Hârn: Genisis – Entry 14


14th of Agrazhar in the year 720 TR

With every passing day, this body becomes more familiar, more home. Though the Other fights me at every turn, I have, on occasion, found ways to suppress their urges and control myself. Though I admit some satisfaction with my actions when the rage consumes me, it is not subtle or guided enough to be of much use. I sense the Other does not feel so satisfied at the loss of control.

These woods and these mages we find ourselves among seem familiar, but like this body I cannot place where they might have come from. They too look at me oddly, no doubt out of fear more so than familiarity. Only the bastard Cleric is a well known face. I yearn for the day when I can break this collar’s hold and choke the life from his body. There is something about him that angers me, more than his enslavement of me, something about his core that fills me with hatred at his very sight.

I must try to control my thoughts. The Other becomes stronger when I lose my focus and I can feel the Berserker, Scaurus as he calls himself, start to surge forth. I can only think while I have control, so I must have control to think and I must think on how to eliminate the Other and this Cleric.

For some reason, the Cleric brought us to these woods to help these mages. They sought a race of dog and cat-like creatures, the Tree Mogs, which hunt the woods. We found them, though they turned out not to be the violent threat they feared, much to my chagrin.

Men had made their camp in these forests and had captured several of their kind, for tests or breading or training, one would imagine. A not all together terrible plan, but at least I was unleashed upon them and allowed to end their lives abruptly and violently. Their leader, some scholar named Alexander that I gather the others had escorted here before he betrayed their trust, escaped in the fray and I overheard the others making plans to follow him.

The man apparently intended to capture the creatures for study. It can be expected that he will continue to be a problem and the party is already making plans to pursue him wherever he goes next.

As for the creatures, they communed with the mages for some time who, I gather, were very interested in their knowledge of the arcane. Finally, they and the people of their village retreated into their nest, a magical clearing that transported them back to the dreamworld of their god, Siem. They will not be back, though perhaps some of their kind may still be found in the wild. The Shek-Pvar, Violet, choose to go with them into the dreamworld, intent on investigating its mysteries.

Violet elected not to continue with game at this point. It happened to coincide with our move out of the city and she wasn’t having as much fun as the others were. I continued to play in town when I was able and online the rest of the time.

15th of Agrazhar in the year 720 TR

Stupid Master must learn to block better. Stupid Gârgún nearly killed him in stupid ambush! Scaurus killed Gârgún and saved him just in time. Master must live long enough for Scaurus to be free of stupid collar so Scaurus can cut down Master’s legs with dirty axe and rip apart Master’s throat with bare hands!

The stupid companions of Master’s wish to chase after stupid man. Scaurus overheard them say that Alexander is dangerous. Scaurus hopes this means that much killing awaits!


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