Seattle Mission 20: Operation Aimless Dog – Part 3

Written by: Marius           Played on: 22 Jun 2013
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“So we get to the warehouse, we had a great plan…”

Jade interrupts, “Yeah, HAD.” she says, looking more than a little annoyed.

Marius gets a sort of embarrassed look on his face. “Look…” He pauses as if ready to apologize, then his face takes on a stern look and he says nothing for a few seconds. “So we had a great plan.” Marius continues “We were going to scope the place out, plant some breaching charges, go in from multiple points and take the place heavy, but calculated like. It was going to be awesome…” Marius pauses.

After about four seconds Dee interjects, “You know you are not actually talking right now, right?” He is staring at his younger brother.

Jade takes over the storytelling. “Yeah. Ok. So when Bear looks in and saw you tied to a chair, Muscle Boy over here just kinda lost it. He kicked the door in and went in guns blazing. It was an unhealthy mix of badass and suicidal.”

I do appreciate my players for being good sports about roleplaying. There’s more than a few Power Players among the group, but they’re always willing to dive into and embrace character motivations even if they’re not the most optimal solutions to a situation. Case-in-point, Marius kicking open the front door and going in guns blazing because his brother was in trouble.

“Jade, cut me some fucking slack, ok?” Marius is red with anger, but he is holding most of it back. “If you had anyone you cared about that was in danger, you might have done the same thing, but you will never know, because you are a dumb rapist whore.” he finishes turning towards her with a finger in her face for emphasis.

Jade turns towards him and fires back, “Fuck you, DOUGHBOY…”

“WOAH…” Bear stands up between the two, he is up faster than anyone without wired reflexes has any right to be. Putting himself between a troll and, well, anything is a dangerous proposition. “You two need to dial this back, WAY back. NOW.”

Marius gets that look a person gets when they know they have crossed the line. “I know that was a shitty thing to say and I’m sorry; but you have been kicking my ass about this for three days.”

Jade stands down. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. And sorry about that doughboy thing…”

Marius gets a playful look on his face, “Do you really think I wear too much armor?”

“Dude, you wear a shitload of armor,” Bear says. “We have all been meaning to talk to you about it. It’s starting to affect other areas of your life.”

Dee gets in on the growing joke. “Marius, this job, even me getting hurt, this was all an elaborate setup for your armor-vention.”

“Shut up… assholes.” Marius says. “Ok where was I? Yeah, so I kicked the door in like a fragging newb and you pretty much know the rest. There were about seven guys inside. We killed them all, cut you loose and pimped out of there.”

“You pass funny part of story,” Chekhov added.”So Jade get all bothered hot in car.”

“Eww, yeah what the fuck was THAT?” Wheeler asked. “Our comms were useless for a few minutes.”

Chekhov resumes, “She starts getting scary fucking look in eye, so I mustered up the mana to cast orgasm spell on her.” Everyone stares at Chekhov in a mixture of disbelief and disgust.

“Wow, that’s what that was?” Jade says, leering at Chekhov. “It was SO powerful. I was screaming like a banshee and soaking that fragging seat. Can you, uhm… do that, like… whenever you want?”

I’m pretty terrible as a GM about remembering to throw the player’s addictions at them, but every once in awhile I remember and it seems appropriate so I do. In this case, Jade’s crippling sex addiction got the better of her mid-run.

I’ve handled those events pretty poorly in the past by dictating the player’s actions in response to a failed test, be that lighting up a cigarette, taking a hit of their drug of choice or otherwise satisfying their urge. This time I think I finally nailed it as far as handling her, or any other player’s addiction, in a manner that doesn’t take away player choice or create an awkward situation.

After failing the test, Jade’s player was informed that she would be taking a negative modifier for all tests until she resolved her addictions needs. In her case, that meant getting laid. Not the most conducive to a middle of battle situation. I expected her to just have to take the negative until the end of the run when she could resolve it off screen, but Chekhov jumped to the challenge with his orgasm spell, which he has only been able to use a few times.

After the spell ran its course of a couple combat turns, Jade was free of the effects of her addiction. Of course, during that time she was suffering the effects of Chekhov’s spell which caused greater negatives for a much shorter period of time. The side effect, however, was a very loud troll crying out into an open line on the team’s comm network. This prevented the team from using their sub-vocal mics, which they are quite fond of using, as they had to be talking pretty loud to hear each other over Jade. This had little effect, besides a bit of hilarity, as the scene quickly devolved into an open gun fight with little subtlety.

Chekhov ignores her question, quickly changing the subject. Flustered, his english gets worse. “So, guys inside dead and think was like ten… No, seven.”

Bear interrupts, “Oh my god… Chekhov… Just stop. No one can understand you.”

“иди в жопу.” Chekhov spits back.

“Right… Sure, why not.” Bear says. “So Marius rushes in, we all kick an unreasonable amount of ass. Just as we are trying to leave, sniper fire comes in from the next building over…”

Russian joke. Poor Chekhov sure takes a lot of shit.

“Was trap.” Chekhov states explanatorily.

“Yes, was trap,” Bear states. “And we sprung it. So Wheeler goes tearing ass across the parking lot, dodging gunfire and makes it into the next warehouse. He gets up there and kicks the snipers ass just in time for two fully automatic weapons to come flying around the corner attached to four-wheelers. We took them out, but by now we are all pretty fucked up. So, of course, what comes chopping over the horizon?” Bear pauses for dramatic  effect.

“Fucking chopper.” Chekhov answers.

Bear looks at him in disbelief, a ‘what-the-fuck’ look on his face. “Chekhov. Dude…”

“What? Was chopper. What is big deal, tell fucking story.”

Bear continues “So, it’s a fucking gunship. We shoot at it. I levitate a dumpster into the rotors, which has much less effect than I had hoped. We cast magic at it, finally the damn thing falls out of the sky. Then we got the fuck out of there and took you, along with most of us, to the fucking street doc.”

The run was pretty brutal. The team was going after an Ares hit squad that was anticipating their arrival and setting an ambush. While Detrius’ death was not pre-ordained, I considered it extremely likely that he might die in the shootout. He, along with several of the team members, came close several times; being brought to death’s door, stabilized and resuscitated only to be knocked out again by a new round of fully automatic fire from a new enemy targeting the team.

Marius finishes, “That pretty much brings us current.”

PREVIOUS: Mission 20 – Operation Aimless Dog – Part 2
NEXT: Side Mission 12 – On the Fly

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