Seattle Mission 16: Babysitting – Part 1

Written by: Bear           Played on: 01 Mar 2013
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“What the fuck happened to you all last night?” Jade asks the team as she joins them around the table for breakfast. At 2pm. She wonders because most of the team is sporting intense bandages and new scars.

“I think we should be asking YOU where the fuck you were! We really could’ve used you last night.” Wheeler said cringing after a slurp of coffee, either from the sting of his injuries or the taste of the sludge referred to as coffee.

“I spent the night out. You guys said the job was going to be easy.” Jade responded.

Jade’s player was unable to attend game, so her character was absent for this run.

“Famous last words.” I mumble. “Things just aren’t going our way lately, especially last night…”

It’s been an eventful, last few days. I look down into my hands, rubbing my eyes. My new arms fit like a dream; I thought that I would be happy, finally rid of the arms installed by the Marahal project so many years ago. Now with arms of my choosing, outfitted to look like skin, with upgraded resilience, storage, shock hands, and the blades which I have become accustomed to. I spent the last few days setting up my old arms in my lodge, adding the strength of their foci to it. Not until mounted, did I notice just how damaged they had become over the years. Some of the cracks still had dried blood in them and I realized I don’t know whose it was.

While meditating in my lodge, my new arms worked idly to further customize them. As I awoke, I saw that my arms were engraved with the symbols of my spirit, my strength and my people; my family, new and old. These connected to scars etched into my flesh from years of aggressive spellcasting; scars that have expanded, and become more elaborate after the events of last night. Last night. Last night?

Oh Gods, after last night I’m lucky to still be alive. “It all started way too early and yet all happened so fast…”

“So what happened?” Jade asks again.

“Well, we got a call from an overly excited Logan Scott telling us about a high paying cake-walk of a job. He was handing it over to us as a favor. Mr Johnson was paying us 10,000¥ each just to just pick-up and watch over a shipment.”

Logan Scott is the fixer that previously hired the team to protect  a client, Julia, and later to hunt down her would-be kidnappers that exposed a cult of ghouls.

“It was so close to being that simple too.” This was Marius chiming in, not looking like his usual self. He seemed hollow, empty, like he had seen the face of death; which isn’t too far from the truth.

“So we had a few hours after getting the job to pick up the shipment. Wheeler and Cho went shopping, Marius looked up the route between the docks and safehouse, while Chekhov had simply rested as there wasn’t really anything to plan. Our first hiccup happened on the way to the safehouse.”

“Yeah, if you call almost being attacked by an entire biker gang a hiccup!” said Marius. “Although, I guess we took care of things pretty quick,” he added with a chuckle as he flips through a news article about a pile-up last night that consisted of 25 motorcycles and a dozen cars which resulted in over a dozen arrests. “Guess those bastards are sore losers. You see Jade, we got tailed by the Leather Devils on our way to the safehouse. The same gang we’ve beaten out twice during the summer race. With the use of a spikestrip, physical barriers and skilled driving, we left them in the dust.”

The Leather Devils is the motorcycle club that has sent representatives to the last two Harvest Races. On both occasions  the team didn’t make any friends.

“We should’ve made them dust,” Cho mutters. “But we did manage to alter the van’s SIN and appearance to avoid any other issues.”

“That’s right. So we get to the safe house; an old out of use mechanics shop, which was likely a firehouse before that. The building was dank and busted. But with some work, we were able to secure it to our liking. Cho and Wheeler re-activated the in house surveillance and had their spy drones fly around the building. This gave us eyes inside and out, that, along with Chekhov’s watcher spirit, we established watches and got our night going. By the way, Cho, Wheeler, what happened with those drones? AND the watcher spirit? Chekhov? Why didn’t they warn us?”

All we got from them were non-committal shrugs.

The team seemed surprised and confused that it should be perfectly normal for them to be able to slip by a couple drones while infiltrating a building, but expected that a group of highly trained operatives shouldn’t be able to do the same to them. Probably the same sort of thing that makes Invisibility such an awesome spell when they use it, but frustrating difficult when its used against them.

“Well, whatever happened, things went to shit real fast. I had just come downstairs from being out on the roof, patrolling the building invisibly. Cho was sleeping in the van. Marius and Chekhov were awake, while Wheeler rested upstairs. That’s when the shots started. What happened up there?”

“It vuz fucked from square one!” Chekhov exclaimed. “Ze door opened a crack, I stopped eet with a barrier but zen BAM! I got shot to shit!”

Marius added, “Yea chums, it was ugly. I shot into the door a few times, then kicked the fucker in!”

“I SAW THAT!” I said, “I saw three military shits dressed up in full tactical gear, one of ‘em getting a door slammed into his face. But they didn’t see me. I spent some time mana bolting and stabbing the tough ass ork who swung wildly at me. But I saw this bastard,” I gesture to Marius,  “Pulling some crazy skills disarming the guy he was fighting.”

“Shit. I was just doing my best not to get shot.” Marius says with a chuckle, stopping sharply and grabbing at his ribs.

“That’s when I heard the explosion come from downstairs! What the hell was that, Cho?”

“They used a breach charge on the door we welded up.” She explained.

A collective “fuck” is sighed across the table. It was becoming obvious at that point to Jade, these soldiers weren’t likely here for the package.

Cho continues, “So I turned on the vans shock defenses and got ready to ram down the bastards spilling out. That was when I saw that bitch Shakira, the one who was controlling the team Matt was a part of.”

“What did you guys do to her? What happened next?” urged Jade.

“Well, between Wheeler shooting down through a window on the second floor to cover Cho and Marius and Chekhov fighting in the hallway, I figured they were okay and I would cut her off before she could help the fighters upstairs. I thought that she must be controlling this team the same as the last group, especially when one of the soldiers upstairs knew and was calling out to Wheeler.”

The team then stares at Wheeler, “Who was that guy?” we all ask.

“Long story, finish telling Jade about what happened.” By his tone, it was clear that was all the answer we were going to get.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission 09 – Rat Race Round Two – Part 5
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