Seattle Side Mission 14: Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk (Part 2) – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 10 Aug 2013
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This session used the published scenario, Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk. As such, there are spoilers so read ahead at your own peril.

Since this run had to be split up, I had to deal with a different set of players who showed up for the next session. Fortunately, the last session ended at somewhat of an impasse, which gave me an excuse to bring anyone new in. In addition to Marius, Bear and Jade, they were joined for this session by Wheeler and Chekhov. Bear’s player’s wife was again able to join us as Frosty. Cho was not able to make game this night either.

“It’s clear we are going to require some more man power to get this taken care of.” Frosty says. The Elf woman had hired Bear, Jade and myself to assist her in acquiring an item in the small African country of Lagos. She continues with an air of calm professionalism. “Marius, you said you have some additional resources in Seattle, can they be put into play?”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll make a call.” I answer back. A few feet away, one of the iguanas in our room snatches up a small insect. The rooms here are guaranteed to be bug free, and the large lizards are the local equivalent of a bug zapper.

When I return, Bear, Jade and Frosty are discussing possible ways into the Igbo compound we were just ejected from. Over the next day and a half we come up with a few plans. We would not settle on one for sure until after Chekhov and Wheeler had arrived.

“Marius, this guy is saying we each need to pay 250¥ to enter the country. Is this a fucking shake down?”

The new crew went through an accelerated version of the same introduction to Lagos that the other three had gone through several days prior. That included the ‘entry tax’ demanded of them by a group of armed thugs.

“I’m afraid so, I’ll handle it. Tell them your friend outside has the money.” I answer back, sure my plan will work.

“Are you sure, he has a gun in the airpo—“

“Wheeler, for dreks sake. Just come on out here, I’ll handle it.”

When the ‘tax collector’ emerges, I stall while Wheeler and Chekov load their luggage into the cab. “Ok, the money is in the car I’ll be right back,” I say to the bribe collecting guard. “DRIVE!” I say as I get into the cab. The cab driver looks at me with this ‘Uh huh… NO!’ sort of look. It ends up costing us additional ‘tax’, but we are allowed to leave.

“Way to handle that, Marius.” Wheeler says.

“Shut the fuck up, Wheeler. If you were driving that would have worked.”

After introductions are made, and our floor security guard Peaceful or some such bullshit name is ‘tipped’ to not steal our stuff, we head down to the Leventis Store to talk to Kayin, the hawala, as a sort of local fixer; in the hopes of getting another meeting with Hippo. Hippo was a rotund hawala we had spoken with days prior, who had gotten us some information.

Kayin agrees to have Hippo meet us at the Dúdú Dúdú Ôjà black market area. Bear agrees to purchase four masks for this service and he will pick them up later. “The four BEST masks.” Kayin insists.

“Him and those frackin masks,” I say.

Frosty adds, “You know those are worth nothing correct?”

“I know guys, but it will look cool on the wall in our place.”

“In your room, yes. Anywhere else is no.” Chekhov adds.

We walk up to Hippo, who is sweating profusely. He trundles over, “I hope you have important business, to bring me to this fucking place.”

“I assure you, sir, that we do.” Frosty replies. We talk a bit and agree to pay him 5000¥ for info. He brings us into the market, away from the Igbo guards outside.

“The Igbo leader is a powerful man here in Lagos. Even he still fears the Oni and I have heard this artifact you seek is Oni; his men have not been subtle about bragging about it. The Oni forces are more than a match for him. If you can convince him you represent a sufficient force, he would probably give up. The elders are scared of magic, but not him. However if you scared them enough, he would have to bend to their will after a while. In either case you will want to come on strong, he responds to force. He will respect that. If you can show him you are a real threat, he will bend to you, though perhaps not publicly.”

This information about approaching the Igbo with a show of strength was communicated to the runner’s during the prior session, but they ended up botching it by coming on completely submissively. This was their shot to try it again.

“How would you do it?” I ask.

“I would have Silence sneak in and steal it. I could hook that up for 250,000 Nira.” The rotund man answers back. Silence was the thief who originally stole the statue we were after from the Oni.

“Can we think about it?” I ask.

“Sure, I’ll go grab some food,” the man answers. He shuffles out, returning a few minutes later double fisting some type of local burrito looking thing. He was eating the first one and still had the second one wrapped. They looked Mexican but smelled Indian.

“Hippo, thanks again for your help. We are going to try it without Silence. Can I get your comm number in case we change our minds?”

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