Seattle Mission 17: Reunions

Written by: Marius           Played on: 30 Mar 2013
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Bear, Detrius, Marius, Wheeler, Chekhov, Jade, Cho and two new friends, Madman and Twinkle Toes, were all sitting around a large corner booth at a restaurant and bar called “The Beaten Gong”. It was a sports bar with an Asian flair. Nothing about it was in any way special except the 5¥ Mai-Tais were above average in flavor. At a recommendation of the two new folks, the entire team had ordered a round, except Wheeler who was enjoying non-alcoholic sake.

Wheeler’s low remaining essence value always has him worried that a drink or two might be enough to push him over the edge into an out of control cyber monster. We haven’t had the opportunity to test this theory, yet…

“So a lot of you missed out on the original phone call,” Wheeler says. “Pilot and I took a call from an old Army buddy named Shadow. The basic gist was that over the past few years, some of our old compadres have gone missing under mysterious circumstances, too many to be coincidence. Shadow and Pilot have been looking into it and decided that they ought to bring me, well us, in. Shadow and Node were with another friend, Spot, that went missing about a year ago in Chicago. Now two more guys have disappeared here in Olympia. So with that we set off, and soon we had arrived at the apartment in Olympia.”

Shadow, Node and Spot were introduced to the team, except for Chekhov, back in Denver when they assisted in stealing a prototype from an Ares facility for Wheeler’s birthday a few years prior.

“You leave out good part,” Chekhov states in his thick eastern block accent. “Crossing into the Salish Shidhe Council land, Wheeler feeds border guards bullshit about going “north” over border to see some friends. Despite saying north when headed south, they let us pass. Brilliant, am I right ladies?” Chekhov downs his Mai Tai.

“Right…” Wheeler says, embarrassed. “A few hours later we pull up outside. There is a low-nuyen drug deal, or at least what looks like one, going on down the street.  Marius stays with the van, Chekhov patrols the sidewalk around the block and the rest of the team goes in. We looked around for a while, trying to find evidence of, well anything I guess. That’s when I found the secret compartment with the commlinks and the money. Figured we would return it to you when we found you.”

Marius pipes in, being uncharacteristically cold. “And if we never did…” He shrugs before taking a drink of his Mai-Tai.

While searching the apartment, I had Wheeler come across a photo of his old squad and asked him to make up a story on the spot to give it context. I’ve found this is a nice technique to not only attach players to characters they are supposed to have off screen history with, but also to elicit the players to help with world building.

“I also found that photo and it reminded me of this story,” Wheeler says, turning toward the rest of the team, as the two newcomers had heard this before “There was this one time, we.. The whole group, We had been sent out as a special unit to deal with some arms dealers causing trouble for the locals and another military group. When we got into their compound we discovered they had been smuggling explosives and other hardware using live animals.

“They never put the detonators and explosives together but one of our unit members got a little trigger happy and found the detonators. He blew up all the livestock that were crammed with explosives.” He chuckles. “It was pretty funny. There were little craters scattered everywhere where they had been standing. Heh… Good times.” The rest of the team just looked on, some in stunned silence, others in amusement. Jade for possibly a third reason that does not need exploring at this time.

Marius jumps in, “So that’s when I noticed your girlfriend, of course I did not know who she was at the time, coming up the walk. I informed the team we had incoming. They hide. All except Wheeler. Wheeler leaves his comm open and I hear her just chewing him out, which was even funnier with her thick Boston accent. She seems unconvinced that Wheeler is supposed to be there. She did give us Jing Wu’s name, so I’m glad she dropped by.”

Wheeler resumes, “So I called a guy I know and that’s how we found his pawnshop”.

In the thick eastern block accent Chekhov interrupts, “I know him from my days on eastern coast. In NYC he was driver for my last job before I was snatched into program you almost took part of. He seemed solid enough, but could not be coincidence I think. So I tell everyone.”

Jing Wu goes unnamed in Chekhov’s back story,  so I named him and fleshed out his character and involvement with Chekhov a bit for this run. It made for some fun role-playing and tied another player into this story a little better.

“We arrived here at the Beaten Gong and I dropped the bar tender 200¥ for some info, we did not really learn much that was new, other than that’s where you guys met with Jin Wu.” Wheeler says.

Bear pipes up, he is keeping up with Chekhov and is on his second Mai-Tai in fifteen minutes, “Once we arrive at the pawn shop, we decide that I will go in under disguise of magic. Marius is going to come with. Marius and I try to name drop you guys, posing as shadowrunners looking for work. It does not go over well and, to avoid spooking the guy, we decide to leave.” He finishes his second drink, as does Chekhov. Marius, Jade Cho and the two new guys have just finished the first round, so Bear makes a wave toward the bartender, who is being very attentive after yesterdays 200¥ tip.

Chekhov says, “So I walks in minutes later. Jing Wu sees me from behind counter. He not thinking to see Chekhov. Not thinking to see Chekhov even little bit.” Chekhov’s english gets worse when he is drinking. “I say, ‘have things bothering me for year or so, remember last time you saw me?’ He says ‘dah’ and mentions the last mission we ran. ‘Yea, we caught bear, but you never come back. We look for you to give you cut, you want money’ as if this about money. ‘No, I was abducted, have not been having good time of it lately. Same thing recently happened to friends of mine, Madman and Twinkle Toes. Know anything?’ He says bullshit about not knowing anything, but Chekhov not buying what for sale.”

Taking his fresh drink off the table, Chekhov drinks about two-thirds of it in one big swallow.  “Good Mai Tai. Anyway, I asking about you guys and if you were on a mission for him. He says no, but I am thinking yes. He tries brushing me off again, but Chekhov presses harder. I say, ‘Nothing else you want to tell me?’ He continues, ‘no’. But am master interrogation guy, ‘Look, You have always seemed like honest guy.’ I says, ‘This real serious for me, I need to know you are telling me truth. If you come with me I make it easy, but I need to know you telling me truth.”

Chekhov continues, “So now Bear cast petrify, turn him into stone.”

“Ah, now my Russian friend,” Cho pauses and finishes her sentence in a playful imitation of Chekhov’s accent, “YOU leave out good part.” She takes a sip of her drink. “So Bear comes in intending to cast an analyze truth spell on him, but as soon as he comes in the door he gets tagged with a chest full of shotgun blast. The petrify happens after that.” Everyone gets a good chuckle.

Bear rubs his chest, still freshly bruised, he is the only one not laughing. “Yeah, so after that we ransacked the place. It looked like he was packing up shop and getting out of Olympia in a hurry. There was almost no stock left in the place. We ripped off about four grand worth of electronics, after torching open the back of his box truck. After that we took him someplace private, intending to beat the truth out of him and then leave him dead in the woods.”

“But we cut deal.” Chekhov says, sounding sad “He tell us everything, we let him get truck and drive off. He tells us that he delivering guys to these dudes on semi-regular basis. Real low-lifes, not quality folk like us. They set him up in NYC when Florida got hot, In NYC he gave me. They come him again recently and ask for military types, so he give them you. All anonymous, online. He never meet them. Thats when he tell us you are not gone, you still in Olympia. Up to this point I planning on killing him. He tell us where to find you guys, we decide to let him live. Sorry.”

Wheeler resumes, “Yeah, we ended up getting some sweet gear off of him too, at a reasonable discount of course. We headed to the docks where we found you guys and assaulted the place. They picked a good spot, those docks are abandoned, and they are huge. The warehouse was centrally located for a maximum area of vacant space around it. Anyone in there was certainly up to no good.”

“We did the usual,” Cho states. “Scoped it out with drones, set a breaching charge and went in hot. We took out all the guys we could.”

Marius interrupts, “We tried to take a few alive, but as usual these fuckers kill everyone.” He sounds a little frustrated.

Cho continues, “So we blow the front door and take out their air drones, then we go in. We get a little shot up, as you saw, but we take everyone out. One guy got away in the van parked out back, we should have seen that coming. Should have hit from the rear and checked the van more thoroughly first. Anyway, then we found you guys and those other dudes.”

Madman pipes up, “Thanks again. Well, yeah, we had been in there a while, about two weeks I guess. Something must have delayed them, I get the feeling the guys holding us were a little pissed that they had to be there so long and that they had to feed us. “

“I think I might know what that was,” Marius says. “We took out a team about three weeks ago. You remember, Wheeler, when that guy talked about the General?”

“Yeah, that’s right. We ran into Notorious three weeks ago, working with a team that assaulted us on a job similar to the one you guys were doing, a sit and guard. Someone must have given us up in the same way you were given up. Or we were simply being followed.” Wheeler said.  “Anyway, he said to watch out for the General. You guys have any ideas?”

Kevin ‘Madman’ Garcia took a long breath, “Well, he always did have a hard on for special projects. But super soldiers… I don’t know.”  The table sat in silence for a long moment.

Dominic ‘Twinkle Toes’ Ross was the first to speak, “Well, if I don’t get home to to Rosetta soon, she is going to cut my dick off.”

“Yeah,” Marius said “I heard her mention that specifically.”

Madman said, “Well there is nothing holding me here. I’m getting the fuck out of the Council. I’m going down south, I have family in Brazil. I’ll drop you all a line when I get there. Thanks again Wheeler, everyone.”

PREVIOUS: Mission 16 – Babysitting – Part 2
NEXT: Mission 18 – Going Down Like Billy the Kid

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