Seattle Mission 16: Babysitting – Part 2

Written by: Bear           Played on: 01 Mar 2013
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“Like I said, if she was controlling this team too, if I killed her, it would disable her control rod and break the spell over them. But… well… the best-laid plans, right? Anyway I see her as I round the corner, she was back-lit by the fireball Chekhov had just used to light up the soldiers still shooting at Ch-”

“Oh come on, you iz missing zee best part!” bursts Chekhov. “Ah Jade, you would have loved zee pole that vuz in there! I slid down with a spiral just like the dancers at Starbutts! Only I launched a fireball instead of the cuntfetti they blast out… gotta learn how to do that…” The last bit he said under his breath. Everyone but Jade looked on in horror at Chekhov. What the fuck is that guys problem?

After a shudder, which ached all through my body, I continued, “Whatever. Yes. Okay. You were kick ass. She managed to drop my invisibility spell and I just dodged the full auto fire coming down from the ork at the top of the stairs. I then locked eyes with Shakira. Over hearing the sounds of my teammates crying out in pain, I lost it.

“That moment seemed to last hours. I felt her aura and mine meet, with our eyes unblinking looking deep into one another. Then all I heard was the roar of a Bear and a blinding light. A light I last saw the day we met Ghostwalker. I felt the heat rise inside me as the bolt of lightening discharged. I saw the fear in her eyes.” The same fear I saw in Dr. Warwick’s eyes. That of someone knowing they do not deserve forgiveness.

Bear chose to permanently burn a point of Edge here for a critical success while max casting a lightning bolt. For those keeping score at home, this would be the second point he’s permanently burned in game with the first being spent during the last session in Denver to take out a helicopter.

“I saw a glimpse of her after that. Or at least what was left her. The blast lifted her off the ground, through a window and lodged her into a wall. Her flesh burned and tearing from the bone and glass sticking in and out of her. That blast carved these new scars in.” I pulled down my shirt revealing still red scars of lightning running around my arms, up my neck, and now across my chest and back.

After a moment of silence, Marius adds, “That blast of light was from you? Wow. When the light shined up from the stairs, Wheeler’s ‘friend’ pointed two huge revolvers at me unloaded them. The blast rang out and I felt the world go cold…”

“Shit, that’s gnarly. But then it was over. Right? The spell dropped?” Jade asked optimistically, but looking at our faces staring into our cups or hands and glancing at our wounds, she answered her own question, “Oh…”

I continued, “These were trained soldiers, not being controlled by magic, but orders all the same. The rage was still building inside me and in my blind rage hearing Marius’ body hit the ground, I charged the ork.”

“You did what? You really are a fool sometimes,” said Marius through a gritted smile. “How’d that work out for you?”

“Not well. All I remember before the darkness, was the feeling of burning metal pouring over me. Then everything went from red, to white, to black.”

“Duh. You glitched out on me. Rushed head-on into zee mini-gun and took more rounds than could count,” informed Chekhov in his thick, Russian accent.

“Crap, thanks anyway, Bear.” Marius says with a sideways smile.

“You both were lucky I was there. Well, me and Wheeler.” Chekhov corrected after a cough from Wheeler, “… Between his gun fire and my real fire, we wasted the ork and elf.”

“So was that it?” asked Jade.

“No, it left one dick-hole, who turned and ran. I chased him to the roof. But I was delayed by the grenade he left as a parting gift.” Wheeler said. He had been mostly silent, apparently deep in thought. It’s never easy to face your past, especially in our line of work.

“I chased him from the ground level.” added Cho.

“Didja get him?” again Jade recognizes her unneeded question by the shared look on Wheeler and Cho’s faces. “Sorry.”

“That guy is a pro, he goes by the handle Notorious, and he’s a douche bag of epic douchiness. I doubt it’s the last we’ll see of him.” Wheeler added.

“After those two chased after that guy, I healed up these two saps,” said Chekhov.

“You call that healing? I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but shit, I’ll give you a few lessons if you want. And you should have let me heal Marius, so we wouldn’t’ve had to limp out of there.” I know I shouldn’t be so critical when I was knocking on death’s door, but still. His heal spell didn’t even get all of the bullets out of me.

“Bloodied, burned, and exhausted was not exactly how we intended to present ourselves to Mr. Johnson. The look on his face was enough to let us know that he didn’t send the team. His safe house was busted and his hired team half-past dead. Marius and Wheeler looted the gear from the soldiers. I checked Shakira for a control rod but she had none. I did, however, notice that her uniform had no markings other than that of two kneeling angels facing a dagger.

The unit patch on the soldier’s uniforms matched one of the team’s bonds. Paired with the soldiers and Notorious’ taunts, the team learned their next target was likely military, possibly the General that had been in charge of Wheeler’s old unit in his bio.

“Cho looks over the drop-off of the goods. Mr. Johnson and his team got out of there quickly with the crates. He hurried out, but said he would consider us for future work, although I’m not counting on it. After that, we piled into the van and got the fuck back here. Shit, we probably didn’t get back until six. Marius, you were the one who called Logan, right?”

Marius perked up, he had half fallen asleep, “Yeah… Uh, yeah he was pretty pissed about his safe house  but still paid us in full for the work. When I told him about the team, he seemed just as surprised as Mr. Johnson. He paid, but I’m not sure how trustworthy he is, all his jobs have gotten us into real deep shit. Although some of it might’ve been our bad…”

“So yeah, sorry I wasn’t there for you guys… but it was two for one last night at the Cock Ring  Plus, I filled my punch card and it expires tomorrow, so I HAD to go…” Again, disgust washes over the team. Except Chekhov this time, who starts to press her for details like a kid who missed out on Saturday morning trids. With that we grab the rest of our soy “eggz’n’bacon” breakfasts and head our own ways to get as far away from the conversation as fast as possible.

I divide my pay to Cho, Marius, and Chekhov. With Cho paid off, I’m still in deep to Marius and Chekhov for my new arms, but that’s a worry for another time.

It was a tough night for Team Marahal and I can’t believe I’m awake. I’ll heal up one more time and deal with the pain and confusion tomorrow.

One thing’s for sure though, someone knows who we are, they are watching where we’re going and are working to take us out. I don’t like being followed, but we showed that we’re ready for them and willing to kill those who would use us as tools.

PREVIOUS: Mission 16 – Babysitting – Part 1
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