Seattle Side Mission 09: Rat Race Round Two – Part 2

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2013
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Like the log for the previous race, Marius elected to write it as live coverage for a sporting type event, including guest coverage from last year.

“Good Evening everyone, my name is Petra Maple and joining me is former Urban Brawl International World Cup Champion forward TJ Crews of the Seattle Screamers”

“It’s great to be back in Seattle Petra and even better to be involved in the Harvest Race. Some of our teams here today have former Urban Brawl players on them you know. It’s a wonderful event that does not exclude people based on their particular skills, unlike Urban Brawl.”

“Yes, this is quite the race.”

“So Petra, the participant’s meeting is happening now, can you tell me, along with our viewers here and select viewers in other parts of the world, what is going on?”

Petra, who had been turned toward TJ while he was speaking took a moment to respond, as if her mind was elsewhere. “I sure can TJ. The participant’s are being given the rules, which are as follows:

One. Every team member is tracked by hover drones. They will be used to provide us with live camera feeds as well as tracking the locations of the team members at all times. They will even be used to occasionally provide status updates to the participants. Tampering with ANY drone is forbidden and grounds for immediate disqualification.

Two. Lethal violence is prohibited. Friendly competition is expected, but teams cannot take any action that could result in the death or permanent injury of a fellow competitor.

Three. Self defense is permitted, but no engagement beyond self defense is permitted with law enforcement, or civilians.”

Besides these in game rules, also like last year, I explained to the players that much of this session would be extrapolated to various point values throughout the race. Most notably, this included counting the hits towards any task as their “points” for that round of actions. Special actions taken to get their team ahead or to specifically delay another team would count as additional hits for or against that team’s total. The team with the most points at the end of the game would win.

This game also involved the party splitting up at several occassions or making difficult travel. Since the team couldn’t complete their objectives any faster than their slowest member, everyone would make a roll and only the lowest value would be counted.

For the opposing teams, each team was given a difficulty rating which let me abstract out their dice pools without fully stating out every character. Teams with certain specializations got bonuses to particular rolls, for instance the High Adventure team when making climbing and scuba diving rolls or the Biker Gang when making driving rolls.

I made all the rolls for the opposing teams in advance for every section. This allowed me to run the game for the team without taking time out to figure out how the other teams were doing. If the party impacted another team, then I simply added a penalty to their totals for that section or otherwise adjusted their success on the fly.

“Thanks Petra. So right now, as you can see on your video feeds, each team is being handed a data stick. This data stick is encrypted.  To get the cypher each team must reach 20 locations. Each node has an AR point and players need to physically interact with it to “pass” that point. Right now their GPS programs on their comms are being fed the first four of the 20 locations. This first challenge is requiring that the teams split up, to reach all the GPS locations.” TJ Crews finishes. A large and imposing man, TJ Crews stands about 6’8” tall. His dark brown skin is rippled with muscles and laced with scarring from a hard fought 10+ year championship career in Urban Brawl. While lethal activity is “illegal” in Urban Brawl, very few players at the championship level get to retire while they can still walk under their own power.

“Last year’s victors, ‘The Champions’ are just standing around, while last year’s second place team, ‘Team Marahal’, are making for the stairs. Looks like most of the teams are following suit, while some are waiting for the elevators. Well, This is going to take a few seconds, we are 60 floors up…”

“WOAH!” TJ Crews interrupted with his signature shouting, made famous by his onscreen persona, both in the realm of Urban Brawl and advertising for a popular anti-perspirant “And they are off! Team High adventure is over the railing and repelling down 60 floors of steel and glass. This was an unexpected event.”

“Indeed TJ,” Petra seems a bit taken back by his excitement. “Those of you that have subscribed to a particular team will see their real time positions, as well as the teams objectives highlighted on your IR displays. You will be able to view other teams at anytime by highlighting them on the teams dropdown on the top left. I can see that most of the teams are heading down the stairs. The Champions are making their way out to the terrace, and seem to be in no hurry. The FemFatales have grabbed the elevators, both of them. A shrewd move indeed.”

TJ takes over with, “Oh, looks like we have some action in the parking lot. The Fem-Fatales have left in their car already. Last year’s second place team, Team Marahal, have just cleared the front doors, they are about three floors ahead of the commandos. They have split into two groups, each taking a limo– BOOM!” Petra jumps as TJ yells. “They are shooting out tires!”

After a moment, Petra’s voice takes on a slightly more calm and breathy tone, a subtly sexy voice practiced to perfection with years in the adult entertainment industry. “At this point I would like to remind our viewers that this coverage is brought to them by Knight Errant Security Services. Seattle’s public safety contractor could be your businesses security services contractor. Trust the name that takes care of you. Trust Knight Errant.”

“And we are back, Petra. During the break we missed this,” TJ turns toward another camera as a highlight video appears above his right shoulder. “Team Marahal grabbed two town cars and drove through the parking lot shooting the tires of the other town cars. They have delayed the exodus of their competitors for sure.”

“But what’s This TJ, they are splitting in two groups and not four? Do you think that is wise?” Petra asked, with a doey aloofness that is also practiced from a long career in the adult entertainment industry.

The team initially stuck to the age-old adage  “Never split the party.” Though they quickly figured out they weren’t going to be making very good time this way and split up after the first few points.

“Probably not Petra, they may be suspecting some early aggression from the other teams. I recall seeing some highlights from last year, and If I remember right Team Marahal made their share of enemies. Didn’t they bury another team in a cave last year?”

“Yes, TJ, they did. Team Marahal buried the Leather Devils MC team last year, This team is fielded by a Motorcycle Club with chapters all over the world. These four are out of the local Seattle charter.”

“Looks like the Troll and the Elf are headed to the easternmost waypoint, while the cyborg and the asian woman head to the rooftop in the central district, they are going to figure out pretty quick they should have split up, Petra. As the other teams are making their vehicles, I would like to take a few moments to talk about the New Flavor lineup of anti-perspirant. New Flavor has wetness stopping ABILITYYYYY!!! We’ll be right back!”

“And we are back. Again, I’m Petra Maple alongside TJ Crews. The first of our teams are just now making it to their waypoints.  We are going to show you replay footage from something that just occurred. The Champions team boarded aerial drones and headed off of the balcony.”

“Petra, it looks like last years second place team wised up and split into individuals to make the waypoints faster. Last year this team had some different members and went by the name ‘The Dragon Escapers’, but this year, with a slightly different line up they are back as ‘Team Marahal’. Some of you may remember the antics of…”

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