Hârn: Genisis – Entry 12


7th of Agrazhar in the year 720 TR

We arrived in Elam yesterday and have begun our preparations. The mages, Mai Lin and Alexander Marco prepare to investigate these creatures; but Febreze and I have other preparations to make. The closing of the Feast of the Balefire is fast approaching and we must inaugurate Fabrizio as a Lieutenant of Agrik’s army.

We have convinced the elders of the town to hold a feast in the honor of Agrik to bless our hunt for the creatures. Febreze and I will accompany a small hunting party into the woods today. He will challenge one of the hunters in one on one combat to prove his worth while I deal with the other two. It is not the honorary combat above the octagonal pit I would prefer, but we must honor the blessing Agrik has given us one way or the other.

We plan to disguise their deaths as attacks by the creatures of Tolgy Woods. When we return, we will commence with the feast and honor the last day of the Feast of the Balefire by hunting these creatures that stalk through these woods. For the glory of Agrik!

Sadly, this plan did not turn out very well. For our next session, we arrived early to handle the hunting party scenario before game began with the rest of the players. We traveled into the woods and then instigated combat but, due to a series of poor rolls, one of the hunters was able to escape to warn the town and the other two were, surprisingly, able to defeat both Fabrizio and I in combat! Killing both of us!

Our end was rather anti climactic and, the longer I get away on the situation, the more dissatisfied I am with it. As a story, it was kind of a lame way for both of our characters to go out, but such is life and the randomness of die rolls. The more I think on it, though, the more it even feels very out of character for Ran to have advocated for the murder of a random hunting party. I was in such a hurry to make something work that I forced an awkward situation that didn’t quite fit.

Finally, as players, it was kind of a dick move to the rest of the party. Since we were suddenly dead, we derailed plans for that session and ended up spending much of the time generating new characters. While the other players were able to do a little bit of role-playing, no one really wanted to go off into the woods with the dangerous creatures short their two bodyguards, so the plot pretty much stalled after they were able to plead their innocence and deny any knowledge of our plans.

In any event, our lives ended in the woods and our characters were out. Our GM narrated some flavor text about Agrik accepting our souls into the afterlife, but also a bit about a piece of our souls breaking off and landing in some other person somewhere else in the world. She meant it as a symbolic gesture of us as players taking on new characters, but it was a bit of flavor I really liked that I ended up pushing on and running with for my replacement…


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