Hârn: Genisis – Entry 07


28th of Nolus in the year 720 TR

Blessed be to the God of Fire and War! A new follower of Agrik has been baptized in the fire of ritual combat. Joseph, the elf who so bravely followed us into the caves to save his town has proven his worth to Agrik.

After returning to Gerar, we located the coward Coleode, who abandoned us in the caves. Febreze and I took him captive and led him into the nearby forest through the thinning fog. The warmth of the sun in this previously dark and cold place was heartening and a fitting reminder of his crimes. There we met Joseph, whom I had instructed to pray and prepare in the forest for our arrival.

Coleode believes himself innocent of his cowardice, but he was challenged to a Rite of Ordeal in the forest clearing to prove his innocence. Joseph, in turn, sought to prove his worth to Agrik as a loyal follower. The battle was brief.

The accused fell dead after only a few swift strikes and the disciple stood, bathed in blood and victorious. While it would have been glorious to see the battle play out over the octagonal pit, as is tradition, we simply did not have time to allow for it. Following the kill, I led Joseph in the Low Ceremony of the Balefire, a fitting holiday to commemorate his induction. Truly, Agrik guides us all to carry out his will.

For now, he will raise support among the men here and assist the disciples of the church I will send back here in establishing themselves as the local governance. The nobility are weak, they will easily cave to the might of Agrik.

With the church’s guidance, he has been instructed to train the men of this town in the ways of battle, so that they might be more self reliant against future threats. In time, I may call on him again. He would be a good Lieutenant should the need ever arise.

4th of Larane in the year 720 TR

We have returned to Tigris. The mages are content to laze about in the company of their grand master, a Gray Mage named Micah. He greeted the ogre as one might an old friend, though he seemed less pleased to see the phylactery, only agreeing that it was no longer safe in the caves. The Shek-Pvar were awarded with acknowledgment of the return of their first artifacts and the creation of their first spells. Febreze and I received a small cash reward for our assistance. Mai Lin received a unique gift for her part, a collar for her animal companions that allows her to communicate with them more directly.

After finishing at the Chantry, I turned to the local temple to inform them of the state of Gerar and the plague, as well as to seek guidance on where I might be most useful in this land furthering the Will of Agrik. Unfortunately the Church has no direction for me at this time. Hopefully we can come to a decision soon. Too much time without a chance to test myself makes me restless.

In the meantime, the Church has sent representatives to the town of Gerar. With Joseph’s help and the popular support of the local population, they will begin establishing a temple and take control of the government from the nobles. Were that I had it my way, the nobles would each be executed for their failures, but I am sure the Church has their own methods and they may yet be useful as puppets.

With the success there, I hope that we may lay the seeds of support elsewhere in Genisis and expand Agrik’s influence.


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