Hârn: Genisis – Entry 21


7th of Azura in the year 720 TR

We spent two days in Goshen, gathering supplies and, for the Shek-Pvar, taking much needed rest. I prefer the open road and was itching to get back on it. We set out for Moab, the next stop on our trip and the last known location of Alexander Marco.

At night, the Great One comes to me. I do not know his ends, but he clearly urges me on to some great fate. Answers, I hope, will be revealed in the mountains of Cush.

Two nights into our travels, I awoke suddenly. The Savage, ever ready, surged out and we rolled and sprang to our feet, weapons instinctively in our hands as a volley of spears fell on our camp. Merrick and Falcon were up on watch, though the former was not immediately visible and the latter was crumpled over with a spear through his side; dead, one could hope.

White skinned creatures could be seen flitting through the trees and we charged the nearest batch, hitting the first at a dead sprint and carrying it to the ground. As its chest and head split open under a pair of blows, I recognized it as a Gârgún, though stark white as opposed to the brown ones we had faced before. They died all the same and, before long, we had killed or driven off the remaining creatures.

Mai Lin identified the creatures as common to this region of Genisis while Talon extricated himself from the wagon where he had taken shelter during the attack. The Cleric of Siem’s wounds appeared to be more superficial than he had let on as he picked himself up. Talon, Merrick and Marcus also born minor wounds. I am continuously surprised at the Savage’s survivability, rarely coming out of any fight with a mark. His aggressive tactics coupled with his lethal skills rarely leave the enemy an opportunity to do him harm, a lesson to be remembered.

Scaurus’ tendency to counterattack rather than block or dodge when attacked is a dangerous gamble, but his high weapon skills means he rarely misses and tends to put enemies down quite quickly. A string of lucky die rolls (and unlucky rolls on the part of his opponents) hasn’t hurt either, though that luck has to come to an end sometime.

Though Mai Lin told the party that the White Gârgún were nothing more than a hunting party, with the main encampment likely a day or two of travel away, I sense the rest were too uneasy to sleep again and so we set out not long after. No matter, let the Other take control for awhile while I rest.

We arrived in Moab this morning and set about town gathering supplies, repairing damaged equipment and trying to gather information on Alexander. At the end of a largely fruitless day of investigating, we retired to a tavern to eat and plan for the next day.

While we drank and Echo was distracted with gorging his own belly, Merrick inquired as to why I was studying everyone in the room with us. I informed him that it was good practice to always have a plan to kill everyone you meet. He asked about two characters just getting up to leave whom he had been talking to a few moments before. “Bar stool. Short sword. In that order.” I replied. Echo caught the last bit and frowned in our direction, but Merrick seemed amused.

He gestured casually at an old man who had been watching us for some time. “His tankard of ale.” Merrick grinned and nodded subtly in Echo’s direction. “I’m still working that one out. Its complicated.” Nodding, Merrick turned and left to address the old man at his table. It didn’t take long for him to call the rest of us over. Apparently the old man knew him, and the rest of us, by name and wanted to talk.

He introduced himself as Spar Daymar and it didn’t take long for Talon to put together that he was a Cleric of Save-K’nor, the god of knowledge and so-called Sage of Heaven. Daymar believed that that someone would make an attempt on his life that evening and wanted to hire us to protect him. In exchange, he offered us information on Alexander Marco.

We agreed and retired to neighboring rooms for the night. Merrick rigged up bells to be used as a signal, should someone appear, and hid in Daymar’s room along with Falcon. Echo, Marcus and I took the room across the hall. I set up a chair not far from the door and sat, weapons in my lap, awake, vigilant and ready to spring into combat instantly.

My head jerked up as the frantic ringing of bells finally roused me from my sleep. I grabbed my weapons, which had fallen to the floor in my sleep, and rushed into the hall where I found Mai Lin trying to kick in the locked door to Daymar’s room. I slammed into it at a run, but the thick wood held until Marcus joined us and we were able to force it open.

Inside, the room was dark and hazy, almost as if it was filled with smoke. Through it, we could see Merrick dueling with a black cloaked figure near the bed. Falcon was in the corner with Daymar, trying to protect the old man. Falcon finished a spell, blasting a flash of light into the room, illuminating our enemies briefly but doing nothing to dispel the haze that clouded everything. Nearest us was a second cloaked figure. The Savage slipped forth and rushed our nearest enemy.

True to his fashion, the Savage lashed out with both weapons in a flurry of blows, ignoring the attacks of his enemies. Quickly, however, I could feel our strength lagging and his attacks becoming less effective. This enemy, it seemed, was as quick with his daggers as we were with our axes and adept at turning aside the Savage’s strikes. Our axe finally buried into his shoulder when Marcus’ shouts caught my attention just long enough to see a rain of glass shards cast from his hand bury themselves like small daggers in my back and sides of my face. The world went black and, I suppose, I passed out.

Apparently my luck ran out. This enemy was able to keep up with Scaurus in close combat and a Critical Failure on Marcus’ part was enough to knock Scaurus out of the fight with several serious wounds.

I awoke some time later to Falcon tending my wounds. Marcus was carefully plucking shards of glass out of my flesh, being careful not to meet my glare directly. Two of the men lay dead and the room was lighter than before. A third had appeared out of the haze and tried to strike out against Falcon in the midst of combat, but he had at least protected Daymar. When the other two fell, the third jumped through the second story window and out into the night. Several of the others also had serious wounds of their own and even Merrick had been knocked out during the battle, though he had struck down his own opponent in that time. We both agreed that the Shek-Pvar were no longer allowed to assist us in combat.

Daymar retired with us to another suite in the tavern to reveal more of his secrets. He has been in contact with the Shek-Pvar’s master, Lord Micah, and had been expecting them and their traveling companions. How he knew Merrick and Echo’s name remains a mystery. Throughout, he referred to me continuously as Aurelius, a name which I am unfamiliar with, though the Other reacted strongly to. Perhaps I have a name for the soul that wrestles with me for this body.

The Cleric of Save-K’nor apparently hailed from Hârn, though he traveled to Genisis a year ago with several holy artifacts and clergy in tow. Members of the senior council of his church had begun disappearing, being replaced by unknown outsiders as time went on. As a guardian of knowledge and fearing the church was being infiltrated, he fled to Lord Micah’s stronghold in Chantry Tigris. He left most of the artifacts there, but one, more important than all others, he still carried with him; a mysterious book which he showed to us. The pages were full of strange riddles and characters that meant little to us, though he conferred with it frequently during our discussions.

Micah, he reported, was currently on Hârn, investigating the threat to the Save-K’nor council. More importantly, to us anyway, Daymar believes the assassins sent to steal the book were hired by Alexander Marco. Our night concluded with another job offer; Daymar believes there is at least one place where the book might be safe. There exists some lost place atop Mount Galatia and he has hired us to escort him there.

Perhaps I also now know what it is that the Great One seeks.


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