Hârn: Genisis – Entry 09


18th of Larane in the year 720 TR

We returned to Ashur and met with the Mayor over the return of the children. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Phillip of Albovelar, a local noble, was the son of a great line of Agrikian priests, devout follower and collector of many Agrikian artifacts. His manor was a great testament to our God.

Sadly, while I was there, one of his servants shattered a priceless piece of art, an urn engraved and painted with images of a great Agrikian war and containing the ashes of a long dead High Priest of Agrik. She would be disciplined for her slight against the God of War.

Actually, Mai Lin broke it accidentally when Ran was not around. When Phillip asked, she blamed it on the servant casually and without thinking. Clearly, Ran and Phillip took the infraction much more seriously than she realized they would, but she wasn’t about to admit to it afterward.

This has made for some great tension between our characters!

With Phillip’s aid, we threw a great feast in honor of the Ceremony of the Balefire and the slaying of the beast that had been ravaging the countryside outside of Ashur. Febreze joined us in the celebration, clearly interested in the teachings and rituals of Agrik that I have been telling him of during our travels. While I do not prefer his methods, his subtly could be a useful tool in the service of Agrik. The other faithful of Agrik flocked from the town to partake in the feast and the ceremony, including the sacrifice to Agrik; the worthless servant who spit on the holy memory of our High Priest!

The ceremony was a success, though it appears that agents of Larani have already spread to the Isle of Genisis. They made an attempt on my life during the ritual, though we were able to complete the sacrifice and the townspeople began hunting for the attackers immediately. Unfortunately, they slipped away. It would have been a great accomplishment indeed to add agents of Larani to our sacrifice.

Again, this was actually Mai Lin. She had been watching the festivities from a nearby crop of trees, interested enough in Ran and the ceremony to tail the followers of Agrik to the feast but not wishing to partake herself. When she realized the innocent servant was being sacrificed for her accident, she was conflicted on what to do.

There was a great bit of conversation here as our group play style generally frowns upon player versus player violence. But given the reservations for the sacrifice, I actively encouraged her to take action against Ran as I felt it would further ramp up the odd tensions of attraction versus aversion between our characters. This was a definite risk as combat in HârnMaster can be quite lethal, with a single unexpected attack being able to cripple or even kill a character if the right rolls are made, but we felt it was definitely worth it.

She fired an arrow but missed, hitting and killing another acolyte helping with the ceremony, before running away and hiding before the townspeople could locate her.

I will have to endeavor to be more careful about my activities here in Genisis. If the assassins of the Bitch of Dolithor are already here to challenge my warlord, they must be countered and rooted out. Clearly I have already drawn their attention. Perhaps I can use that to my advantage and draw them out.

Before returning to my room I share with Febreze, I visited with my other traveling companions after the search turned up empty, to ensure none of them had been approached or accosted. The mages Talon and Marcus indicated that they received news of a scholar, none other than Alexander Marco, in Asyria looking to track down some strange creatures in the Tolgy Wood; we will be setting out tomorrow. Mai Lin was breathless when I arrived at her door. Truly she is a beautiful woman and, I must admit, I am quite taken with her.

I will spend some time tonight checking and repairing my weapons and armor as well as praying to Agrik. Should the agents of Larani make another attempt tonight, I will be ready for them.


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