever punishment you like.”

The team probably over sold themselves a little bit here. They had let Silence go previously and he was no doubt hiding out and trying to avoid any contact for at least the short term. They were also offering to do this additional work for no pay without even waiting to see how their ‘gift’ had turned out. Given that I knew we were already tight on time, the Oni dismissed their offer so we could get on with the session. Trying to track down Silence could have taken the rest of the session and pushed the adventure out into a third part.

“You will give the info to my team, they will handle it. Is there anything else?”

“Yes, we had hoped to take part in the auction.” Frosty says.

The Oni thinks on this for a long moment, agrees and gives us details.

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