Seattle Mission 19: Orphans Are People Too – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 27 Apr 2013
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“Ok, done.”

“But I would need a guarantee that the integrity of any safehouse which I may or may not own, that may or may not be housing a man you might perhaps be looking for remain intact. So whatever it is that you might be doing, or not doing to this man, who may or may not exist, needs to happen way the fuck away from any safehouse which may or may not be in my possession.”

“I understand and, vis a vie, will not be taking any actions anywhere around any property that you may, or may not, have an interest in.”

Nickles is able to give us the location of the safehouse and puts us under strict instructions to make sure NOTHING goes down at his safehouse. We stop by our house and Wheeler grabs his motorcycle. He is able to get close and deploy two drones to watch the apartment. Bear casts invisibility on himself and goes on a foot patrol.

About an hour before the drop, the shadowrun team and target emerges from the safehouse. They get into a Mercury Comet that pulls up outside.

Halfway up I-5 to the waterfront district, the team makes its move. Overtaking them, Bear casts petrify on the driver. The vehicle makes an obvious jerk and heads up an off ramp, the team slows and gives chase. Cho is able to stay in front of them, but only just. Cho launches a spike strip, but the Comet drives over it like nothing happened, obviously sporting run flat tires. Wheeler slides to a halt and manually moves his bike past the spike strip.

Marius retrieves everyones weapons from the smuggling compartment where they had been stored. The team is taking fire and returning it. Chekov casts a physical barrier in the street in front of the sedan. The sedan takes damage as it strikes this invisible obstacle, parts tumbling along the pavement, but continues its movement.

Cho attempts to pit move the sedan, but the sportier car is able to outmaneuver her. The team is now behind the Deep Six. Marius and Jade both fire at shooters leaning out the window and firing back at them.

Team Deep Six builds some distance and the team is afraid of loosing them. Marius leans out the window with his rifle and lines up a shot. Six rounds of armor piercing ammo jet into the back of the sedan, some penetrating all the way into the engine block. Smoking, the vehicle comes to a halt. As one runner leans out the window to fire at the team, Wheeler roars up and slows using the front brakes only. Spinning the vehicle on it’s front tire, he whips the back around smacking the man back into the vehicle.

This is the same stunt Wheeler pulled on their very first run in Denver to one An Peng. It was very nostalgic.

“Penged that guy,” he says over the team channel as he is immediately fired upon by a guy who is leading Mr. Smith away from the vehicle. As Marius opens the door to the van he drops the escort with a burst of APDS, switches magazines while walking and drops Mr. Smith with a six round burst of stun rounds. Wheeler executes the stone man in the driver seat. The team loads up the target and, after a few minutes of arguing, heads off somewhere remote and waits for him to wake up.

The run was pretty much over by this point, but there was plenty of debate on how the team wanted to handle the situation. Some clearly wanted to kill him and get on with it, some clearly wanted to take their time with the situation. A lot of in character , emotional discussion as well as out of character, practical discussion on what to do. This discussion of revenge continued after the game had ended, which I consider to be a good thing.

“Smith, do you remember me?” Cho asks. He stares on, fearful.

“Before we send you to hell, I want you to think about all the innocent children you wronged. You will never be forgiven by anyone. You will rot in hell forever.”

After cutting off all his fingers and verbally abusing him for several hours, Cho beheads him. After that the team returns home and gets paid. The whole situation stunk. Bear, clearly the most uncomfortable with the torture situation, would not rest well for days.

“Marius, I don’t know how you could have been party to that.” Bear said a few days later while the two were sitting outside, sipping on cocktails. Bear had a whiskey over ice, Marius was enjoying a Tequila Sunrise.

“Yeah… Wait, why?” Marius asked back.

“Well, you and me, I feel like we are the two that are the most non-violent in the group.”

“Yeah, but… come on man. This guy was a child molester and abuser.”

“So? Is he less human?”

“Well, yeah. Kinda. I mean, there are different rules when it comes to that shit, right?”

“Yeah. I am not saying I don’t understand where Cho and Jade were coming from. But darkness like that will haunt them, at least I hope it will. It would probably be a bad sign if it did not.” Bear said.

“You make a good point Bear, but what would you have had us do, let him live? turn him over to Knight Errant? Those guys can’t find their ass with both hands…” Marius paused. “Well, that’s not accurate, but this has no business interest. Since corps don’t care about orphan children, Knight Errant does not care about orphan children. So what should they have done?”

“I’m not saying they should not have killed him. Like I said, I understand where they were coming from. You know I don’t like murder…”

“This coming from a guy who lights people on fire a lot.” Marius interrupted.

“Shut up, I don’t like murder, but there ARE different rules for child molesters. That guy had to die, for the children.”

“For the children,” Marius echoed, taking a drink.

“For the children.” Bear repeated. “But justice and revenge are one thing, but I don’t know. Do you think they went too far?”

“Yes.” Marius said plainly. “And at the same time, not far enough. Cho said a few times she was going to castrate the guy, but she never did. She did let him suffer for over an hour while she cut off his fingers. Why? She should have chopped his cock off…” Both of them shudder a little, pause and drink. “And then taken his head. He should have lived five minutes with no dick while being verbally abused and that would have been that. Either way, we are totally Monday-morning quarterbacking the whole thing and we need to shut up.”

“Yeah,” Bear agreed. “All we can do is try and be better next time.”

“Agreed.” Marius said. He turned toward his best friend. “To next time.” They clinked glasses and continued to watch the sun rise.

PREVIOUS: Mission 19 – Orpahans are People Too – Part 1
NEXT: Mission 20 – ???

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