Seattle Side Mission 09: Rat Race Round Two – Part 1

Written by: Marius           Played on: 15 Feb 2013
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It is just after noon as I am finishing my workout. The trid is blasting out some drivel about politics. I was not paying much attention, just jogging along to the background noise when a name caught my attention; Felix Greely. My mind drifted back to that first day back in Seattle, or the first one I remember anyway. A burning sensation in my arm followed by memories of events that did not take place. I can still remember Felix ordering his men to shoot us, even though I have seen the video evidence that this was not how it went down. I can feel the kick of my pistol as I gunned down one of his guards. I remember the flash as Jade fired a round, striking him center mass.

We would discover throughout that day that we were slaves to some magical bonds, bonds that we have only recently broken free of. Felix was not an aggressor but an innocent victim, whom we ended up saving in the end, although there is no love lost between he and us.

Felix Greeley and the events he is remembering are, of course, the events of the first run of the campaign in Seattle.

My remaniciance is broken by the treadmill’s smartlink popping up a notification that I had just broken my fastest kilometer record, I had not noticed I was sprinting. Slowing to a more reasonable pace, I turned my attention back to the trid. Felix was to be at a big rally at the Seattle Key Arena next week. Before I could catch why my comlink beeped.

“Hello, This is Marius.”

“Hello Mr. Finnion, this is Mr.Johnson. I do not know if you have heard or not, but the annual Harvest Race is to take place in one weeks time.”

“I had not. So nice to hear from you Mr.Johnson. How have you been?”

“Still let down by your less than perfect performance last year. I was wondering if you would like to redeem yourself and win this year’s harvest race?”

This run was a requested follow up to last year’s event, the Harvest Race. Last time, the team finished barely behind the winners and Marius in particular was looking for a rematch.

We agree. We are told to bring equipment for interfacing with AR. I am so excited I almost forget to ask how much we are to be paid; 1,500¥ each upfront and a 6,000¥ bonus if we win. He wires the money and the team sets about making a plan. Due to some other arrangements and personal conflicts, it would be only Jade, Wheeler, Cho and myself participating this year.

Several of the regular players were out today, which coincided nicely with this run as it really plays better with fewer characters.

Felix Greely is giving a speech today, knowing him it probably centers around Meta-Human rights. The streets are busy, It is an interesting day to plan a street-race. The start of the race is the space needle, we arrived by taxi. There are many limos parked nearby. A sign announces that the building is closed for a private party. We enter and are directed to the observations deck restaurant at the top of the needle, sixty stories up.

There are fifteen older, well dressed men, along with Mr. Johnson. Suited bodyguards serve drinks, looks like the regular staff is not present today. Much like last year I notice that all the participants and guests here are almost exclusively human, Jade is the only Troll.

Mr. Johnson and I exchange pleasantries, he looks long at Jade. “You see that pompous ass on that chair over there, his team wins every year, I hope we take him down a peg this year,”

“Yes, Mr. Johnson, we intend to do you proud this year,” I say. A few teams stand out, the returning champions, street hardened shadow runners. Another team is all smiles and attractive women, another team is fit males, and look like weekend warriors. Another team is a hard ass biker group, we buried them in snow last time. A paramilitary team is present, army wannabes.

“Excuse me everyone, excuse me.” An older gentleman is standing on a chair. “If I could have all race participants please head to the adjoining dining room for the drivers meeting. Spectators, you have until the start of the race to finish placing any bets against the house, and remember, any wagers placed after are between you and the other party, or parties; flag down one of the pages if you would like the wagers held by the house. Please turn your trid feeds to the general channel provided earlier for our commentated coverage.”

PREVIOUS: Seattle Update 02 – The Interrogation of Nighthawk
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