Character Bio – Ran Oranus


Ran Oranus - PortraitRan Oranus “The Bishop”
Male, Human, 24
Cleric of Agrik

Ran Oranus is my character for Hârn: Genisis. He is a warrior cleric for the cruel God of War, Agrik. To keep him compatible with a group of players whose characters tended more towards the good side of the spectrum, Ran is a very moral and friendly character. While he follows the God of War, he does so under the belief that his God’s actions are required to protect their world and that death through righteous combat is an honor for all while still looking out for the safety of his compatriots.

Of the group, Ran is the most heavily armed and armored. The tank of the group, he stands at the forefront of the party in combat. He uses his divine granted powers to invoke the will of Agrik, cloaking his body in an inferno and imbuing his weapons with fire. His preference is to soak as many of the attacks and damage as possible to protect his lighter armed and armored companions.

Summary: Cast from his home at an early age and raised in a temple dedicated to the worship of Agrik, Ran Oranus is a staunch believer in, and a holy warrior for, the God of War. His upbringing was so severe that he would rather face death than disappoint his god and suffer his wrath. He honestly and truly believes in the stories of violence and sacrifice in the name of Agrik being used to appease the First God of Primal Fire, Manrasusha, to prevent the destruction of Keléstia. In that way, he is a warrior dedicated to the preservation of the world and humanity by adhering to his own skewed morality.

In the tradition of his faith, Ran was raised as a warrior and fills that role to its fullest. Ran is the most dangerous kind of holy warrior; one who believes hard and brings to the table skill, physical ability and a keen mind. He also brings with him knowledge of the healing arts, a necessary skill in the world of war and battle he has so fully invested himself in. He ventures from the church to this new land seeking to prove himself in battle to his god, train for the immortal battle in Yàsháin against Larani, and to sate Manrasusha’s hunger through battle.

Description: Ran Oranus is a large, thick man. His dark complexion, flaming red hair, and slate gray eyes lend him a certain similarity to his god that is not lost on Ran. He has maintained an excellent level of physical conditioning in his training, pairing raw strength and toughness with a relatively agile body and a sharp mind.

Personality: A hard man, but not bitter or without humor; Ran is exceedingly compassionate for his fellow man considering his religion. He does take his religion and his purpose quite seriously, though, and cannot be distracted or swayed from his chosen course of action. In battle, or in serving his god, he is merciless and efficient, and in ways could be considered psychotic and depraved by those who do not truly understand him. Ultimately, he believes that his actions appease the First God of Primal Fire, Manrasusha, and prevent the destruction of Kèthîra. He takes that responsibility as seriously as any with that weight on their shoulders would.

Outside of his religious convictions, Ran Oranus can prove to be quite the jovial individual. For those who prove worthy companions, he would go far in his efforts to help them and wade deep into combat at their side. Life in the Church of Agrik has taught him to always be wary, but he has also learned the value of the moment and living unrestrained by common concerns. He does not stand cowardice or insult and can quickly transition from calm humor to religious fever in a moment’s notice.

History: Ran Oranus was born to a fairly wealthy family in the kingdom of Rethem, though he was not there long in the company of his family. His family ran a rather successful trade business, with his father as the male figurehead. In reality, though, his mother was always the more willful, independent, intelligent, and driven of the pair while his father was old and easily controlled by his wife.

From an early age, his father never regarded Ran with much attention, in fact he often seemed to avoid contact and interaction with him at all. His mother, while much more involved, always held some level of resentment towards him that she never explained. Though the eldest, Ran was the least loved and, when an opportunity came to send him to the Church of Agrik at the young age of eight, they sent him away without a seconds hesitation. He hasn’t seen them since.

Most initiates to the Church of Agrik enter no earlier than age thirteen, so in that way Ran was both unique and suffered more in his time training there. The martial training toughened his body while his religious studies hardened his mind. The stories of Agrik’s work to prevent the destruction of Kèthîra by Manrasusha’s insatiable lust for dominance filled him with admiration for his god that quickly grew into complete devotion. Stories passed down to him from the older boys, regarding the savage retribution taken on clerics who strayed away from the path of the God of War, blossomed in a young boys mind and the fear only further cemented his devoutness.

Once of age, Ran was quickly recruited by the Aperterahn, the Aperani (master) of the Terahni, to be trained as a holy warrior. The primary duty of the Terahni being the protection of the less militant minded priests of the order. Embracing the warrior origins of the church, Ran became a competent warrior very quickly. Notably, at a young age, before being fully recognized as a trained Terahni, he challenged and defeated one of the low ranking Heruchai (Lieutenants) and son of a ranking Kemelras (Bishop), in mortal combat over the traditional octagonal pit for a slight the elder had made against Ran. The Heruchai’s father recognized the honor of Ran’s fight and the valor represented in his victory, though it cost him a son, and has continued to keep a close eye on the young Terahni’s progress. The close watch by such a powerful individual led to his nickname as, “The Bishop”, a name Ran never shied away from.

Having risen in respect amongst the ranks of the local Terahni, Ran now prepares for promotion to the ranks of the Heruchai. To prove himself, he has ventured out into the world with his basic equipment to do battle against the creatures and men of the world. To that end, he has heard tales of strange creatures and a growing Ivashu threat on a large island not far from the mainland. He will test himself against the bastard creations of Ilvir and assume opportunities as they arise in that land. If he is able to return having proven himself to The Emperor of Flame, he will be ready to take on a higher roll within his church and to his god’s service.


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