Seattle Mission 19: Orphans Are People Too – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 27 Apr 2013
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The last few weeks there have been massive enhancements in patrols by Knight Errant, no doubt looking for the crazy thugs that assaulted the UCAS military. The team have been indoors, venturing out only as needed, just being safe.

He is, of course, referring to the previous week’s run wherein the team broke onto a UCAS military base to face one of their nemesis and murdered over a dozen soldiers and commanders in the process.

Jade gets a call from her former madam. The madam tells her of the awful things that have happened to her orphaned youth turned good-time girls at the hands of one Joseph Smith. Mr. Smith has come up in a lot of the stories, despite the girls being from all over the country. He has been abusing these little girls. The madam goes on to say that he has been moving around a lot to avoid detection and legal prosecution and investigations. Many of the girls have been pooling their money to have this problem addressed. “Please,” she begs, “For the children.” We all hastily agree to the 45,000¥ offered.

The Madame is on of Jade’s contacts she’s had since the beginning and she appealed to Jade’s own personal history as an orphan herself. All of this was taken from her back story for the Denver campaign.

We learn from the madam that Joseph Smith operated out of St. Jerome’s house for the young. He is yet again on the run following another incident. She has no other information for us. Cho has been silent up until this point.

“I know what he looks like.” she says. “I remember him”. Despite her Asian heritage, Cho is pale, deathly pale. “I want this fucker.” she says, before going silent for a while.

Mr. Smith was a character mentioned in Cho’s original back story for the Denver campaign. The little girl, Mary, also featured in a separate session, though as a victim not an antagonist. I thought Cho might like a shot at her old nemesis and this session served as a lower intensity “break” from the regular campaign.

We begin reaching out to our network of contacts. Dee gives us general info, tells the team they should be looking for the fixer that Joseph Smith is using, as he would not have the contacts on his own.

Cho calls her fixer contact, Izzy, and the team gets lucky. Joseph Smith is a client of that fixer, and is currently working through him to get out of the state.  The fixer, Izzy, is not willing to give up Joseph. Marius calls Jonathan Eaglefeather and asks him if he can help. John calls back and says that Izzy has recently acquired the services of the Deep Six, a Shadowrunner team, for a weeks work. He has contracted out to Nickles, another fixer, for a safe house. Nickles also happens to be the team’s landlord. Izzy has hired another group of runners that specialize in smuggling people out of the country.

Marius has heard of Deep Six, they are new to Seattle and have been running basic jobs. Not top tier guys. They are mostly human, one orc, one elf.

Wheeler calls his Lone Star buddy. There was a call to Knight Errant about a week ago, Joseph Smith was bitten by Linda Grey, an Elf Girl at the orphanage. It was ruled an assault while Joseph was conducting a disciplinary exercise.  He gives the team Joseph’s address as well and they head that way. Halfway to Redding they are stopped by two officers with submachine guns, this is unusual armament, probably due to the increased security after the UCAS military assault.

SINs are presented and the officer notices some body damage to the vehicle, he asks about it. Wheeler spins some bullshit about a shootout, “Sir, step out of the car.” The officer takes Jade and Wheeler to the back of the van. He has to send their SINs through to the station.  “Sir, put your hands on the front of our car please.” They are both placed under arrest by Knight Errant. Both officers are immediately turned to stone by Bear and the team escapes the situation.

Maybe telling the police officer that you were involved in a shootout is not the best way to talk yourself out of a traffic stop. That didn’t help the fact that neither Wheeler or Jade’s SIN’s passed muster. Since everyone’s ID in the vehicle had been run, it effectively burned all of them when they ran. This was especially problematic for Marius, who realized he had provided them with the ID tied to their home address.

Marius calls Dee real quick and gets him to quick wipe his Public SIN, catching a rash of shit a mile long for making a working stop with the same SIN the house was registered under.

The team arrives at Joseph Smith’s home. The Three Sons Moving Company has cleared the place out per the note on the door. Cho’s hacker is engaged and discovers the address where Joseph’s possessions are being dropped off, as well as contact info for Billy Lynx, the name of the guy on the invoice as contact.

Marius calls Nickles.

The team met Nickles early after arriving in Seattle. He provided them with one of their first paying gigs in the city and also provides them with the house they’re renting.

“Nickles, It’s Marius.”

“Marius, whats up?”

“Well, I have an opportunity for you to do some good, but it goes against your business interests.”

“I like my business interests, but tell me what’s up.”

Marius tells him about Joseph Smith.

“Well, if I were to be in the safehouse business, which I am not saying I am or am not…”

“Of course,” Marius says. Having spoken to Nickles before, he prepared himself for the clusterfuck of a conversation that was going to follow.

“You know, in case anyone were to be listening to this call. So If I were to be in the safehouse business and I was able to give you the location of this man, which I am not saying I can or cannot do or do not that thing which you may or may not be asking me about on this supposed call. But if I were, I would need the amount which I may or may not receive for a weeks worth of rent on a safehouse given to me as compensation for the information that I am definitely not going to give you, as I do not know anything about what you are talking about. You follow me?”

“I do.” Marius said. “So what would that supposed amount be? If you were, hypothetically speaking of course, in that business, which you certainly are not.”

“Well, if I were in that business, that amount would be 5,000¥.” Nickles said.

PREVIOUS: Mission 18 – Going Down Like Billy the Kid
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