Seattle Mission 18: Going Down Like Billy the Kid

Written by: Wheeler           Played on: 13 Apr 2013
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After the events of the last few runs, the team had determined that Major General Bezalel was at the root of their military problems. Pilot, Shadow and Node had been scouring their contacts and learned that the General would be at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (Fort Lewis) for an Ares weapons demonstration and engineered a hit against him.

Wheeler happened to have a contact in the Ares R&D department so, after parting with a whole lot of nuyen, was able to get fake IDs for his crew inserted into the system, granting them access during the demonstration.

Military Debrief: 4-14-76-OMG

Location: Joint Base Lewis-McChord Testing Ground – Archangel Demonstration

Overview: Incident on 4/14/76 at a med/long range weapons testing range leaves many soldiers dead including Major General Judah Bezalel, Lieutenant General Michael Daniels and Lieutenant General Christopher Jietoh. Also of note, two upper level executives of Ares Corporations were also killed in the action.

Accounts and Time-Lines: On the previously mentioned day, a group of somewhat well trained hit-men snuck into a weapons demonstration and killed three generals, two Ares execs, a handful of military personnel and every Ares tech/mechanic on site.

They arrived in a passenger vehicle at the gate to the testing grounds at 0900. SPC Walters and PV2 Sanchez were on duty. PV2 Sanchez reports that they checked the ID’s off all individuals in the van. One female by the name of Sakura Iro seemed suspicious, but after checking her credentials a second time they were all allowed onto the grounds.

After scanning their SINs, Cho’s ended up being the only one that didn’t make the cut, despite the fact that most of them were using very low ranking SINs.  That’s just how the dice go sometimes. They pulled her out of the vehicle but, after a short delay, she was able to con them into checking her ID again which this time passed.

Weapons demonstrations had already begun when the team arrived. Eye witnesses report the team exiting their vehicle and heading straight for the bunker where upper command and the Ares exes were watching the show. Evidence indicated that there was little resistance as the team murdered everyone in the bunker. Bullet wounds show that everyone was shot in the back without even time to turn around.

As the team approached the bunker, some were headed inside while others were heading to a nearby weapon cache, when they triggered a ward outside the bunker entrance. General Bezalel knew they were coming and had laid preparations in advance, as well as having unseen eyes in the trees that warned him when they arrived.

While their wards were active, they were unable to do anything of their own volition, which gave him time to exit the bunker and talk briefly with them. An Ares prototype exo suit was on display and the General had excused himself to inspect it up close. He ordered the team to enter the bunker and murder everyone inside while he was inspecting it, opening the way to him for immediate promotion and control within the UCAS military.

As in previous instances where the party has been ordered to do something out of their control, I had the team make a Will roll to resist their actions followed up by making the a roll for the action itself, typically a firearms roll. Any hits they got on the Will roll were subtracted from the attack roll. If they managed more hits on the Will roll, then they manage to succeed in resisting the command to attack and if not then they at least don’t do as much damage as they normally would.

This was an odd situation as when I explained to them to make the roll and subtract their Will hits, Wheeler and several other party members asked if they had to resist the urge. Apparently most of them were very willing to walk into the bunker and assassinate a group of innocent UCAS Generals, officers and Ares Execs who, as far as they know, were in no way related to General Bezalel’s clandestine and amoral operations.

My players continue to surprise me.

The team then proceeded to destroy a large exoskeleton Ares Purgatory Mech with ammunition that were demonstrated earlier that day. Sources say that at this point, Major General Bezalel was piloting the mech as part of the test maneuvers. No conclusive data can yet be found on the fate of the Major General, but we believe him to have died in the cockpit when a rocket exploded after lodging itself into the cockpit front view port. The mech was unrecoverable because of extensive damage.

When I prepared for this mission, I expected most of the soldiers would be taken out silently and be a minor inconvenience while the mech with the General inside would have been the most difficult opponent.

Instead, they took out the mech by the end of the second combat turn. Meanwhile, the soldiers and supporting fire from the Special Ops teams in the forest rendered five of the six players unconscious at various (and sometimes multiple) points and nearly killed half of them outright.

At this point in the time-line, our boys on the ground are in disarray but maneuvering to stop the attackers. Reports on when the attacks occurred are sketchy, but at some point the attacking team must have turned their weapons on the Ares techs and soldiers taking part in the demonstration, as they were all found dead on the scene. Sources say that, at one point while under fire, one of the team members turned into a medium sized panda but was then put down, on top of the rest of the team.

It seems that one or two of the team made it back to their vehicle and drove around to pick up their teammates. The driver was well trained, showing military precision placing his van between most of the sniper teams and his own team. The team at this point also took some of the rockets in crates near the bunker. Again showing good driving skills, the team made for the exit.

Wheeler at the wheel of their vehicle, doing his thing. Wheeler was the only one who managed to not ever be knocked unconscious and is probably the only reason the entire team made it out alive before reinforcements could arrive from the base.

PV2 Sanchez reports that SPC Walters went out to stop them, gun in hand. His report stated that the van executed a sliding U-turn while the back doors opened and a rocket came flying out striking the barrier that Private Walters was standing in front of. Again, no conclusive evidence can be found about the state of SPC Walters, but a team did find his tags nearly one hundred yards away in a tree covered in blood. He is believed to have been killed in action.

Quick Reaction Force teams Alpha and Bravo gave pursuit to the fleeing vehicle unleashing three roto-drones to keep track of the team. Video feed captured from the drones shows the team fleeing north away from the base. At this point, the team again used the rockets out the back door to down team Alphas pursuit vehicle. The drones were removed one at a time by what we consider to be a mage of some strength. Video feeds show the drones running in to something mid air and then being struck my lightning emanating from the van. The last image we have of the team is from a video feed from PFC Edmistons recovered cyberware. The driver of the fleeing vehicle is once again able to execute a sliding u-turn while aiming pistol out the window and taking shots at team Bravo’s driver (Edmiston).

We believe the criminals to still be at large, armed and dangerous. We do not believe the team to have been associated with Ares Corporations. Reparations have been paid to the corporation for the lives of the field techs and equipment that was destroyed. Investigation is ongoing to the whereabouts of the team and the motives they had for their actions on this day.

Nothing follows.

PREVIOUS: Mission 17 – Reunions
NEXT: Mission 19 – Orpahans are People Too – Part 1

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