Seattle Side Mission 09: Rat Race Round Two – Part 3

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2013
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Meanwhile, one of our heroes, Jade, was in quite the pickle. Her next waypoint was inside the Key Arena at Seattle Center, on the north side of downtown Seattle. Making her way into this public space would normally not be much of an issue, the home to the 1962 World’s Fair is open to the public after all. Today, however, the venue was to be hosting a political rally for a candidate that Jade knows will remember her none too fondly.

There was something funny about the team unwittingly choosing to send the troll to the event that would require the most finesse to get through. She rolled with the scene pretty well, however.

“Felix Greely,” Jade thought. “Son of a bitch.”

“Pardon me, miss?” a nearby pedestrian asked. “Were you speaking to me?”

“Uh… No, sorry. Just thinking aloud.” Jade answered back. After watching the crowd carefully she spies a doorman who is paying less attention to visitor passes than others and decides to sneak in.

“Ma’am, I need to see your pass.” the guard says as he steps into Jade’s path. The short guard looked board. He clearly had been doing this job too long.

Jade looked down at the man, allowing her face to show rage. “You will allow me to pass. I have traveled far to hear the great Felix Greely speak, you will not stop me from seeing my candidate.” She did not raise her voice, but allowed the slightly hushed but firm tone to make her point, or so she hoped. The man paused, reached for his radio, but stopped as Jade placed a hand on his shoulder. “I could break your arm off and kill you with it. But instead I am just going to say, please.” She placed extra darkness and violence into the word ‘please’, and squeezed his shoulder slightly.

“Alright ma’am, don’t make any trouble.” The man moved aside allowing Jade to pass.

She was able to make it onto the floor and quickly located the waypoint, passing through it with ease. The large troll’s heart sank as she saw the next waypoint illuminate on her AR display. It was moving, following a man as he got up out of his chair and shook the hand of the man who had just finished speaking. He took the mic.

“Good afternoon, Seattleites. And when I say Seattleites, you know I am not just speaking to the humans, but to all citizens of this great northwestern metropolis; Orcs, Elves, Humans, Trolls, Dwarves…” Felix Greely’s words were drowned out in thunderous applause.

Drek. Jade thought as she saw one of the commandos making his way to the stage. I bet he has the same waypoint. She started making her way toward the stage, pausing when she reached a security officer. “That man has a GUN!” She cried pointing toward the unfortunately dressed paramilitary wannabe, “He said he is going to kill Felix!”

The security officer spoke into his wrist as he began rushing toward the stage. “We have a hostile, we are code A010, white male, human, in camo-pants, suspected armed…”

Jade ran toward the stage and brushed past the guards now all swarming towards the commando. She jumped up on the stage and yelled, “Get down, Mr. President!” as she tackled the politician to the ground, tagging the waypoint in the process. Felix immediately recognizes her and begins screaming.

I don’t think the fact that she was calling the new mayor the president was an accident…

I’m sorry, believe me, I’m not here to hurt you, Jade thought. Felix heard, “Graaagh!” Jade got up and ran for the exit.

“Oh, that was almost quite the hit!” Petra said as she shuffled through a display in front of her. “Lets see that again. Alright, now you can see here that the Elf from Team Marahal barely avoids being T-boned by one of the Paramilitary team members.”

“It’s a good thing too,” TJ continues “At that speed that could have been considered attempt to cause extreme harm to another player and may have resulted in a disqualification.”

Petra says, “Last year’s second place team is the fourth team to collect all their waypoints. They are ready to take the next step. Things are getting exciting. They are now on their way to the marina, where they will be one of three teams headed to a cruise ship showdown. Three identically encrypted data cards have been hidden aboard the CSS (Corporate Sovereign Ship) Beautiful Sunrise, on it’s way back to Seattle after cruising to Alaska. These vacationers are going to get more than they bargained for as ‘pirates intent on killing all passengers and seizing the ship’ board the luxury liner. Or at least that’s what the ship’s security has been warned is about to happen.”

“That’s due to an ‘anonymous’ tip from our promoters. Ok, we have our first mid race update as all teams have deciphered the first clue. The high adventure team is in first, followed by last years winners, then the Femme Fatales, then Team Marahal, followed by the bikers…” TJ continues reading off the names of the lesser teams.

PREVIOUS: Side Mission – Rat Race Round Two – Part 2
NEXT: Side Mission – Rat Race Round Two – Part 4

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