Seattle Side Mission 09: Rat Race Round Two – Part 5

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2013
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“So they way this is working Petra, is that each team will board a sub-orbital flight. Once they are approaching Europe, they will be told their next waypoint is back here in Seattle. They will have to make it to the cockpit to reprogram the autopilot in order to bring themselves to SeaTac airport.”

Petra takes the cue, “Well, TJ that sounds easy. I’m sure our race organizers have planned more than that for the racers.”

“They have indeed,” Tj says. “The moment they are told about the destination, all the crates you can see between them and the cockpit will burst open, revealing stun drones on a low setting. These drones will pelt them until disabled. It should keep them from advancing through the cockpit until they have taken out at least a handful of the drones.”

“Drones?” Petra says “That still sounds a little easy. What else you got?”

“Funny you should ask, the members of each team will have access to a terminal, outside the line of fire, where they can take control of any drone on any other flight. That’s direct control, to turn the heat up on the competition.”

This scene allowed the team to take one of three actions. They could try to make for the cockpit to turn the flight around, but they had to pass an agility test with a difficulty value equal to the number of drones in the room (twelve to start with).

They could make an attack against the drones which could injure or destroy them based on how many hits they got. Again, combat was extrapolated here so rather than tracking total damage dealt per drone, I made it a simple success test. Enough hits would completely destroy a drone, a few less would injure one with two injury rolls equally a destroyed drone and anything less resulting in a miss.

Finally, they could forgo any offensive action to assume direct control of drones in another craft. They made a rigging test that would impose a negative modifier to any team they chose. Unsurprisingly, the team focused on last year’s victors.

“Now we are talking!” Petra states. “Lets see where we stand right now. Last year’s winners are in first, followed by Team Marahal, The Femme Fatales are trailing in a distant third. One of our lesser known teams, calling themselves ‘The Package’ have come from behind and seized hold of fourth place, leaving the bikers and paramilitary tied for sixth. The High Adventure team has been taken into custody on the ship and they are out of the race.”

“BOOM! We are moving now, looks like the Marahal Team and the Champions team have both crossed the threshold within a few seconds of each other, they are fighting drones. The asian female in team Marahal has grabbed the controls of the drone rig and is taking it to the now tied for first place Champions. This is going to RAGE!”

Petra breaks into the conversation, “Looks like the troll in Team Marahal is making a break for the cabin. She is catching a lot of stun rounds…”

“OH, she sliced one of the drones in HAAAALF!” TJ shouted. “I cannot believe that, it was NUTS!”

Jade fighting through a sensation that was both numbing and painful at the same time, managed to make her way past the last drone into the cockpit, she kicked the door in and found not an autopilot like she was expecting, but a live pilot and copilot. Both looked terrified.

Turn this thing around, NOW! Jade thought. We need to get to Seattle with all possible haste. What came out sounded more like, “Seattle. Go Seattle. NOW!”

“Right away, ma’am,” The copilot squeaked as he punched a new course into the autopilot.

Jade felt her stomach turn as the craft banked hard to one side. She moved back into the passenger compartment where the drones had all powered down.  Moving around a smoking drone, she assists Wheeler up off the ground. Jade returns to her seat for the duration of the flight.

Once the craft had landed, the team, including Jade, poured out and ran through the terminal to the waiting taxi’s out front. Marius opened the door to a more metahuman friendly bulldog and the team piled in. Jade turned to the driver and thought, excuse me, we need to get to the space needle as fast as you can drive. No, actually faster than that. What came out sounded like, “Space Needle, FAST!”

The driver punched the accelerator and the van took off, he was driving quickly, but was not going to break any land speed records. Marius leaned over from the front passenger seat and produced a credstick.

“There is an extra 100¥ in it for you if you break a land speed record, this is just short of life or death here.”  The man grabbed the credstick and in the next motion pulled up onto a sidewalk to skip past an intersection. He continued driving impressively quick until they arrived at the Space Needle. The team lept from the cab and sprinted toward the elevators.

“Well, there you have it,” Petra said. “The first two teams have both touched down on the tarmac and have both made their way to the Space Needle. They have arrived within minutes of each other, the only thing to see now is who comes through the elevator doors first.” As if on cue the right side lift doors opened revealing an empty car.

“OH SNAP!” TJ yelled. “The winning team sent the second lift up empty to slow pursuit, that is COLD.” The second lift doors opened.

Entering the lobby we look around for another team, we don’t see one. We are the first ones back! Other men throw down napkins as Mr. Johnson cheers. We sit with Mr. Johnson and eat a lavish meal and drink our fill.

Coming back from last year’s devastating loss, the team manages to scratch out a victory!

“It’s been about seven minutes since Team Marahal emerged from the lift. They are on their second round of drinks and there is still no sign of…” Petra is interrupted by the sound of the stairwell door flying open. The Champions emerge, covered in sweat. One of them looks over to see the Troll lift a glass in their direction and he throws up.

“Well, that does it for our coverage. Team Marahal came in first, Followed by the Champions, The Femme Fatales come in third, looking beat up. Amazingly, behind them the bikers enter and the paramilitary guys are in fifth. The high adventure team is a no-finisher. See you all next year!”

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