Hârn: Genisis – Entry 05


23rd of Nolus in the year 720 TR

After many days of traveling, we have finally reached Gerar. Along the way we were waylaid by some sort of small, impish creature. At first, it seemed little worth my time, but the imp attacked us anyway. Unexpectedly, it proved remarkably resilient to our counterattacks, but the glory of Agrik eventually drove it away. I pray that will be the last we see of the vile creature; it is hardly a worthy sacrifice to my lord, yet a constant pricking thorn.

A foul fog blankets this area, permanently casting out the light of the sun and plunging the town and surrounding farmland into a grim twilight. The men and women of this town are a wreck, but those still here seem unwilling or unable to leave. Whatever unholy powers be at work here, I suspect we will soon find answers to our quest.

24th of Nolus in the year 720 TR

This damned town is even worse off than we expected. As I believed, the weakness of their ruling council is at fault. The nobles seem to have stagnated under decision paralysis, risking nothing but in turn destroying everything. They and the local White Wizard, a class of mage that seems to be a part of every ruling body in this isle, have done nothing to remove this curse or to address the needs of their people. The fact that the nobles are all humans and the plague seems content to harm only the Sindarin population is no doubt a contributing factor to their delinquency.

In my studies, there have been great wars honoring Agrik, costing the lives of untold thousands for all manner of causes, from the petty to the divine. But this wanton suffering and death does nothing to further the glory of Agrik or sate the blood lust of Manrasusha; it is simply the wasteful death of innocents who should be protected by their nobility whom they trust to care for them.

The mages in our party have done little better so far, but at their request, I have left the issue in their hands for the time being. They believe they can work within the current system to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I am not so confident, but I will give them their chance. When it is clear that nothing can be done within this broken system, then I will do what must be done to save the lives of these people and give them a strong and proper leader, for the glory of Agrik.

While the mages and Mai Lin spoke with the governance, Febreze and I have scoured the town, looking for information on the cursed fog afflicting the town and mingling with the people. We have assisted with the local reconstruction efforts, building and repairing shelters, harvesting what little food can be grown and caring for the animals that represent some of their last sustenance. Our efforts have raised the moral of the people, giving them some modicum of hope, and ingratiated us with the population. We have planned a festival tonight to bring the people of the town together.

When it comes time to seize power from the corrupt and weak, the support of the people will be invaluable.


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