Hârn: Genisis – Entry 01


26th of Peonu in the year 720 TR

I arrived at the port of Casp on the Isle of Genisis this morning after several days at sea. There’s not much to this little town, but I found some work escorting a merchant to a nearby town. His name was Tom Shale. He also hired another fellow from my ship named Fabrizio to escort him, a rather shady looking man but of good spirit and company.

The road to Harran is supposed to be relatively safe, but merchant carts are always ripe targets and Shale refuses to take any chances with his life or his wares. So much the better for me. After procuring supplies this afternoon I found an inn for the night, splitting a room with Fabrizio. I’ll keep an eye on him, but he has done nothing to betray my trust so far.

We leave at first light for Harran.

4th of Kelen in the year 720 TR

We arrived in Harran yesterday with little trouble. A couple of Gârgún harassed us along the road, but Agrik saw us through the day against the beasts. Tom intends to market some of his wares in this small town, but indicated that he will be traveling on to Chantry Tigris in a few days. Fabrizio and I have already agreed to accompany him. If nothing else, the city will be large enough that I should be able to find more information and direction in this land.

Of note, I learned a little more of my traveling companion. A slink and a master with the dagger, he is less the courageous warrior I would prefer but lethal none the less. Fortunately, Agrik is not discriminatory. Warriors and battles of all kind can serve his cause.

I also learned that he absolutely detests the shortening of his name to Febreze, thereby ensuring it is the only name I will use going forward. He has proven to be a capable, valuable and enjoyable traveling companion so far. Already we have begun innocent discussions of where our travels might take us next.

25th of Kelen in the year 720 TR

After several weeks of travel, we have finally arrived in Tigris. The city is bigger than I thought it would be, given the wilds we traveled and the distance from any ports. Though we have been here for less than a day, I already miss the trail.

Agrik brought me many fine challenges during our journey and I look forward to what else lay in store. During our journey, we were waylaid on several occasions by Gârgún as well as natural creatures of the wild who thought we might make a fine meal.

Shale also relayed to me during our journey that the king of this land has a fine bounty on any Gârgún killed, trying to stem the threat of the creatures to this land. We have begun collecting ears which serve as proof of the deed and will trade them in at the local magistrates office when it is open tomorrow for our bounty. Febreze seems to be especially excited for this; I suspect he is the type motivated by greed rather than the pure thrill of battle.

The merchant intends to stay in Tigris for some time, so we will take our leave of him. We have discussed several options to the west that seem especially intriguing; strange creatures in the mountains, cursed towns and the like. Until we are ready to set out, we will stay in town to gather supplies and seek out additional information.

Though I yearn to return to the road, with the end of the month approaching I will stay here to attend Low Ceremony of the Balefire at the local temple of Agrik on the 28th. My devotion to Agrik and his worship supersedes my desire to prove myself worthy of his favor.


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