Hârn: Genisis – Entry 17


26th of Agrazhar in the year 720 TR

The Other believes he can control the Chaos, I can feel him working to civilize it, but the Chaos cannot be contained, cannot be controlled, cannot be channeled, cannot be stopped. Chaos is the natural order and I must thrive in it.

At night, while we sleep, the Other and the Berserker grow silent and I have begun to hear and to see. Visions, of a sort, come to me in the night, born by a powerful, Great One. The Great One is guiding me, though I know not to what end, but I have faith He will lead me through the Chaos to my true purpose here in this body.

It is clear to me that the Cleric of Larani is the roadblock in my salvation that must be dealt with. The Other will not allow it easily, but the might of the Berserker is great and may be bent to my service. I believe his faith can be his undoing. If I can turn the others against him, then all I must do is create an opportunity to eliminate him or escape his reach.

We reached Togarma, where I convinced the Cleric to purchase new, heavier axes. They will be especially useful in crushing his armor and smashing the life out of his chest, though I convinced him they would make more useful tools for settling camps at night and in defending the others.

Echo seems aware that there is conflict inside of me and that my demeanor can swing between personalities in an instant, from violent to supplicant in the turn of a phrase. He does not, however, seem to know exactly which of us is dominant in any given moment and I can use that to my advantage. By playing the supplicant, I can convince him of my sincerity and guide his actions. By playing violent, I can anger him and drive him to lash out, make mistakes.

At the end of the day, we met at a tavern for ales and to gather our thoughts for our future. The Sindarin, Falcon seems set on continuing to adventure with us. It remains to be seen where his values lie and how he might be used. I enjoyed the ale perhaps too much, I could feel the Savage’s baser, primal instincts rising to the surface as the alcohol dulled my senses.

While we were there, we were approached by a man of the town named Merrick. There is something mysterious about him beneath his friendly, businessman demeanor that I cannot place. I do not think the others sense it, except for Marcus, who questioned him thoroughly.

Merrick sought to hire a party like ourselves to assist him in returning stolen property. The coincidence of the situation was almost too perfect. Alexander Marco, the very same the Shek-Pvar and the others seek, came through town and posed as buyer and seller of rare artifacts. He was to appraise a book Merrick had collected, a Book of Naveh, the god of of thieves, but instead stole it and traveled west to Moab. Our travels were already taking us in that direction and now we even shared a common enemy, practically guaranteeing our aid, though Marcus still haggled the man for more money for our services. Money I will likely never see, given that the Cleric of Larani pockets all of my earnings himself.

With it agreed, Merrick bought us more rounds and made arrangements for us to visit his establishment, a recently established brothel. Apparently his new business had earned him quite a bit of sway with the locals and, despite its seedy nature, was well received in the town. The Shek-Pvar had already heard of the establishment being discussed by villagers and its relationship to the goddess of wealth and pleasure, Halea, though they were just then finding out who owned it.

Echo was, predictably, offended by the ‘tasteless’ services offered and Marcus passed as well. Amusingly, the holy Cleric of Siem seemed to accept the offer as well. Sensing an opportunity, I pushed on the subject, indicating my enthusiasm for the idea, though Echo would no doubt prevent me from enjoying the company of his service ladies.

When we went to the bar for our last round of drinks with Merrick, the ale I received was warm and flat, poor quality even compared to the swill we had been enjoying. Stirring the pot more, I allowed a little of the Berserker’s fury to drive forth, spitting out the drink, cursing the bartender, throwing the mug in his face and drawing my weapon to strike him down where he stood. As I predicted, Echo reacted harshly. The damned collar cinched tightly around my throat and drove me to the floor in agony.

Through the throbbing pain, I could hear Echo cursing me and whatever damn issues plagued me, clearly angry and frustrated. Beyond him, I could vaguely overhear Marcus expressing his disapproval at the Cleric’s excessive use of his control device and the collar. I knew better than to allow a smile to slip, but it was easy to hide with the device still strangling me.

With Merrick’s insistence and Echo’s anger, I was actually surprised to find that he and Marcus were able to talk the Cleric into allowing me to visit the brothel with the others. I admit, I was so surprised to find myself on the way to the brothel that I missed my opportunity to take advantage of the Cleric’s lax in attention to attempt an escape. Perhaps it was the alcohol and the Berserker’s own base desires bubbling to the surface that clouded my mind. In any event, I soon found myself inside the establishment, enjoying the company of its women.

It did not take long for the Cleric of Larani to change his mind. He burst into the brothel and located my room, using his device to draw me away from my activities. The Berserker did slip for a moment in the middle of the passion, screaming and throwing anything at hand at the Cleric before he was able to remove us.

Merrick and his aide confronted Echo outside the establishment, coming to harsh words over the outburst in his establishment and the disruption of his very legal business. Despite some… disappointment at how some events of the night turned out, on the whole it went very well. Marcus is becoming frustrated with the Cleric’s actions and our new friend, Merrick, clearly dislikes him already.

Turning them against the stooge of the Larani may be easier than I expected. In the morning, we leave for Moab and, perhaps, greater opportunities.


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