Hârn: Genisis – Entry 06


27th of Nolus in the year 720 TR

Between the weakness of the council and the lore from the locals, we learned of a nearby network of caves. The locals have kept far away from them for years, owing to local legend and rumors of an ancient Ogre who called the caves home. A poem told by one of the village elders during our celebration bringing the townspeople together, shared a story about the creation of Genisis. Two Ogres, the mother and father of all Ogres who roam the land, went about creating the isle. When they had to part for ten years to complete their work, their tears created the rivers and lakes. Over the years they worked separately until news was heard by the male that his mate had been slain and he retreated to the caves in his grief.

After the celebration, Marcus told us of another, seemingly related story about the creation of Genisis read in the libraries of Chantry Tigris. There, the books told of a warlord, Lord Cowlin, who conspired with demons or Morgath to destroy the world. That was when the first three of the Gray Mages appeared and defeated him. They confined his soul and the demon wolves he had summoned to phylactery constructed in the likeness of wolves and Genisis was created as his prison.

Later, his phylactery were discovered by an ogre who took to his caves and, in his grief, made a pact with the spirit to assuage his grief in exchange for his freedom. Through the ogre, Lord Cowlin led another bloody march, this time against the Sindarin of Genisis whom the ogre blamed for the death of its mate. During the war, it was revealed that the ogre’s mate had not been killed and had been nursed back to health by the Sindarin. When the ogre came, under the influence of Lord Cowlin, he slew his mate in his blindness, coming to know what he had done only afterward. With the help of the Gray Mages, Lord Cowlin’s army was defeated a second time and the ogre took the phylactery to protect them in the caves he had found them in. Supposedly, he still slept there to this day.

Given the current threat, however, we must make haste to the caves, even if they are the fabled caves of the ogre, Lord Cowlin and his army. Two of the locals have volunteered to guide us to them. Joseph Pluve, an elf and a farmer, and Coleode Indysintel, the bastard son of one of the local nobles. Both are untrained in the art of war, but Joseph shows pluck and eagerness that I respect. Coleode, on the other hand, shares his father’s cowardice and indecisiveness. It was a wonder that he even managed to make the decision to travel with us.

It took over a day of travel to reach the caves through the thick fog, which seemed to get worse as we neared them, a sure sign that the source of the plague lay inside. While traveling the network of underground tunnels, we encountered several ghastly demon wolves. Joseph continued to impress me with his bravery, but Coleode proved his worthlessness, abandoning us in the midst of combat. The elf, Mai Lin, also discovered the surviving pup of a wolf and her litter that had sheltered in the cave. With Violet’s help, she has begun the process of nursing her back to health.

Deep within the caves, we uncovered the ogre of lore as well as the many stone phylactery of the demon army. Through the clarity of Agrik’s eyes, I could see that he was possessed once again by the fowl spirit of Cowlin. Though the creature tried to use its infernal powers against us, Agrik’s Will protected us within the dank cave. Surrounded in His warming fire, I engaged the ogre in combat with the rest of my companions.

Weakened by his injuries, the Demon’s hold on the Ogre slipped gradually. Marcus proved his worth and, through a battle of wills, we were finally able to force its spirit out of the Ogre’s body and back into the reliquary. Though injured from his experience, the ancient Ogre was grateful for our help and rewarded the mages with an artifact, a glass seeing orb of some type, as well as a small amount of wealth he had acquired in his cave.

The mages wish to return to Chantry Tigris as quickly as possible with their first artifact as well as the ogre who agreed to travel to the chantry with the reliquary, which is clearly not safe here, but I have other plans that will delay us a day or two. The government here has proven itself inept and worthless. While I cannot enact a takeover of the local government at this time without the support of the church, I can begin to lay the ground work.

I have spoken with Joseph about the glories of Agrik. He seems taken with the God of War and has proven himself to be an honorable man in the past few days. Tomorrow, we will see his resolve tested.


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