Hârn: Genisis – Entry 08


17th of Larane in the year 720 TR

Today Agrik has seen fit to pit us against a great creature in glorious combat! With Agrik’s all illuminating fire, he saw me through battle with the beast this day.

We reached Ashur two days ago after a fairly easy journey. We encountered that blasted imp again, but with the fire of Agrik blessing my mace, I was able to drive it away. I am sure I hurt it this time, before it disappeared in a flash like a coward. I suspect that will not be the last we see of the damned creature, now that its got a scent for us. Next time, I will bring the full weight of Agrik’s power crashing down on its skull.

The town was small, the product of a now retired rock mining operation to the north. While few are engaged in the operation anymore, the area near rocky quarry seems to be where most of the villagers disappeared. Two children were the most recent victims, disappearing two days prior after they went out to play.

After investigating the quarry, a travel and search that took all day, we eventually located a cave as the evening hours waned. Inside, resting from her bruises, was the young girl. She described a creature that had attacked and taken the boy; some sort of winged, serpent. Stranger still, she described giants of rock that saved her and took her to the cave. Guiding us through the night, she led us to the giants who were real enough. The Shek-Pvar say these fabled golems exist as boulders during the day and animate at night to travel the land and heal nature from damage. These giants were busy doing just so to the land mined by the Asyrians. Clearly, they were not the threat.

Sage, the Shek-Pvar’s nature guide, offered to stay with the girl and take her back in the morning while we continued looking. Heading deeper into the quarry, we eventually came across large, glass orbs of intricate color and incredible perfection. Something could be seen within each, but we couldn’t tell for sure what it was.

Traveling on revealed its source; the winged serpent the child described was found in its nest among the rocks, scattered orbs surrounding its den. It rose from his rest and we engaged with it in glorious combat! Bathed in the fire of my god and met the creature, toe to toe! The others lent aid as they could, the mages taking part in their first true battle, no doubt. Nothing can stand the Flames of Agrik for long, however, and the beast was laid lo by my mace in his name!

Investigating an orb the serpent had been interacting with, we were horrified to discover the silhouette of a small figure in the fetal position inside. Smashing my mace down upon it, the orb cracked open, spilling a foul smelling, viscous fluid along with a sputtering child. Violet bent to the child’s aid while the rest of us went about smashing open the other orbs. One other man, gaunt and horribly withered given his professed age, was found alive. The others were found with not but bones, metals, and other insolvent objects among them. The creature appeared to be using the orbs to trap and then drain the life from its victims. Clearly it had already claimed many.

Among the items, Febreze found a book, a journal, that had survived the dissolving orbs by a wax wrapping and the thick, leather pouch that contained it. The book belonged to two men, Alexander Marco and Matthew Reigns, and contained their notes as they began pursuing and cataloging rumors of artifacts and creatures unique to Genisis. Clearly its owners died early in their journey to just such a unique creature. Among the scattered notes, the mages found references to a magical sword contained in Chantry Midian and strange creatures in Tolgy Woods. The Shek-Pvar were most interested in the former, though the later secretly piqued my interest.

The battle was great, but we emerged nearly without injury. Between Violet and my own healing abilities, we were quickly able to recover. Tonight, I will prepare the body and tomorrow, once we reach Ashur, we will celebrate this battle and exalt the God of War with the mid month Low Ceremony of the Balefire.

Mai Lin has agreed to hunt with Febreze and prepare a fresh meal for the occasion. Though she is reluctant, I can see that the power of Agrik intrigues her. Perhaps this companions of mine may yet be of greater service to Agrik than I anticipated.


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