Seattle Side Mission 09: Rat Race Round Two – Part 4

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2013
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“As you can see TJ, Team Marahal has split into three. The Troll seems to be heading for the gear bag in one of the staterooms. The asian human is heading to the control room where the High Adventure team’s datastick is located, while the elf and the human male are headed to the engine room after their team’s datastick. Things could turn violent.”

“Petra, those watching the paramilitary team will no doubt be aware that one of them has already found that datastick, and is laying in ambush for whoever comes looking for it. Violent indeed, Petr – OH!” TJ interrupts himself. “The troll is engaged in COMBAAAAAAT! Three security guards with tazers. BAM!”

Petra jumps in, she looks frightened by TJs excited shouting. “Ohh, the Paramilitary guy hiding in the engine room has decided he wants no part of two against one. He is bailing.” she finishes in her sultry bedroom voice.

“CHASE!” TJ yells “They are AFTER his ass. WHOOOO”

She recoils a bit from his yelling. “Yes, quite.”

“Catering cart, BOOM! Big hit”

“Yes, the paramilitary guy is down and he has been shot by the elf. They appear to be looking for the data stick now. Ok, they foun… what? They have grabbed the apron from the porter and have bound the man up. Now… they are stealing his boots?” Petra is bewildered by this.

“No boots, no chase. That’s some outside the box thinking Petra. A look at another monitor here shows me that the asian girl just slapped the hell out of one of the High Adventure team members and has stolen their data stick. Her and the two men are headed for the upper decks. Lets check in with our leaders, last years champions…”

Jade tried the doorknob of the stateroom. Locked. Frack, she thought. Glancing down the corridor, she saw no signs of further security. She silently reached around and unslung her combat axe. Ok, time to cause a small amount of damage. Quickly. Quietly. You can do this. She swung the axe in a calculated arc, intended to damage the area near the latch just enough to allow her to push through. The door split into four large chunks, with many smaller fragments flying everywhere. Well… Whatever, Jade thought. She plowed through the pile of broken wood and snatched up the four large duffle bags from the beds.

“I’m headed topside,” Jade announced over the comms. She started trekking up the nearest staircase, legs burning by the time she reached the main deck. A tilt wing HS050 hovers over the cruise liner. People are filming, The side doors open and a rope ladder trails down. Jade is the last one on Team Marahal climbing the ladder as the aircraft heads south.

“What’s in the bags?” The elf asks.

“Don’t know,” Jade grunts, as she begins to unzip one. Sure was heavy, better have been worth the trouble, the troll finishes internally. Inside the bags was scuba gear and dry bags for other equipment.

“Petra, we are back. The High Adventure team has had a major setback at the hands of Team Marahal. They have lost their next data chip and have no way off the ship. They are almost certain to be arrested. They are technically still ahead of the Paramilitary Team, who have also seen some major delays early on, they are just coming in ahead of the bikers. The Femme Fatales and team Marahal are just about neck and neck. Team Marahal may have a few minutes on the ladies and last years champions are, not surprisingly, leading the race. That catches us up, Petra.”

“Great, thanks TJ; heading over to team FemFatal, we can see their craft banking and hovering over the coast, that is Los Angeles you can see in the distance. Looks like they are strapping on the scuba gear, interesting they had not already done that, TJ.”

“Indeed, Petra. Waiting like that will cost them some time. ome the finish line they may wish they had those seconds back. BOOM! They are in the water now, getting all wet. Whoo!”

“Reminds me a bit of something I might have heard on the set of one of my feature films, TJ”

TJ turns and smiles at Petra, as if noticing her physical qualities for the first time. “Yeah, I’ll bet… Anyway, our next few waypoints are underwater. Now this team is headed into the same cavern structure that Team Marahal just dropped into a few hundred feet away, we could see some action if the Femme Fatales and Team Marahal run into each other.”

“Both of these teams have shown they are prepared for combat, TJ.” Petra says with a sultry bedroom voice. “Each team is armed with two hand held harpoons and two harpoon guns with 5 shots each, That should allow them to defend themselves from whatever may be lurking in the deep.”

“BOOM!” TJ yells. “Assault from above! Team Marahal has come upon the Femme Fatales and… oh, what’s this… OH YEAH, a group of spirits has entered the fray. Things just got HEAAAAAVYYYYY!!!”

Petra jumps in and calls the play by play, “Looks like the Marahal group has attracted about half of them, leaving the Femme Fatales with the rest. The youngest female is having some real trouble with one of the slug spirits. This could go on for a few minutes. Looks like team Marahal has finished with their slug spirits and they are leaving the ladies to fend for themselves. The redhead is really laying into that second slug spirit, but she just does not have the strength needed to do any real damage, what do you think TJ?

“I think you may be onto something Petra, her angle is good, but that spear is not penetrating the spirits outer layers. They are seeing a delay here, Team Marahal has hit the last waypoint and is moving toward the surface.

Jade broke the surface of the small, landlocked lake. She stripped off her scuba gear while ignoring the shocked looks of the families at the lake. The whole team booked it into the parking lot of the day use area and hot-wired a fast looking car. The destination that was on the map was LAX. There was much debate during the drive about what to do when they got there, but it turns out that their names were on the list at the priority desk, I don’t know what that means, Jade thought. But they are letting me keep my axe. This is not so bad.

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