Seattle Side Mission 12: On the Fly

Written by: ???           Played on: 05 Jul 2013
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This run was much different than usual. On a lark, I threw up the option to do a completely improvisational run to the team. Coupled with the Shadowrun 4th Edition Game Master’s Screen came a small booklet called Contacts and Advetures, detailing examples for exactly that. Inside the booklet are a couple ideas for generating a run when you’re in a time crunch or to serve as a random, dice based inspiration. Who knew they would accept the challenge! So the theme of this run was all about doing things based on dice results. That included rolling on the supplied tables to determine the basics of the run as well as randomizing things in the middle of the game, such as rolling to see how many guards would be present in a given scene.

This log has yet to be written…

Eventually this placeholder post will be replaced with a final log entry (once a player writes it). The major plot points were:

The team was called by another Shadowrunner who had a job for them. This character was played by Marius’ player as an aside he wanted to do for fun. He was a mage styled after the Norse god Thor, hammer and everything.

They had to travel to New York to secure an artifact from a rich collector for his client. They arrived and infiltrated the top floor, penthouse suite and did battle with a small army of security and secured the artifact.

Notably, the head of security had a custom pistol that Wheeler claimed for himself. The pistol is the first in a small collection of custom weaponry I created for the team. I happened upon the idea to include special weapons much like magical weapons and treasure in D&D. Each one would be unique and powerful, but require the players to play in a different way than they are accustomed to.

In this case, the pistol is un-silenced and cannot be fitted with a silencer, requiring them to go loud to use it. But it also completely undetectable to MAD sensors and powerful to boot. The stat sheet for the pistol can be downloaded here.

The team finished the run and returned to Seattle, where they were paid and the Thor look-a-like went on his way to his buyer.

PREVIOUS: Mission 20: Operation Aimless Dog – Part 3
NEXT: Side Mission 13: Dawn of the Artifacts – Dusk (Part 1) – Part 1

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