Seattle Side Mission 10: Recruitment – Part 5

Written by: Bear           Played on: 25 May 2013
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“Vat are you talkeeng about, Baher? Vat fessers?” The sweet aroma of June’s hair was replaced with the reeking breath of the Russian Orc.

“Baher! Eet es time for zee attack.”

My body felt heavy, exhausted. My mind was weak. The next events happened as a blur. Marius, Dee and I hiked to the camp. The plan was for Marius, Detrius and I to get into attack positions around the base, waiting for the signal. Marius would focus on taking out the turrets, Detrius would head for the main comm tower and I was going to try and free any of the prisoners once the coast was clear. Chekhov would provide the distraction.

I told Chekhov about the Barghest, where I knew it would be, where I had seen it with my family the day before. The bold Russian got excited by the thought that I knew where the animal was and he came up with the plan to lure the Barghest into the camp. He would let us know when he saw it and transform into a panther, then draw the attention of the Barghest. The beast would likely not be alone and are notoriously ferocious. So, Chekhov would run as fast as possible, directly into the camp, where I could turn him invisible to protect him from the guards until he could be ready to fight in bear form.

Marius, Dee and I got settled into our positions in the tree line around the base. After about an hour, we heard the signal, the distant roar of a Barghest. Then another one. Then more after that, too many to track; at least a dozen though. The guards exchanged confused glances for a moment. Then a black flash tore past the guards watching the front gate; it was a panther. Not Chekhov’s preferred form, but fast and agile.

The guards barely had a chance to get out of its way when the first Barghest slammed into both of them. Aimless gunfire and the howling of the beast quickly drowned out their screams. I turned the panther invisible as the assault began to dodge gunfire while he changed into a hulking grizzly.

Detrius ran uncharacteristically fast toward the comm tower and shut down all in and out going communications as Marius and I took out several of the guards manning the turrets around the camp. Then Dee hacked into the drones circling overhead and commanded them to target the guards defending the buildings.

I made a break for the prison buildings while the grizzly belched fireballs. I knocked out the last two guards covering the prison door as I reached it. Once at the door I glanced back to where the first Barghest had run into the camp, what I saw was pure chaos. There were a few dead Barghests, at least a dozen dead guards. The remaining Barghests were tearing through the guards. Tossing them from one to another and ripping them to shreds. It was distractingly haunting, yet there was some kind of peace to see nature exact its justice on the outsiders. I looked back as Dee activated the doors.

Dee took a few more moments to pull as much data from the base computers as he could. The prisoners told me that they were the only ones there, so Chekhov and I led them into the woods as quickly as possible while Marius covered our escape. Once all of the captives were free of the camp, Dee shut down all electronics in the base before he and Marius followed us into the woods. Luckily, none of the Barghests followed, they were all busy with their scattered meal.

Once the howls and screams had faded away, we stopped to rest. Chekhov healed the wounded while I met with the Ute chief and told him about the last three days and the supplies that we had brought with us from Alan. We made our way back to the tribe’s camp, only a few hours away. The chief said that he would commune with the chiefs of the other tribes, warning them that the area had become unsafe.

After taking the time to rest Dee, Chekhov, Marius and I made our way back to our car. At least, we must have, I don’t remember the walk. All I could think about, all that I hoped for, was to fall asleep; to get one more glimpse of June. We each got into our seats, well not all of us. I think Marius took watch, but maybe a real wolf did, or was that Chekhov? It didn’t matter. None of it was real; this was just some twisted nightmare. Falling asleep was not a problem, my fatigue was complete I closed my eyes to drift away to go back home.

The sun was shining warm on my face, I was home.

“Oye! Chummer! Get your lazy dwarf ass up!”

“Is that you, Alan?”

“Alan? Fuck that. Wake up, sleeping beauty!”

It was Marius. I was still in the nightmare, never to go home again. Marius called Alan while we were on our way back and told him what happened. Alan was kind enough to send us a bonus and was glad to hear that we were okay and the Ute were set free. I slept all the way on the drive to Denver and on the flight back. Hell, I don’t even remember seeing Pilot.

As we arrived home, although rested, I was burned out, drained.


I’ve been thinking these last few nights on advice I was once given; that when embarking on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves.

It seems that I should have dug two graves and a trench. Based on the markings left on my team and I there are three graves left to fill; one for each of the two remaining tattoos and then my own. As for the trench, well, there’s still space left for anyone who gets in my way.

“So. Who’s gonna start?” asked John, with a wide grin

The food had just arrived, piping hot and my drink sat in my hands ice cold, or so it looked.

“Start what?” I asked

“The story. What happened to you guys?” he asked again

“Uh, I don’t really know how to explain it.” I replied

“Really? I guess I’ll start then. We got a call to help an old friend down in Denver.” Marius began.

The night continued like any other: Laughing. Drinking. Lying. My first good night, and may be one of the last nights I could call good. The drinks were free. Marius only told of our trip through the woods and the assault on the base and freeing of the Ute.

Chekhov chimed in here-and-there about the view from the Garden of the Gods and his chase with the Barghests as well as his feeling closer to magic while in the wild.

I couldn’t help but remain silent, my thoughts constantly returning to my family.

By the end of the night and the many empty glasses in front of me, I was ready to go home and sleep. Every night I drift off, hoping to be woken up by the smell of my wife’s cooking or the smiling face of my boys. But all I see are flames. All I hear are screams. The blue flamed images burning throughout.

With my team by my side, working together, we will get our vengeance. We will get our freedom. Until then, before revenge, before sleeping another wink, I broke my silence as Chekhov was finishing telling John about leaving the Ute.


Full glasses went up and empty glasses hit the table.

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  1. 1 Tony "Marius"
    9 August 2013 at 00:01

    What a good write up.


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